Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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The events on Capitol Hill will be used for a long time by Albanian politics!

The events on Capitol Hill will be used for a long time by Albanian politics!

The violence on Capitol Hill by some pro-American and pro-President Trump protesters was a bad stain on America itself in the eyes of American and world opinion. The reason is that America is a "model of democracy" where elections have historically been as free and democratic as anywhere else in the world. It seems that this harsh reaction of US President Trump to the election result, for "vote theft and violation of the rules during the election process", threw mud on all this beautifully and rightly erected facade, throughout the American election history, on it which America boasted and was proud of, and that all other countries should set an example and benefit from its experience. Albanian politics has always taken America and its democratic elections as an example, at least verbally. I am convinced that she will take as an example what happened in the US Congress and the violence exercised there, presenting and justifying it as a process that: "definitely happens in the most democratic and democratic countries in the world." . Albanian politics will serve its people that violence against institutions does not occur only in Albania, but also in the most democratic countries in the world. Therefore, do not be afraid of protests or rallies that degenerate into violence, as it is a natural process of protest development. In fact, violent protests are condemned in every democratic country in the world. Their development has rules where protesters must adhere to certain rules established by the "law on protests" and they must be kept and developed within the laws of the state and not to use violence during their development, or take place without permission and without asking the relevant bodies about its technicalities. With what happened in the Capitol, America inadvertently sent a bad message to Albanian politics and any other opposition in the world. She gave the message that it can happen, that there is violence against institutions, although she condemned it, and that there may be violence in the most consolidated countries in the world. But Albanian politics likes this violent event, to then use it in its own interest, to seize power by force, as she thinks, or perhaps even worse, to present Albania as a country where there is only unrest and a destabilized country. Through this event, Albanian politics will justify all the violent events that have taken place and will take place in Albania. In fact, the US state is showing the teeth of these people who used unreasonable violence and is preparing to bring them to justice under US law. But in Albania the opposite happens, where some people can attack when they want and how they want state institutions, burn to rob them and never be put before Albanian laws. The mentality of Albanian politics is that we can not come to power through free voting and elections, as they are definitely “manipulated”. This claim has accompanied the Albanian political events since the beginning of democracy in our country. Albanian politics has always tarnished the elections, not accepting them and then turned to violence against the state. In Albania, there is no education for the one who loses the elections to immediately accept their result, successfully closing this democratic process. Surprisingly, the anti-democratic events in the Capitol are now coming to the aid of Albanian politics. I believe this is the first case in the US state where a president rejects elections and incites his supporters to revolt. He even claims that he will continue his fight: to make America stronger and bigger. Identical to the events here in Albania where the president or other party leaders boast like "turkeys", telling their people that they are from that country or from this country of Albania where "only brave people have come out". They appear on state podiums calling for the overthrow of this government or that person. We have been seeing these scenes in Albania for a long time and none of them are being sued by the legal bodies in the country. They can say whatever they want on their podiums, up to the overthrow of the state and its burning. The capitol for them will be an excuse for such events and a spiritual inspiration, to do anti-state. Now that no law or rule is enforced here, they have a free hand to burn looted and bring out in crowds, crowds of their violent loyalists. We have many facts and events of violence against institutions and protesters, daring to take their lives and doing nothing. State and law enforcement institutions are consolidated in America, and the American people believe that even though this unexpected and unexpected and unheard of thing happened in American history, everyone will be shown the right place by going before the legal institutions. The democratic system in Albania has shown all this time that it is fragile and unconsolidated. He can be harmed and hit at any moment, by the leaders of the state and the parties themselves, having no reaction from the relevant legal institutions. Albanian political leaders are fully responsible for all legal violations and violence against the country's institutions. They like Trump in America have led crowds in hitting and burning institutions. Albanian parliamentarians are also responsible for these situations, who watch when violence is used against institutions and Albania is burned. The reason is that our politicians work for their interests and not at all for the Albanian state, this leads them to riots and damage to state institutions. They want to destroy the foundations of Albanian democracy that have been built with so much war and hardship. In Albania, there is a wrong mentality when the leadership is given the right for everything it does and the crowds without logic follow it. Trump's action has been condemned by all Americans and politicians around the world, while in Albania the leadership is given "only right" and he can be followed by large crowds of "sick party people" without democratic and state logic. This has made these "popular leaders" irresponsible,