Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by coronavirus, here are the 3 cities with the highest number of infections

Fantastic news from COVID hospitals: Today more cured than affected by

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There is no need for a third shift, a little honesty is enough for the desolate Albania!

There is no need for a third shift, a little honesty is enough for the desolate

I do not understand why the leader of the opposition can not stay without giving any "argument" to the leader of the position with "his jokes" confused. It is not the problem with the pencil, but with the jargon ideas and jokes that are already outdated and in my opinion left out in Albania. In fact, "let's do it day and night" was a slip, but what the hell does Basha mean by turning night into day, which then turns out to be "day and night". Yes, Mr. Leader of the Opposition, they have opened our ears for 45 years in a row to make it "night and day" for the construction of socialism, they have made us fly at night, the third shift of everyone with an empty stomach, night school and night alarm. I do not want to make jokes, but the expression "to make night day" has come to all of us. Yes, it is not necessary, Mr. Leader of the Opposition, to make night day, because it is very beautiful and like night. Albania does not become why we - we do day and night with our folly dear leader of the opposition. Night, let it stay night and day day, it is enough that we do not steal Albania night and day, Mr. Chief of the opposition. But why did we come up with ink banners that remind us of the "stakanovist and gendarmerie" methods or the time of the leaflets of Chinese leifenism in Albania as well? I believe that the leader of the right-wing opposition or the center-right and at his age "does not have to do night and day and night" because there are other ways of expressing himself today. We do not need "third shift" Albanians to make Albania better or better. We do not need the third shift. It is enough not to sleep and steal during the day and continue stealing at night. I am talking about powers and administrations, street thugs and political clowns. The head of the Albanian opposition must certainly be "mobilizing", but certainly for the return of the third shift can not be "mobilized" even as a literary figure because it is not that "we need so many sacrifices." We made them both on an empty stomach and with rags. Because with this "night day and day night" you are getting away from the big problem we have, Mr. Chief of the Albanian opposition. Lazy profiteering and then arrogant Albanians are those who depend on politics and around parties dear leader of the opposition, while others are people who get tired of surviving in Albania, or flee abroad to live better. The leader of the opposition can not be just a propaganda left that increases salaries, pensions and reduces taxes, which of course must be done, because it is right to do so. Head more right or center right, should and can behave as the creator of optimism, hope of Albanians. But hope comes to Albanians when "justice" is applied to Albanians in the state, administration and everywhere in institutions. I am not talking about justice reform, which is simply an administrative reform that has never worked in Albania as much as the policy that covers everything. I am talking about honest people, without any guilt in the past and who are spotless with affair and corrupt direction. This would be hope, because it would be different from the present of Edi Rama and his corrupt Renaissance. There is no need to turn night into day to remove the darkness of affairs and excessive arrogance of Rama and his concubines scattered in the form of "metastases" in almost every skin cell of the Albanian state today. There is a need to convince the Albanian society that you have the people and the desire, but also the form and content that - you are different from this regime that is today. Can you do this? Do you think that you convince them or do you just think that Rama has stinks and most people from the bad smell, will vote for someone else, who tells you "to do night and day" ?! Yes this is a weak, non-mobilizing and dubious alternative. Uncertainties in expression, ideas that have leftist populism inside, in the face of the super corrupt actions of a left expressed under the slogan "socialist", but with Rama's ultra-corruption-corrupt behavior, are too little for the great overthrow of the opposition leader. Rama's actions with the "deputy" of a former communist engineer congressman in the 10th congress of the ALP, with which Basha will respond, with the candidacy of the non-congressman again, but the former communist doctor? Will they do "night day and day night"? They look like two identical water drops between PD and PS and as something that unites them in this election as well. Only a little honesty is enough for our desolate Albania. This does not come close, because already this post-communist elite and arrived badly, is not only with ideas coming from that time, but also not honest. Yes, full of mouth - dishonest. Can Lulzim Basha fix this? This should be explained to society how it regulates this in the place where drugs are kept everywhere planted, which turns into luxury, concrete and resorts or the destruction of mountains, waters and forests or properties. That has set up the biggest "plutocracy" in the Balkans and Europe, which day by day, becomes more ruthless and more arrogant with people. What will the opposition leader Lulzim Basha face with this system with billions and billions thrown in the banks and pockets? Well, without explaining well that it is not part of and is not even the periphery of this plutocratic-criminal "republic", which has nothing to do with the communists as with their ideological heritage, but has to do with their corrupt - mafia heritage everywhere, in any system of deliberately and criminally built back democracy in Albania. And mainly in all Albanian parties without internal democracy and without law and statute implemented dishonestly as a principle in democracy. Does Lulzim Basha have such an opposition? It is certain that he was not and is not even part of this plutocracy and the political moral collapse in Albania. Can Albanians be convinced that it is not part of this economic and political "monster" that we have today and call it a democratic state? There are people around him and allies who with their faces fill the mind especially the already electorate already clear on Albanian politics that the opposition is completely different from the Renaissance and Rama, in that great and pervasive oppression more and faster than Covid 19 in it the great social evil. There are so many clean, new faces, without governing participation, but also victorious opposition, that society says: are we ready to make night and day ?. Well, they say, and not this one, tell them. I, at least I do, do not see this enthusiasm. I do not look at a large part of society and especially the middle class, not militant and not looking for work, offices and customs or and tenders to have this confidence and this enthusiasm. They have great trouble, with a delusional, cynical and arrogant tragicomic beneficiary already out of sincerity and within the greatest dishonesty like Edi Rama, but they are also disobedient, skeptical and especially hopeless with a leader who tells them: Let's do it at night day and moreover he makes a false step, because he is wrong in saying - let us make day day night And of course here the hope is almost completely extinguished.