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There is no normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations without the punishment of the Serbian genocide

There is no normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations without the punishment of

The whole world knows that violence, ethnic cleansing and genocide have been used against Kosovo Albanians. It does not matter whether Serbia recognizes Kosovo as a state and this is not the main agenda for Kosovo. The war is over and now Kosovo is an independent state and no one knows this reality better than the Serbs and Serbia themselves, but they pretend not to know and do not accept it. But Serbia and the Serbs want to delay the recognition with certain strategic goals in order to gain privileges and "prayers" from the US and the EU for Serbia to recognize Kosovo, as well as in order for Serbia to escape the burden of reparation that it must provide as compensation for the crimes, demolition and material damage it has caused to Kosovo and Albanians. She desperately tries to get what she can from Kosovo in exchange for recognition, as well as to improve its image as a country, state and nation that has committed genocide against other non-Serb peoples, Albanians, Bosniaks and Croats. Serbia has not accepted even the slightest apology for its crimes and genocide, for thousands upon thousands of murders, tortures and inhuman rapes and for the disappearance of people, nor for the expulsion of 1 million Albanians from Kosovo. And also Serbia has not yet compensated any of those billions of dollars of material damage, demolition and burning of houses, businesses, villages and cities of Kosovo. And can and should we accept the normalization of relations with such a state that continues to be the same Serbia, of the same chauvinist and anti-Albanian nature as before ?! Kosovo Albanians fought for human and national freedoms, that is, to have its own state in which all human and national freedoms and rights are realized. The war took place in Kosovo and it is internationally known what genocide and barbaric crimes were committed by the Serbian colonizer and occupier. It is the duty of the state of Kosovo to protect the freedoms and rights of its citizens; that is, to make the balance of material and property damage that the barbaric Serbian occupier has done to the property of the citizens and of Kosovo in order to claim compensation from Serbia. However, neither the politics nor the government in Kosovo to date have done or even accused or demanded compensation from Serbia, but worse still and on the contrary, more politics and power, that is, the post-war governments in Kosovo were only interested in the interest of personal power and even the theft and corruptive and illegal enrichment of the assets of citizens, the state and that of public money. Kosovo citizens and businesses have filed criminal charges individually for compensation for material war damages, which are being held hostage by the Court of Appeals, not giving them a fair solution, but instructing the injured parties to pursue court proceedings in Serbian courts in Serbi ?! So according to the logic of this court we ask her: according to her Kosovo is an independent state or is still under the jurisdiction of Serbia while this Court of Kosovo declares that Kosovo Albanians should go to the Serbian courts in Serbia. So according to them, According to the Court of Appeals of Kosovo, the damage done by the Serbian occupier to the Kosovo Albanians in the sovereign territory of Kosovo should be brought to justice in Serbia, and if the citizens of Kosovo seek justice in Serbia, then Kosovo has not gained legal independence nor territorial according to the Court of Appeals of Kosovo. This shows the peak of irresponsibility and why not of national treason committed by the Court of Appeals in Kosovo. So according to the Court of Appeals, the peoples of Europe for the material damage they had suffered from the Nazi occupation should go to the courts of the post-war German state ?!

Dhe ajo se çfarë duhet të bëjë qeveria e sotme në Kosovë është pranimi i kërkesave si dhe verifikimi e evidentimi shtetëror i dëmeve të shkaktuara gjatë luftës nga pushtuesi serb si dhe kërkesa drejtuar shtetit serb që ai të dëmshpërblejë qytetarët e Kosovës dhe shtetin e Kosovës, dhe në rastin tjetër edhe ngritjen edhe të një padie në Gjykatën Ndërkombëtare për ta detyruar Serbinë për dëmshpërblimin për dëmet e luftës shkaktuar prej saj. Nuk është kurrë e mundur që Gjykata serbe në Serbi të ndëshkojnë dhe ta detyrojnë shtetin serb që të dëmshpërblejë shqiptarët e Kosovës për dëmet e shkaktuar atyre nga pushtuesi serb, kur Serbia nuk e njeh dhe as nuk e ka pranuar as genocidin, as krimet dhe as dëmet që ajo ka bërë në Kosovë. Atë se çfarë është vepruar deri më sot nga papërgjegjshmëria apo nga indiferenca e institucioneve të Kosovës karshi mosinteresimit për dëmshpërblimin material e monetar të Serbisë fatkeqësisht përbën një pabesi e tradhti të institucioneve dhe të ish-krerëve të shtetit të Kosovës ndaj shtetasve të vet dhe ndaj shtetit të Kosovës.