"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases gives the news we were all waiting for: The Covid-19 pandemic that invaded the world, is coming to an end! That is why there will be no third wave

"It happens for the first time", the professor of infectious diseases

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The parties have started "engines", "cars" state, without gasoline ...

The parties have started "engines", "cars" state, without

It has been two months since the parties started the engines for the election campaign. At least that is how it has become customary for the media to say, when the election campaign is approaching, "start the engines"! Unlike the previous elections in these thirty years, since these elections will be "free and fair", the "engines" have been started nine months ago. No other word is heard about the "car" state that has stalled like the "Prague" skoda! "Engines" on, are not to start the car with the "load" economy. "Engines" on, stand on top of the "body" of the car with rotten boards. They just need to make noise, to make smoke to create such an atmosphere that no one can be heard, no one can be seen. These "engines" are not fueled to run on fuel, on the contrary, they are thrown water, trash, boots, charges, swearing, threats, slander of what is not thrown inside. It is enough just to "stun" the public, so that they do not ask for anything, just to see how the parties emit "smoke" each for their own account, conduct polls, each show themselves winning the elections, one 40, the other 100, one another 80 deputies. Where the "engine" is needed to set the economy in motion, it has remained a "cage" for migratory birds. Citizens live in Migjenian times. "Poor people," says Hygo, unconscious and blind, "know what they do not want, but do not know what they want." Everything that has been done and done is what the people did not want, but it will never become what they want. When they hear this great "news" about the elections of April 25, politicians of all colors are overwhelmed by the "fever" for power to elect "uncorrupted" people, "honest" people, people who do not recognize corruption, in the highest body of the legislature. These kinds of "uncorrupted" goods that do not know what theft is, surprisingly they have been hidden and away from the eyes of the citizens that we have been looking for thirty years as "scarce water"! Is the main reason for finding these "jewels" the search for so long for more than nine months? Those in power think about how they will find ways and means not to let him go and others, the opposition, think to come to power, but to come they think first to weaken as much as possible the ruling majority. Both those in power and those who want to seize power, they are very clear that deceptions, lies and empty promises do not go to you, but they think of finding other ways and forms. For this, they have a long time to think about how they will find sophisticated forms and methods of theft, of manipulation. All these parties that think of staying in power or coming to power know that no one trusts them because the citizens know well how they have governed. During the thirty-year period since the fall of communism, the lack of trust and frustration of citizens towards the political class is like never before in the last century. Always, as to this day, failures, mistakes, crimes, lack of responsibility, connection with crime and criminals, and many other blacks, always look at the opponent and never at oneself. They have mobilized more efficient "weapons" for this, such as the visual and print media, which serve them and these will make noise for more than eight months until the final goal is achieved. Albanian society is divided into two opposing camps, incompatible with each other, incompatible because in the middle is power, is the greed of this political class. Opposition politicians have mobilized degraded analysts, sick party members, disgusted servile people who seek to convince citizens of the "heart" party for it to come to power. These "monsters" of analysts know neither morals, nor ethics, nor civic education in the language used against political opponents, regardless of the functions they hold. They become both "judges" and "prosecutors", accuse and hold accountable any politician of the opposing political force according to the appetite of the parties they represent. Ministers and deputies of political forces, including those who have fallen from the "fig tree", praise the "ruins" of the party in order to gain something. Even an old man in "mold" wants to become a "bride" once again and "marry". He also demands a mandate for deputy for the "yneret" he has done! O God! Nine months the "engines" will make noise, the media will fill the pages and the chronicles, the analysts will roll up their sleeves to be ready to use their fists to fight with each other and if there is a need to encountered "body to body". What great power the parties have, which what "they" do, even "god" does not do! Others as "neutral" or "independent" who are, have started polling who will be the first political force, who will become prime minister, who will become interior minister and who will get the third term. According to the preferences, "tell my mouth what I did" they also show who will be the first in the list of deputies according to the regions. One political force puts Salianji at the top of the list for his great "merits" in the "shattering" of Babala, the other lists the SMI as the most "honest" and "uncorrupted" political force and as such, it "Deserves" to be rewarded with 34 deputies. All parties have only one "alternative" to remove Rama from power. Ah more Rama, if you resigned yourself, what a great service you would do to the country and how much "gasoline" you would save the "car" economy. But no, the Prime Minister himself, claims to get 74 deputies then becomes "sorry" because they look a little and increases the figure with ten other deputies claiming that he will get 84 deputies to be calmer and not to be afraid of any motion of no confidence. Mr. Rama claims that he will get the third mandate and Mr. Basha revolts by claiming that he will be the first force claiming that he will be the next prime minister. Everyone accuses him of blasphemy, Basha also blames him for the fact that the elections in his party were held, not only "free and fair", but also ridiculous. The smoke of these party "engines" combines with the smoke emitted by old cars, dum-dums, numerous fires and everything else, forming a "michelle" that has become "junk" in the lungs of citizens. Doesn't it seem absurd when politicians and doctors together call for protection from infection at a time when they themselves are the cause of the infection? Specialists say that one in four people die from polluted air. Do you find it so difficult to clean the air at a time when no factory chimney, factory or workshop smokes? Politicians talk about fighting infection and on the other hand, they increase infections. Specialists themselves claim that cardiovascular, cancer and infectious diseases are three or four times more common. So, does this fake propaganda drink water, from this noise made by the "engines" in this pre-election campaign? Hear accusations and counter-accusations, hears slanders and fabrications from the most vague among the opposing political forces according to the principle "slander slander that something will remain" and no one is giving "dum" to the troubles that concern this people, starting from the lack of drinking water that has been done " gangrene ”and to those of justice who as one political force and the other try in all ways to prevent it and to increase even more the concerns of the citizens over the“ mountains ”of concerns that have been made in these thirty years. The Prime Minister "shouts" in this noisy period that "he will increase the salaries of health workers like never before in history"! So think of you doctors and nurses whose salaries will be increased like never before, so believe me. The "Chief Motorist" also "noises" and threatens to "dissolve Parliament" arguing that the fist of the people, is stronger than the coup ", while the" Chief of Staff "responds that" all his movements are dependent on the rotation of the moon ". The "Chief Motorist" does not give up his idea that only he is the "defender of the Constitution" at a time when he has violated the Constitution dozens of times but has nothing else to say and the slogan "I defend the Constitution" is the only slogan that "Chew" day and night. Sometimes he poses with his dog Charlin, sometimes with his cat and sometimes with Çim Peka ... Ah, if only dogs and cats had the right to vote, and with these votes, the "Chief Motorist" would surely be the first political force. Unless he comes out first in the new elections, the Constitution "gives him the right" to make a revolution. Has made almost a mountain of decorations to distribute them where needed, Time available is more than enough. In vain do they "noise" the engines of the parties while all the votes will be taken by the President "honestly" because the Constitution has given him the right to decorate whoever he wants ... Basha on his part "noise" that it will be done prime. Is there or is there no reason to do it? How can he not, he has something to do with it and he is the most "concrete" of all. He does not say like the prime minister that he "will make the biggest salary increase in history" but determines everyone's salary. Doctors, 1200 euros, nurses 700 euros and farmers, make their own calculations of how much they will receive by dividing among themselves the amount set by the next "prime minister" for each year of 100 million euros. If we keep in mind that there are a small number of doctors, nurses and farmers left in Albania, the amount they will receive will be large and surely all the votes, will be taken by the next prime minister ... Well, what about Lefter Maliqi who declares that "PD and LSI will get 100 seats together"? Maliqi, has assigned these mandates and he was saying, these mandates are taken "cak-fap"! Only for this "merit" does he have a mandate in one or the other party. To think that all parties have only 40 seats left, this is a "whore"! What about Rudina's newest party, should this mother's daughter remain unrepresented in the next Parliament, this "iron" lady who remembers Parliament as if it revolves around her finger? Everyone, give and take, fight, curse, demand transparency, with open or closed lists, half closed and not fully open, these are the concerns of the parties! Politicians, left and right, have begun to calculate how they will snatch seats, what bargains will they make because here, for thirty years there have been only bargains and not bargains everywhere, but dirty bargains. How long will these "engines" roar? It is certain that even after April 25, the "engines" will make noise with some "skapamento" cracked, some turned upside down, shouting "we won"!