Coercive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Technical Committee of Experts announces the final decision

Coercive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Technical Committee of

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Why is there a lack of reciprocity ?! Why does the citizen always "eat" it ?!

Why is there a lack of reciprocity ?! Why does the citizen always

Lack of electricity for hours and even days is a carcinogenic disease almost all over the country these 30 years of democracy. The justification even in the first decade that “energy-efficient household furniture for me, which I have heard from genuine specialists in this sector, has already increased too much, does not stand. This is due to the fact that these pieces of furniture have indeed been added to the majority, but in all Albanian cities there were also many state-owned enterprises that worked with this energy and spent more and more than the hundreds of thousands of refrigerators or washing machines that were added to households. Albanian and that were ultimately destroyed. The rhetorical question arises: Where did this energy of these companies go, which in most cases worked 24 hours, ie with 3 shifts ?! Undoubtedly in recent years such an excuse is ridiculous. So why is there so much energy in our homes? I am again in the minds of genuine specialists in this field: the seriousness and responsibility of the relevant institutions is lacking. When I say responsibility, it is not only moral, but also legal. This is because in the first place there is a lack of reciprocity in the relationship between the state and the citizen. It was this state that with the big and good ax did, forcibly decided to pay energy for every consumer. The one who did not pay was locked in the "seven windows" and some of them even sacrificed themselves there. Well this state cart goes village by village, neighborhood by neighborhood and house to house and asks everyone to pay what they spend (and they did well), but why hide this state like an ostrich when the responsibility is his. How could this country not once remember to bear legal and monetary responsibility when these citizens lack electricity for hours and days? When I say institutional irresponsibility I mean from simple operators to respond when you are worried about power shortages to the top executives of the institution. The former are satisfied with receiving your complaint and do not feel responsible and do not know that they are not merely mechanical followers of this complaint, but should become an organic part of the solution. They have learned some template answers that even a robot can give, sometimes speaking sweetly and contenting themselves with conveying the defect to technicians. They have to stay in a permanent line and have to keep the citizen informed about the level of the defect, how the adjustment is going and when it ends. Because in this terrible period of pandemic, a large part of the citizens are working from home and employees of the state administration and without energy they turn into unemployed. Then the sense of responsibility must be transferred across the institutional chain to find solutions. But there are engineers and responsible specialists who do not even open the phone when there is a problem and do not deal with its solution. There is a significant lack of electricity in Tirana these days, although this has turned into a construction site from all sides. The latter is very good, but the responsibility of these firms that have won tenders in these projects in this lack of energy is extremely great. Unfortunately, even for the negligence and indifference of the state itself, they do not feel this responsibility at all. They open canals where they can and are not correct with the maps of underground energy distributors and water supply systems and make defects of various kinds. In this case, the citizen is harmed and the state is not even interested in receiving compensation from them according to the law. I have been interested in the institutions of this line and I have learned with pain that the convicts from these firms responsible for the defects have been as many as can be counted with the fingers of the hand while there have been tens - hundreds of injuries of this character. If there is a penalty according to the laws in force, there will definitely be a positive reaction from anyone who will carry out works in the future. But apparently an oral compromise has been reached between these firms and state institutions and citizens are suffering. But reciprocity is not lacking only in the electricity or water line. Most scandalous is this reciprocity between citizens and private firms that control the internet and television signal distribution. One made me more than the other. The internet is gone, which today has become a working tool, and some ladies on the other phone line calmly say that there is a defect and that work is being done to fix it. This adjustment goes on for hours, but no one will know and no one takes responsibility for this, even though the citizen has to work. Even abandoning one firm for another is not efficient because it finds the same problem where it goes so that from time to time it is assumed that these are commanded by the same hand. And as always, it is the citizen who "eats" it.