A great loss / Coronavirus takes the life of the famous Albanian actor and director

A great loss / Coronavirus takes the life of the famous Albanian actor and

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Politics, new style with padimani strategy!

Politics, new style with padimani strategy!

 For a long time, just like the flooding of rivers and floods from numerous inflows, the prosecution bodies, especially the SPAK, have been flooded with lawsuits filed by opposition parties. Lawsuit for deliberate electoral movements of government officials in Albania. Although it is their job to do the job. According to the lawsuit signed by the General Secretary of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi, all ministers are required to be charged, add the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, all mayors, everywhere in Albania, first, Prime Minister Edi Rama. The argument that the government is campaigning, going from town to town and village to village, distributing contracts and handing over keys to family members who entered the newly built houses after their collapse and destruction by the November 2019 earthquake. Defendants should be taken and the ministers and the prime minister should be investigated, why do they move around Albania when the election law forbids them ?! According to them, they are committing numerous, serious violations and for this they should be punished and isolated. According to the plaintiffs, the government should freeze, the ministers should be locked in offices. Hand over keys, do not cross the threshold of institutions, do not do work, read letters, novels, play chess, dominoes, browse newspapers, watch TV, listen to analysts' opinions, statements of opposition and maneuvers and backstage, matches and leaders of small parties as they put pressure on the DP and its chairman Lulzim Basha to secure a place on the candidate lists in the winning numbers. To be satisfied with the acceptance of the request of the President of the EAP, Agron Duka for the third place in the list of deputies of the largest opposition party in Durrës and to join his satisfaction that he achieved the goal, at least fifty percent after guaranteeing to be a deputy in the post-April 25 legislature. The governors should anxiously follow the other opposition contenders and comment on their achievements, the Sheh of Nard Ndoka himself who finally became a contingent of the next Parliament thanks to the charity of the PD. Opposition plaintiffs demand that the majority cross their arms and block the projects, freeze all the works, put the projects in the drawer, send the keys of the new houses in the envelopes through the couriers, do not do any work, go to sleep, jobs that are not done for the government, but for the citizens. To put the key to the continuation of works for the roads and the construction of palaces and private dwellings targeted for reconstruction in the districts affected by the earthquake. Even the regional hospital in Fier, a gift from Erdogan, should be sabotaged. And for that moves the SMI stones. In short, to turn into watchers, commentators on Facebook or recorders of chronicles, contacts of the Chief in the neighborhoods of Tirana, where he asks the people of Halle to refuse to leave the dilapidated houses or in areas where due to heavy rains, have occurred flood and are commented on as government irresponsibility. To hear that, like the First Lady, she declares that she has opened her belly, this Ed Rama ?! If the government crosses its hands and leaves the field open to the opposition and the opposition parties, one of the main objectives of the opposition leaders is achieved to turn the four-month band until the elections into scorching earth, scorched earth, zero level, where no one should move a finger. and to stay in anticipation, leaving things to chance that otherwise the June 5 pact will be violated and the position will oppose the opposition, gaining ground with the work it can do until election day. Opposition appetites are like the appetites of gluttons who do not need a full table, they want everything to consume for themselves and others, those who have been voted to run all their state and political activity frozen to wait for what will fall from the sky and what coincidence will bring and the obligations it will have to give way to great solutions, daily work, reforms, drafting of laws, to leave in the hands of natural powers and god. According to the Constitution, the government is responsible until the last day of leadership, determined by world-renowned laws. There is no government in the world to hand over the keys at a time when it has a legal obligation to do everything in the name of great solutions. The government cannot wait and surrender, only that the opposition demands it, leaving them alone on the playing field. This is what they say, to surrender to the opposition and give victory at the table, to leave the gates open to shoot as much as the penalty wants according to his desire and goals. This does not happen in any country in the world, not even in the most advanced democracies. Let’s take a look at the US. Incumbent President Trump for a single day seeks to do what the constitution deems and permits even after the shocking events that took place in early January at the Capitol, the first in America's nearly three hundred-year history. However, he continues to do the task without moving a single millimeter. Our opposition knows this very well, it also loves and demands the interest for the government to start lethargic sleep and wake up on April 26, because otherwise the lawsuits and court proceedings are ready. It is this logic that urges Democrats and allies in the opposition to make a daily lawsuit against every initiative and movement of the state. Lawsuit for movement of ministers in the territory. For the following projects. For tenders in action. For the DCM. Flood lawsuit. For walks. For laughter. For smiles. Declaration. Inspections in areas. Only air and life have been left without a lawsuit. For the living being of political opponents. It is almost unbelievable how a whole army of oppositionists sit in front of computers and write lawsuits of the most unimaginable. If the lawsuits for the entire activity of the government and local government or various directorates that do their work in implementation of the projects and laws in force were not enough, the denunciations for the movement of even a hundred meters on the boulevard of a government official are immediately anathema why does he not remain silent, waiting, why does he break the law, why does he deal with work, why they make propaganda and the government opposes the election law. Opposition leaders, on the other hand, continue to march from south to north as planned. They contact the militants, present ideas and projects, make promises and statements in the name of winning the elections. They promise happiness and tranquility. Wealth and luxury. In this context, their walks are endless and they do well because politics allows them to do so. What if they are allowed to make propaganda and persuade the public, the various strata of society, students, doctors, pupils about the changes they will bring once they come to power, why do they ask those who have a constitutional duty to act as a state to suspend themselves in the interest of society and development? How can a legitimate government be required to stay in the bunker and not even show its head in the turret because it violates the laws and harms the opposition? This judgment and this behavior is really disturbing. Alogical and a bitter joke. Those who are in opposition today have never acted as they ask their opponents, on the contrary, in the interest of gaining power and preserving that the status quo has committed actions that were truly punishable by law. They have gone so far as to make cash payments for the vote. They have released criminals from prison. They have made endless appointments in institutions and in the police. They have thrown thousands of square meters of electoral asphalt. In short, they have done everything that today requires opponents to stand and not do it, to stand idly by. As if all the lawsuits made until today, two days ago, were not enough, the former Minister of Health and chairman of the Democratic Party, doctor Tritan Shehu, asked the SPAK to take the defendant Prime Minister Edi Rama for the vaccine. Although he knows very well as a former senior official and doctor that between the states, there are also confidentialities in the conditions of lack of anti-covid vaccine to declare the origin of the vaccine, to give the name of the state that has donated or sold it. And this is in the new lawsuit which is added to dozens of other lawsuits that aim to cast doubt on the government for lack of transparency. In fact, Dr. Tritani goes even further. For him, the government's silence and non-disclosure of where the vaccines were taken, is equal to the state assassinations of the citizens of Albania with a vaccine which according to him can kill. In other words, charges of state murder through the anti-covid vaccine! This accusation, which is required to become the object of investigation, is in the wake of the flood of ignorance, like the rivers in these days of heavy rainfall that has only one purpose. To prevent vaccination, to sell it as a failure and to treat it, not as a salvation of the citizens, but as a deliberate murder by the state. You can not find more sinister logic even in the farthest corners of the globe. But the goal is not in the vaccine. The strategy is to thwart everything, interpreting it as the death of the state, powerless to do anything. And so it aims to increase hatred towards the government and increase sympathy for the opposition! This is new style politics, strategy with padimani!