What will happen if the EU does not 'open our doors'? Rama comes out with a strong message: Western Balkans offers opportunities for actors who do not have a benevolent attitude, this is how much Albania is endangered

What will happen if the EU does not 'open our doors'? Rama comes out

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SP would not be an "electoral machine" without the visible contribution of PD!

SP would not be an "electoral machine" without the visible

The Socialist Party and when Rama accused him of being a communist, it was an "electoral machine". In fact, it is the only party strictly and meticulously organized based on over 80 years of heritage as the party with the longest history in the history of the state, but also the Albanian nation. Rama has the merit of transforming her into a non-left and non-social democratic party, but she is the electoral machine and she does not need Rama. For two years and until the local elections, Edi Rama has been in executive power and was undoubtedly with parliamentary political power and obviously with law-making power even more powerful than an autocrat like Vladimir Putin. Not his fault. Rama being certainly not a tyrant or better to say, it will not be and I know that the internationals do not allow it to happen - it did not promulgate laws that make it the prime minister of powers close to "god" as Putin did. Some say that having almost all the powers Rama resembles Erdogan. I say no. Rama does not differ from Erdogan simply because he is of the baptized Catholic faith and born Orthodox, but he does not and will never have the sublimity of the original and imperial Ottoman like Recep Taip Erdogan. Rama imitates in his creativity, but he is neither Putin (communist tsarist as heritage) nor our Erdogan, he is simply the follower of Zog and Enver between the two (closer to Zog), but from the second he has only France in common and proximity with the ruler Ali Pasha of Ioannina for creativity in rule. He does not want Albania like Putin, Russia and he does not want Albania like Erdogan, Turkey. Of course he loves him in his own way, painted as he wants, but never like the high autocrats who have the birth close to Albania. Yes, but he has had and still has in his hand, being in a democracy (so to speak) more power than Putin and Erdogan. There is the government, the Parliament, the local government, important central and local institutions, which did not mention Erdogan who lost the local elections and allowed the "Kemalists" to win the largest and most urban cities in Turkey, including Ankara and Istanbul. Why this? Because Erdogan, whatever he is, has an opposition that he does not abandon and normally faces in democratic institutions that are in Turkey. And Erdogan respects those who face this way and not with coups, with weapons like those of his sworn enemy Fethullah Gülen. Whereas in Albania the opposition abandons the perverse opinion that in this way the one in power becomes bad for the people and the internationals. Yes, but there is another perversion that is - willing help for Rama. Now I am getting inside our topic in Albania. The Socialist Party would not have won a third term without the valuable, unstinting and clear help of Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha. Maybe I am already accusing the last communist in democracy who really has a role, but maybe it is the joint cooperation of Rama-Basha of May 17 with Berisha somewhat far away. Perhaps, it's also being in a political strain like Sorosians and this then provides the most capable and full power in Albania, as the last country that respects with "love" the ideas of the most capable speculator that the world has today. Yes, Albania is the country where, in addition to Soros politics, there are also associations and media in general. The Albania of Rama and Basha, and around him, are neither Western nor pro-Western, they are simply Sorosians and so on. But Rama should not be satisfied with a dry thing like that of cooperation with the DP and that the DP is the best after the SP. These are too few to say thank you for exactly why the DP has given him a third term. Even today, the DP continues to produce ideological smoke with theft-purchase when in fact Rama does not win by stealing or robbing (in the first place) because there is no need when they have forgiven the powers and finances that no prime minister in the Balkans has available. Rama has forgiven the local government from Basha with which he has several tens of thousands of employees available and several hundred million funds available. Forgiveness, Basha's gift to Rama in local government, is one of the greatest infidelities a leader and political group has ever done to this country. It gave Rama the opportunity to control the territory and the people politically absolutely more than anyone in Europe and only Lukashenko has them so controlled and we have to thank Rama for not putting on idiotic military hats, because he would have eaten "moths" from for a long time ”. We pray to God that Rama does not like the bird, because the PD of the doctor and Basha has almost made him so powerful. Rama should be thanked for coming out with panties and panties or a hammer and not coming out as a military dictator. But he has the powers that way. Basha DP forgave justice reform. Forgive pre-election forms and actions to control voters through finances and of course working on both the earthquake and vaccines. "Basha forgave the financial 'oligarchy' he mentions in an almost grotesque way, when now the country, thanks to Rama's creativity, is a plutocracy in every government." Basha and the Democratic Party forgave Rama the numbers of their list deputies in the Albanian parliament who voted for Rama, dozens of laws and decisions which often clashed with democracy. Rama says today that the Socialist Party is an electoral machine, but forgets to thank Basha and the Democratic Party for allowing and sponsoring this large electoral machine (in fact it was sponsored) and without problems, but also the only one. It is enough to understand that they did not have control of the territory of the local government (PD) to find out in which control hashish was and is. The caterpillar blue municipality that is Shkodra has the most slanderous, delusional and idiotic folklore direction in its morbidity of cooperation between the lazy and haunted administration of PD and the mayor already emblem of "investments and work that appears only on four pegs in Parrucë", but also the city council introducing in vain and upset socialist. Who will see how the SP can cooperate with the DP, it is enough to see how the mayor and the administration in Shkodra cooperate and coexist on the right and the Municipal Council on the left. Rama feels the great help of Basha and therefore says we cooperate because in fact the scenario is set before that and in 2025 Basha means SP stole or bought the elections. There is no resignation of either Basha or Rama in the scenario. Because there are not two, but one for the one who makes the script and controls them to implement it. The SP is an electoral machine with the insulting and great contribution of the DP. This contribution has nothing to do with the nation, nor such philosophies. The contribution is as a consequence of a great agreement, which must be carried out, because it was not decided by two people like Rama and Basha. Jozefina and Patozi and many others had to resign, because they did not calculate the great unifying force and the great contributions for Albania to "prosper in the way of democracy" (there is no greater euphemism), but in the already detailed form and with many small unimportant stops that are elections. Anyway, Rama is raising the ears of the patronageists in vain and Rilindja also in vain, because the SP today and tomorrow has been and will be the electoral machine. But Rama must dedicate his third victory to the great help given by Basha and his PD, together with the penitents of the SMI Kryemadhjane. If Mr. Rama does not recognize this contribution, then it is his disease of "crossing the river and disrespecting the horse or the bridge". And this is not a good thing at all. Of course such agreements are only holding power. But just as certainly, they have nothing to do with democracy. Nothing to do with freedom and democracy. it is then a disease of his "crossing the river and disrespecting the horse or the bridge." And this is not a good thing at all. Of course such agreements are only holding power. But just as certainly, they have nothing to do with democracy. Nothing to do with freedom and democracy. it is then a disease of his "crossing the river and disrespecting the horse or the bridge." And this is not a good thing at all. Of course such agreements are only holding power. But just as certainly, they have nothing to do with democracy. Nothing to do with freedom and democracy.