Faced for the first time with critical voices against him, 2 important movements of Lulzim Basha are revealed today

Faced for the first time with critical voices against him, 2 important movements

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Why does Fatmir Xhafaj get 10 thousand votes?

Why does Fatmir Xhafaj get 10 thousand votes?

The former Minister of Interior is the one who conceived the justice reform. With a clear and deep vision, he conceived, first in his mind, its new structures. Who conceived the vetting, the cleansing of the professional, moral and ethical image of judges and prosecutors, as the most effective scalpel against the metastases of corruption and their incompetence. He is the man who first introduced to our strategic partners this new creature, justice reform. Which was then supported with maximum commitment and seriousness by the United States of America and the European Union, which have made Albania the flag of progress and who have so far invested a total of 65 million euros in the most vital test to build the rule of law. to us. He is the visionary of complete vetting-catharsis in the ranks of the second power in democracy. It is the guardian of the implementation of justice reform. Guarantee of its impartiality and effectiveness. It is the citizen who took on the heavy cost of family distress and anxiety from the low-key attacks on a member of his family, coming from an unconstructive opposition, in the absence of finding reasons for tarnishing his image. The former minister endured daily attacks of several months and tons of mud and slander, just because he was the inventor of justice reform and its unwavering defender. After making a completely personal decision and in accordance with his character, to no longer serve as a minister, he continued without wasting a second of time to serve as Chairman of the Special Commission for Justice Reform of the Albanian Parliament. Fatmir Xhafaj is the deputy who opens his cell phone and communicates with every citizen who asks for his help or opinion. Living daily with the worry of the delay of the reform he conceived. Who first denounced how some prosecutors and judges, convinced that vetting is already a reality and the filters set by it drive them out of the system as corrupt, are doing what they have always done with their decisions, but now without any limit ( That has sounded the alarm bell on how some decisions of these judges and the behavior of these prosecutors have serious consequences for our public order and security. Requesting the High Inspector of Justice to act quickly on these scandalous decisions, which the ILD did immediately. Xhafaj is a lawyer who clearly understands the reaction of the criminal world and the future of corrupt judges and prosecutors within our justice system, which has not yet passed the vetting. He reads in full every action of the opponents of the reform, who are trying in every way to delegitimize the process of justice reform, especially the vetting and the composition of the new justice institutions. He distinguishes pressure, verbal violence in public and covert or overt threats through common acquaintances, corrupt politicians who fear the SPAK and the National Bureau of Investigation as the incense devil. Understands the success of justice reform so far, precisely in those 130 judges and prosecutors that vetting has removed from the system, despite several years of delays in the creation of new institutions and the vetting itself. Understands why justice reform, initiated by his mind and hands, is presented today so deeply in institutional, structural solutions, but also in human resources, through the vetting process. This pushes him to fight in public and by any legal means the phenomenon of judges and prosecutors associated with crime and corruption, as well as to protect honest and capable judges and prosecutors, such as Judge Kolgjokaj in the Court of Kruja, who do not agreed to succumb to crime and corruption. Or like the judges in Fier, Mat and Tirana, who did not allow the decision of the dismissal of the Tirana prosecutor, regarding the violence exercised against the family of the Serious Crimes judge. MP Xhafaj is clear that 30 years of unstoppable corruption within our state has calcified the mentality of some people in politics, government, administration and of course in the justice system, that the state is working to capture what can be catch. That even, unfortunately, a large part of young people do not think about how to become good professionals, but how to become part of politics, administration and judiciary, with the aim of taking unfair advantage, with the mentality that in public administration You Have What to Catch. "This is a serious problem of our society and its future", denounces Fatmir Xhafaj ( e-laws-of-reform-in-justice /). On the other hand, he has insisted on increasing the speed of trials in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, issues that bring anxiety and cost to citizens. He stressed that the extraordinary support from the state should not be seen by the new institutions of justice as natural benefits for them, or branches of government. He demanded that the fight against crime and corruption by SPAK or ILD not be just a matter of balance of numbers, but to be weighed with its true value, as a matter of trust, restoring the credibility of citizens to the new judiciary. Hence, he also strongly demanded a clear and public distancing from attempts to interfere in the decision-making of the new justice institutions. This professional who knows every piece of legislation on justice reform, is an irreplaceable added value for our public decision-making for building the rule of law, for the next four years. His seat is in the Albanian Parliament. The citizens know this well. That is why he will manage to get 10 thousand votes, to enter the temple of law-making. Citizens clearly distinguish who is the servant of truth and justice, and thus, their devout servant.