Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and

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Why will the Albanian society vote for the "21 January" on April 25 ?!

Why will the Albanian society vote for the "21 January" on April 25 ?!

Today is a day after the ten years of January 21, 2011. We are ten years behind the time of that event, which not only ended the normal democratic protest in Albania, but has deviated almost irreversibly to the functional tyrannies in the so-called "Rule of law" in Albania. The people responsible for the political assassinations or Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha at that time Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and the man with crocodile tears today Edi Rama together with the President of Albania as the subject for which the protest was taking place on January 21, are also the people that the people Albanians will vote on April 25. They are asking you to vote. These individuals are the "21 January" or four individuals, around whom revolves not only January 21, but also the crippled and ugly Albanian democracy yesterday and today. Sali Berisha or the prime minister who defended the building attacked by the two SP agendas as after Ambassador Arvizu, killing four innocent people on the boulevard, stopping the investigation, defending the criminals who shot and threatening to kill the opposition leader yes to go out and once in the square. Lulzim Basha as Minister of Interior who was trapped by the police and beat people after allowing himself to be hit, but also did not protect institutions, killing without guilt four citizens on the boulevard by the so-called guard. Ilir Meta for whom the protest of the socialists took place. The man who was the focus and subject of the protest and who was caught with the block (700,000) of recordings of his party friend. Edi Rama or the leader of the opposition who had the peaceful protest party close to him and then close to the Prime Minister, "disposed" or was looking at the agenda of the force against the building and the police, hitting it with violence and great savagery and burning and vandalizing everything. The man who promised justice and honor to those killed and now with his pathetic cynicism says we are not in 1945 to do such justice. Yes and he forgets that a guard has made him a great local head of the Socialist Party. The man who puts carnations with exactly the cynicism of an artist who sells his ugly political painting for the most modern and accomplished thing in the world. Now the four of these famous Albanian "January 21", this country, Albania, this society or this people as we are used to say to ourselves, will vote on April 25, 2021. Because yes they are. Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha, but also Edi Rama and Ilir Meta who are the actors, directors and screenwriters of January 21, will ask for votes from the Albanian society on April 25. Berisha will take the vote of Albanians as the former president of the election theft on May 26, 1996, as the main culprit of the pyramids and the fall of the state in 1997, as the main perpetrator of the attack on institutions in 1998. As the main man of the Gerdec explosion. As the man of the order or and the great commander of January 21 where four innocent people were killed. Lulzim Basha will ask for your vote as the Minister of Interior of January 21 and the Minister of Transport of the National Road and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the firm for the sea. But Lulzim Basha will seek the vote again and for May 17, 2017 where he sold the causes and the opposition in general to Rama. Meta will ask for the vote through the SMI for the bloc and the purity of the figure for which Rama and the opposition were taken on January 21 and after the four innocent people were killed, Rama who says "we are not in 1945" makes the President of the country the man for whom the protest took place. And Rama himself, will ask for the vote for many reasons and again and for January 21 of his carnations where justice certainly has not acted, but Rama has not forgotten to enrich the families of the former prime minister and former minister of Interior of January 21st. He did not forget and did not prevent the families of the "authors of January 21" from getting rich. And of course nothing has been lacking as such corrupt affairs neither to them nor mainly to themselves. But that part of the society that votes for the four "January 21" is not to blame at all. She has all four components of people who did January 21st and in April seek the vote on her character. Because that society that votes all four individuals is also in character like the four of them. Well, he is a former communist like Sali Berisha and he tells those who have never been communists that - you are communists. Yes, the last part of the former communists voted "democratically" in Europe. Even the KP of China does not have communists of Mao Zedong's time as we have Sali Berisha. He resembles Berisha because he remembers that the Prime Minister is his tower. It resembles Berisha that he remembers that "democracy" is the former class war of the ALP, but shaped in the DP of yesterday and today. It resembles Berisha that the chairman of the party knows its owner. It resembles Berisha that he does not know the law and does not accept the opinion otherwise. But there is also a society that resembles Ilir Meta. Yes, they love personal and family party and possibly money factory with job posts. There is an Albanian society that resembles Basha in character and that "has no political backbone". That there are no words kept and no causal action taken to the end with constant political will. A society that like Basha has no willpower and no clue to be a strong leader in ideas and political program. There is a part of Albanian society that, like Basha, will never be a consolidated and loyal political alternative to democracy. But in Albania there is a social part that he likes and is like Rama. But that like all of the above they are corrupted, but like Rama they sell it artistically for the most modest honesty. It is a part of society that behaves like Rama, precisely cynical and insulting with those below and obviously pet and use servile-sejmen especially women close to them. There are many in our society who, like Rama, paint the state and never build it. There are many in the Albanian society who make the arrogant as much as possible accused of corruption and economic and political crime. In the Albanian society there is a big bandage that does not impress the state theft and the robbery of our money, of our taxes. Yes, and it looks like the four individuals of January 21, 2011. That is why they will go out and vote for them. They will vote because they have one big thing in common which is "mythomania". The great commonality of "primitive medieval Albanian folklore" in politics. A part of the society has something in common with Berisha, Basha, Meta and Rama.