Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Why does the state become a partner with bad builders ?!

Why does the state become a partner with bad builders ?!

A few days ago, on almost all Albanian television screens, film sequences were shown of two builders, once partners arguing with each other live and one of them, supported by the security forces of his beauty company, the other partner. Just two days later the irritation deepened and went as far as using the gun and there were also casualties. Also present were the real Hallejians, who had paid thousands of euros to get an apartment in that building and could not afford it. Although the latter are completely right, they remained wise enough to evoke a sense of regret. It is not the first scene we see and not doing the oracle of evil will not be the last. If you are familiar with the problems of builder-citizen relations, probably 10, 20 or even 30 years and that I know the profession well and better than I know Artan Lame, thanks to the post he currently holds, then my above statement is not hyperbolic, but very real. Currently and especially in Tirana, but also in large cities such as Vlora, Durres, Korca, Fieri, Elbasan and Shkodra there have been and are so many disputes between builders and citizens that have led to physical eliminations. There have been no eliminations in the heat of the moment, but they have come after a fatigue not to say overwork of the citizens to find a solution in favor of both parties, but also the insistence of the builders to stay stoic in their mistakes. I will respect the fugitives and I have absolutely no bad intentions and I want this practice to continue with this way of choosing rather, is touching on this problem for the state to intervene to resolve these disputes as quickly and gently as possible. Artan Lame before giving us morale for historical events or collections of old weapons (to continue this passion when he has finished work as the director of one of the most problematic and complex institutions at the moment) and before he pompously gives them and boasting before our prime minister ownership certificates to those who have built on foreign land, let him make an analysis of those who have donated their property for a building permit or who have spent several years of immigration income to be owners of an apartment and have not managed to be such. I do not have an exact figure (Lamja knows this for sure), but I am convinced that in the cities I mentioned above there are hundreds if not thousands of families who have a problem with builders even though they have spent their hair. This is also due to the fault of our state where the institutions make stupid devils, leave the blame to each other and hide behind articles and laws that they have adopted. Disputes do not arise when the builders meet the citizens. Absolutely not. In these recognitions both parties have the same goal, to make a large and secure building and to win both parties. The citizen voluntarily gives the land or building and signs an agreement with the construction firm to benefit from the construction to be done based on the% they agree. The builder agrees that the construction will usually be completed in 2 years and during this time he will pay the renter the rent money where the donor will stay. Even in these moments of beginning recognition are the builders who beg the owners to cooperate, a prayer that sometimes goes to humiliation. The problem arises after that two year old. Builders (always talk in general and in most cases because there are builders who are correct and are not actors of this writing) fail to finish construction within the deadline for reasons they themselves know. But the consequences fall on citizens who have either donated land or paid to get an apartment. As soon as they start raising their voice and claiming their right to these construction firms they get a template answer in every city: go to court. So the citizen who has in his hand an agreement that obliges the construction company to give the apartment to the citizen after two years should go through the doors of our courts that are known as they are, to spend several million more and do not know if they are sure that win or not. These firm executives telling citizens to "go to court" are sure to emerge victorious. I have no guess at that. I have closely followed several court hearings in Vlora and Tirana and I have seen how our judges are twisted and scattered towards some articles and laws that only they understand and are removed as powerless in granting the right to the citizen. I have closely followed dozens of such sessions and in no case has the citizen won. To say that it is me I do not accept on foot because I have been acquainted with dozens of other cases where I have not been present and the conclusion has been the same. I am ready for the prosecution of any judicial district to call me to give dozens of contracts for this problem with citizens who have years seeking the implementation of agreements signed by both parties and which have not been implemented. But I think that it would be more accurate for the prosecutions themselves, with the initiative, the right given by the law, to start demanding accountability and take administrative measures not against me and the citizens who raise the issue but against the companies that do not respect the deadlines set in agreements. How well do these prosecutors and judges do who take extreme measures against citizens who are not correctly enforcing their legal obligations to the state and lead them behind seven windows. How well these prosecutors and judges are ruthless when these construction firms are not fair to obligations to the state. Do the same to these firms when they are not correct with the citizens. True, the relationship between the citizen and the builder is private, but until the construction is completed, this company must get the stamp in some institutions that should not give this company in clubs, but first put the interest of the citizen. There are some state institutions that can become impassable dams for these builders who do not ask for any moral value or law. It is the cadastre that with the authority given to it by the law and does not privatize these constructions when there are violations. It is then the tax directorate that keeps in a drawer the debts that these firms have not paid there and do not ask for their money or their bankruptcy. They tell me in the tax directorate in Vlora that one of these construction companies has a debt of 400 million ALL without paying and is still building buildings. Why do these institutions partner with the rich and dirty builders and liars and never with the citizen? Because there are some abusive forms from these firms and here is the case to say that maybe intervention is needed in the relevant codes to cut the way to these abuses. Builders finish the palace and rush to get the exploitation firm in the town hall. Then they enter into energy and water contracts on behalf of the citizens, because this right is theirs and they allow the families to enter the apartment that belongs to them. Citizens, left out and without any help are obliged to accept this condition. But to get the certificate of ownership must take several years not to say many years. This is because the company may have various problems with one or several citizens who have booked there and in this case all are penalized. I am acquainted with a case in the city of Vlora where in a huge building of almost 240 apartments, ownership certificates are not issued because an entire tribe that has given the land for the construction of this building does not agree on the division of the apartments that belong to them. And now, for ten apartments that can not be divided, 230 whole families are punished without receiving the ownership certificate. There are dozens of families in this building who want to sell their apartment for immediate interests, but can not make any transaction because although they have lived there for more than ten years and regularly pay for electricity, water and other taxes to the state this does not provides them with a certificate of ownership. There is another phenomenon in the builder-citizen relationship. It has been agreed for X construction floors. For this, the relevant permit has been obtained in the municipality. But builders, in their greed make extra one or two floors. The agreement with the citizens clearly states that for any change in the project, the firm is obliged to respond to the citizen who has donated the land with the appropriate percentage. The company makes the request for the addition of the building near the Cadastre and pays for this legalization to be delayed as much as possible and tells the citizen as always "go to court". The citizen goes to court, pays the relevant fees, the trial lasts up to 15 sessions, the relevant specialists are paid to make the necessary measurements and in the end the court states that since the de facto addition was made, but de jure was not approved, it can not to be expressed. I have read this in dozens of black and white cases in various court decisions. The simple logical question in this case is: the judge or judge, when he looks at the file at the beginning and finds that the construction is still not done de jure, why does he continue the series of hearings? Problems between builders and citizens are numerous and have been going on for years, but the intervention of the state in this case would extinguish many of them and would soothe the bloodshed which in some cases have crossed the line of logic. If so.