New cases fall significantly / Ministry of Health publishes COVID balance sheet, here is what has happened in the last 24 hours

New cases fall significantly / Ministry of Health publishes COVID balance sheet,

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Fier region to be evaluated, respected and self-represented ?!

Fier region to be evaluated, respected and self-represented ?!

Fier region has a very high intellectual, economic, agricultural, industrial and tourist potential. There are many intellectuals who have represented the tops of the country: in medicine, agriculture, art and culture. Let us mention the great ones like: Jani Minga, Jakov Mile, Naun Doko, Jorgji Sota, Kristaq Dhamo, Vaçe Zela and Margarita Xhepa, Vilson Kilica, Jakov, Petraq and the eldest Aleko Xoxe, Vangjel Todi and even the youngest ones : Tonin Kola, Maksim Mece, Vasillaq Mine, Albert Seqi, Olimpion Shurdi, former excellent students: Albina Doko, Luljan Rrogo etc. as well as those who excel in the diaspora such as: Përparim Gjeka by Eris Sako and many, many others. Fier region has more than 12 schools with over 100 years of activity, the first agricultural school at the national level, the first research-scientific institute of agriculture, The only oil institute and many other educational and research institutions and over 600 lecturers in Albanian universities. In agriculture it holds the first place in Albania: arable land, olive groves and greenhouses. It has over 40 km of tourist coast and covered with vegetation like in no other place. Only for a direct road Kolonjë-Libofshë with only 380 ml microtunnel (partly made by the army) it takes time for more than fifteen km road to return to Lushnja, Berat and Tirana is left unused 8.4 km virgin and green coast. It would be better to build and tax another 200 lek because it would save time, oil, depreciation of tires and vehicles. Investments start to be made in areas with more population and return faster as is happening all over the world. While in Albania the opposite happens, investments are buried where they do not provide development and quick return of invested money. Let us declare the investments that have been made for these thirty years in Albania and according to the regions for every 10,000 inhabitants, and make comparisons and principles that have been implemented. The road Levan-Tepelena-Gjirokastra and Levan-Vlora was built and the bridge of Mbrostar-Levan remained for the end. I have to finish once and for all setting up the cross bus to get in the way of others. Do not confuse lobbies with clans. Clans of abusive MPs have received unprofitable investments until the opening of state universities is illogical. Can it be accepted that the districts of Fier and Berat do not have a state university? The daughters and sons of these regions rent a house in Tirana for 20,000 ALL / month. Only from these savings for 24 000 students are spent over 480 000 000 ALL / year, so for three years the university can be built with the necessary infrastructure, initially with the specific branches that this region has. The "disability" of the disabled has defeated the "disability" of the disabled. The disabled seek out parties, jump in and serve in many forms, seize undeserved chairs, and when removed from office they go from one party to another to seize a chair or fortune. So parties are chairs and wealth and not ability and honesty. Before the elections, it is discussed and talked about: He is dangerous, he has more education than us, he is more honest than us. He is coming to our party, he falls straight and displaces us. And they go to the chairman and say: he does not, the people do not love him, he does not respond to the principles of our party, he is a hindering type, he does not let you benefit. And the miserable mayor removes him from the list and as soon as the interests of these people are affected, they leave the party, cursing and slandering the mayor. Why was the honorable Dhori Sallku not charged, and why did he not represent the region of Fier. The regions are similar: Berat, Durrës and Elbasan. The district of Elbasan is the district of the Albanian intelligence, the district of wisdom with many pedagogues who can represent it more worthily than those who go there and connect with the gangs that know what they have done. No gentlemen. Parties are alternatives to better serve the people, alternative solutions to the problems it has: the area, the municipality, the region and even the country. Alternatives are economic philosophies and thoughts that are created by a long accumulation that cannot be changed. Even if you change the route, it does not go to the right destination. In the industry there is oil for which the parties have sent people who have not known this field at all and who have been extremely abused and not even giving the salary to the inhabitants of the district of Fier, the concrete case: the Ballsh refinery. No damage assessments have been made due to non-compliance with technical rules. Air pollution, soil and even damage to homes. And surprisingly, he did not have the opportunity to self-represent himself in the Parliament of Albania, but there are all kinds of people who have seen this region with binoculars and above all have neither intellectual values ??nor contributions in certain fields and moreover for specific fields such as is oil. Pale, we are also used by some incompetent people who are servile to be in Parliament and whose voice has not been heard at all. The minutes of discussions on the problems of the Fier region are negligible. Party egocentrism and even the infamous clans have made the region of Fier not only the last of the investments made in infrastructure but it has become an abuse of its wealth. If we make an analysis and see that from Velipoja to the Shkumbin estuary and from Vlora to Saranda, so almost the entire coast, all access axes to the coast have been made, state investments have been made in improving the water infrastructure drinkable. While the coast of Fier region has no investments. I will bring to your attention that since 1959, Divjaka beach has been requested by Czechoslovakia. This coast is surrounded by the crown of numerous tourist spots with historical values ??such as: Apolonia, Ardenica, Bylis to Berat. There are over 700,000 inhabitants who come to the municipalities of the districts of Fier, Berat and Elbasan who can go to this coastal area and rest and agricultural products can be sold more expensive and not as happens in Libofsha and Seman where water is more more expensive than milk, in Divjaka drinking water in summer is three times more expensive than in other non-tourist periods. And naturally the question arises: Why does this happen? Because the wisdom of the people of the region of Fier is extreme to the level of naivety that is not respected. But let it be clear that naivety is not insulted or hated, but satanism, selfishness and lack of sincerity are hated and punished. It is the county that has paid taxes, lights, telephone and drinking water consistently and higher than any other county, and in 1997 paid its dues. It is the region that has supplied Tirana with dairy and vegetables, it has been the first for the export of agricultural and industrial products. But in difficult moments of Albania, the daughters and sons of this region are called to serve the people as best they can. And again they appear with their virtues and dignity and leave without the slightest accusation as is the case of former Prime Minister Ylli Bufi, the son of the great Sokrat Bufi, who not only feel no guilt, but are later honored , honors time and truth. Likewise, the former Minister of Education, Edmond Lulja, who headed the Ministry of Education with great competence and effectiveness and who did not restore the building and who later continued with the publication of textbooks. Dritan Prifti made the call with national philosophy, the time was gone when they said: Albania, do not be afraid that you have sons in America, but, "Albania, do not be afraid that you have boys in Albania." Why has the Fier region become a center of election theft and abuse? There are several points: Libofsha, Dushku and Rruzhdia, the reasons and consequences are already known. The candidates for deputy were not locals, but Kolovars who shot some servile and incompetent people, who finished high school with five and said to the professor: Do not give me six because it spoils my average because I have all five. even in infamous compromises, one with the SP and the other with the DP without serving the people and without preserving the dignity of Fier, but with the intention of gaining wealth. The world learned the bad example with the USA, where you can change money and wealth and put it in other ways, but you can not change the wisdom and character. The intellectual direction of the world is clearly in Germany, where thinkers are the first intellectual wealth that puts at the service of the people all the wealth above and below ground. Why should foreigners be given the oil refinery and not Albanian specialists? A total underestimation for the intellectuals was the call of the Italian specialist when the builder of these dams was alive, the late and great Professor Farudin Hoxha, who was not honored in his last funeral. Party militancy has persecuted genuine intellectuals. Why is the murder of the honorable Fatmir Xhindi not revealed? In 2009, he called on the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party of Fier to make an agreement for the intellectuals of Fier to be represented in the region of Fier and for mercenary and pseudo-intellectual deputies not to come, who do not feel sorry for Fier at all. Why it was not discovered: who brought the white car to Fier on election day, which was also televised? Why were the perpetrators not discovered and with whom were they connected? Why was not the word of the very honorable man Thoma Me?o heard when he said: there is no intellectual Fieri? Uncle Thomai, who also wanted to bring the president of the veterans of Fier from abroad and the veterans of Fier did not leave him. There are those who write poetry that Myzeqe did not fight, those who came after they were killed with each other and took refuge where there was no theft (until 1934 the shops of Fier were left open because it was not stolen). Who are these people who want to impose and even deny the values ??of this district. For one needle we lost the whole of Fier. In a democracy (Demos - People, Cratos - power, the power of the people's vote) people are equal in rights. Those who distort the right must be punished. A people is free when it issues the government it wants, so it votes freely and feels aware of what it has voted for that its vote is not distorted. The values ??of individuals are paramount, good intellectuals make good and strong parties and serve the people. Albania will be made by capable and honest people, uncorrupted and even idealistic. Albania is the only country in the world where you are afraid to call a thief a thief, an incompetent thief, where accusations and counter-accusations are a river and there are no convicts. But naturally the question arises: why are intellectuals silent? The historical answer is clear: not only have they not been valued in the three periods of the Albanian state, but they have been persecuted: Zog, monism and democracy. In the first period the murders are known, in the second again it is clear that you cut off your heads and no graves are found. Suffice it to mention the years 1972 - 1976, when capable ministers were replaced by mediocre ministers without degrees, who have never stated what school they graduated from. To find one of the slain of monism who has not been an intellectual, as a government official, imams and priests. In a democracy, those who have opposed party leaders, who have not been corrupted, those who have not complied with empty promises such as: white check, zero rank, shock therapy (schocut - crash, blow and blow), 350,000 seats have been killed. work and up to the return of the pyramid money. Land was given to foreigners with 7800 lek / ha and I rented the land with 30,000 lek / ha in Lushnje), four times more expensive, which land, the land of my country was taken by a foreigner. In what country of the world does this happen ?! Employees in the state receive their salaries in private banks, which since July 2006 have set a fixed commission of 125 lek and other commissions. They have also imposed collective agreements. All over the world there is a national moral principle: Land, children, women and the lek are not left in the hands of others in the world. And why should these and Fieri be left in the hands of others? By no means. Gramoz Ruci, Bashkim Finos, Erion Bra?es, Tritan Shehu, Petrit Vasili, Fatos Beja, etc. should not feel sorry that they themselves should pave the way for functional democracy, for the young people of Fier not to become ashamed of do not fall into the mistakes that others have made, such as that of Noli who expressed the spikes or divisive mistakes of the nation, a time when many Albanians left. Later, when he was traveling by train, he was asked in several languages ??and he answered in the same languages ??that were asked, so a connoisseur of many languages ??finally asked the Italian beauty and he answered yes in Italian. She says where are you dear man? He answers: From Albania. She says with theatrical surprise: Where does Albania lie? He is surprised and sad, starts to cry for a few seconds, gathers himself and asks the question: Why do you not know, dear lady, where Albania lies? Here are your feet with mine, are two neighboring places wet by a sea in which moves the fish you like to catch. Why are you leaving Albania? Iki that I did not get along with my people. Well, why do not you get along with each other, it is not known where you are !? But politicians today want pieces of wealth so they fight day and night, so they love Fier because it has many votes and has been denied two deputies (out of the eighteen they belong to, there are sixteen) and some of them are from Kolovar. But I would like to mention a fact, that in 1934 the king sent a candidate for deputy from Përmet to Tepelena, a groom in Tepelena and they introduced him, an old man who smoked with a pipe, waited until it was over, shook the pipe in his shoes and said : You are beautiful, you are wise, but what can we do if we have an expression: "O Bexhet o trudalë, the groom will not become a boy". From this time Tepelenas self-represented in the Parliament of Albania. an old man who smoked with a pipe, waited until it was over, shook the pipe in his shoes and said: You are beautiful, you are wise, but what can we do to have an expression: “O Bexhet o trudalë, do not become a groom boy ”. From this time the Tepelenas self-represented in the Parliament of Albania. an old man who smoked with a pipe, waited until it was over, shook the pipe in his shoes and said: You are beautiful, you are wise, but what can we do to have an expression: “O Bexhet o trudalë, do not become a groom boy ”. From this time Tepelenas self-represented in the Parliament of Albania.

* Honor of Fier Region