Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Because then, in the old days, there were statesmen!

Because then, in the old days, there were statesmen!

And the National Liberation War had just ended with the victory of the partisan formations led by the SNP and Enver Hoxha. This war, as it is known, was not only a great victory for the Albanian people in the domestic plan, but also a great act of foresight of our people, who in the most difficult moments, knew how to keep his political consciousness with foresight, becoming a supporter of the great USSR Allies, Great Britain, America and all other peoples and other freedom-loving countries that supported this coalition externally. Of course, there were other forces such as "Balli Kombëtar" and "Legaliteti" which supported Nazi-fascism, but they, despite their act of betrayal by collaborating with the enemy, could not impose themselves at all on the political will. of our people. And what was expected happened. Under their funeral procession, like political corpses, one part escaped, while the other anxiously awaited fate by pulling out the hair praying for mercy. However, even when Albania was experiencing its wounds and as the smoke of the war was not over from the beams of the burned villages and towns, the people eagerly waited to enjoy the fruits of victory. This was not simply because they had been liberated from the barbaric enemy, but on the new and inflamed horizon, new dawns were expected. Thus, on December 2, 1945, the first pluralist democratic elections of Albania were held, which are known to have been won by the National Liberation Front. Today, "analysts and opinion leaders" claim that those elections were not democratic, that's supposedly the SNP that decided the fate of the elections. But who had to decide whether the beys and aghallars, the bashibozuks of the "National Front" and the bayraktars of "legality" ?! The Communist Party, which was already extending its activity to the Popular Front, could not betray the promise it had made to its people, that after the liberation it would be the Albanian people who would decide their own destinies and no longer feudal -bourgeois, southern beys and northern captains. If the SNP and the front would leave this task in the hands of the class that had collaborated with the enemy and those cowardly intellectuals who expected where the balance of victory would lean, then the Albanian people in this case would have realized only one aspiration to his, that national liberation, but not social liberation. And if this were to be done, then it would mean that the old form of the state would be preserved, that is, again we would have an oppression and exploitation of man by man. For the first time in the centuries-old history of our people on January 11, 1946 two different worlds would be separated from each other. The proposal of comrade Hysni Kapo that on behalf of the deputies of Vlora, based on the aspirations of the entire Albanian people, proposed that the form of the political regime of Albania be called the People's Republic. This proposal was welcomed with great applause by the people of the capital gathered in the center of Tirana, from where he followed the works via radio-speaker, installed in one of the main squares in front of the building where the first session of the Assembly of Deputies of out of the bosom of the people. The shooting of victory balls, bells and sirens that sounded, warned of a new world never seen before in the history of this long-suffering people. But if we look carefully, we would come to the conclusion that this major act when the power of the people was established, did not have its origin in the shooting of victory, but in the rhythms and moments which were carefully and thoughtfully opened. pas hapi. They start from the Peza Conference, where it was decided to create the anti-fascist councils Na-Çl, which served as the basis of the future democratic power, have it in the Congress of Përmet, where the Anti-fascist Council Na-Çl was created until the Meeting of Berat, with the creation of the Provisional Democratic Government. Well, The SNP had given evidence that it would stay true to the promises made to its people and as long as the revolutionary spirit was alive and as long as the SNP under the leadership of Enver Hoxha and his comrades remained faithful to these ideals with him. indeed the Republic was and remained of the people. It was the guarantee of a free and equal life with each other. There were no riches, beys and aghallars or as they call today "boss" (mafia) to drink the blood of the people like caterpillars. With the coming to power of the treacherous gang of R.Alia, S.Berisha, F.Nano, G.Ruçi, E.Rama & CO; the victories achieved were sabotaged, the power was regained by those whom we had once overthrown and who today boast by writing hymns, marches and songs for collaborators with fascism whose hands are dipped in blood and still unwashed because it is history that will never take them away. Already, as ironically in front of the tombstones of our heroes, martyrs and heroic brigades and our legendary partisans, busts and memorials of the highest traitorous leaders of the nation have been erected, who continue to stand on the pedestal of feces. A pedestal that history has prepared for them, despite the fact that their suckers today boast about us as the former "curls", ie as their fathers. It has been 75 years since the moment of the free Republic of the people, and .... thirty years since the betrayal of the people. In these three decades, the dialectic of the development of events and phenomena in Albania and time proved fourfold and in the clearest way without the slightest equivalence, that from the moment when they (the current class) happily proclaimed Albania as a Republic .. . (but no longer "Popular") on the Albanian people, as a great historical curse fell the greatest disasters. Immersed in poverty and destitution, stolen with pyramid decrees up to the cell from the state pyramid, inserted and exchanged against each other in civil war, with a population suffering from hemorrhage and human flea, the escape of intellectuals from all four horizon points, the severe psycho-spiritual condition of a people suffering under the blasts of the "canon of Lekë" accompanied by Kalashnikovs of guerrilla warfare gangs for revenge or expansion of trafficking areas, as well as by the shootings carried out by the state as harmless in the middle of the boulevard and laughing in the most provocative way threatens "Try again", mass state thefts during these three decades through tendering methods, Albania plunging into dizzying debts, bargaining to bring the borders of Albania to the traffic light of prostitution and dozens and dozens of other jokes, show the true face of the Republic that is no longer of the people. But if it is no longer the people ... whose is it? The other world knows this better, what we once overthrew to be free, equal and dignified as a nation. But here she was revived as the former "gogolat" in children's fairy tales, but this time you are not a fairy tale. Unfortunately a bitter reality. Let this be learned by the next generation that ... once upon a time there was a People's Republic where its people for half a century were free, equal and with national dignity that no one dared to trample on, because then at that time there were statesmen, but even today there are, but they are "Bu-burr-eca"!