New cases fall significantly / Ministry of Health publishes COVID balance sheet, here is what has happened in the last 24 hours

New cases fall significantly / Ministry of Health publishes COVID balance sheet,

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Shpëtim Idrizi, "Cham in the soul" or "Trojan horse" ?!

Shpëtim Idrizi, "Cham in the soul" or "Trojan horse" ?!

"We are the party of national causes, of the Cham issue, of national unity, of the protection of the diaspora, of the involvement of patriotism in the management of the country. "Homeland is the key word that should guide us." This is the motto of the Cham party, PDIU. But since in our country all parties identify with the mayor himself, we are briefly saying "Idrizi Rescue Party". It fills you with pride, it makes you feel really Cham. Only when he reads that… from what is said to done does a whole river go in the middle, more precisely in this case a whole sea. Getting acquainted with reality immediately explodes and naturally asks the question we have put in this case as the title of the article. This is if you get acquainted not only with the metamorphosis in the years of the figure of Shpetim Idrizi, but with his own political progress. He was a major figure when political changes began in the country, but no one remembers any prominent figure of that movement. Not even as an Albanian, much less as a Cham. Who knows where he was hiding, a "profession" that I adopted better in the years to come and put it into practice whenever his interest demands. What he says today that "I was born Cham" is a fantasy for novels. He entered the Cham cause very late, but thanks to his oratory and ability to deceive became its official unit. His portrait became known to the public not as a Cham or a politician, but as a technician around 2003 when Nano appointed him director of Customs. That without Nano any extraordinary skills as an economist in Idrizi or was forced by dark pro-Greek circles for this appointment, this can only be explained by the former prime minister. He stayed in that position until he filled his bank account so much that he had not seen even in his boldest dream, but this was enough for him to run for MP in the 2009 elections and win a seat in the Albanian Parliament, always as a leftist. The "born Cham" was still asleep in his soul. He would gradually be included in the structures of the SP, but never as a Cham or in the name of the Cham cause. When his party, the SP, remained in opposition, he neatly began to slowly move to the cause that was currently managed by Tahir Muhedini, where after some friction they managed to compromise to be both on one front. The Party for Justice, Integration and Unity, PDIU is taken over by Shpëtim Idrizi, who with the mandate of the Socialist Party passes as its deputy in Parliament, but softly, without talking to Rama, whom, as he showed and koha, kept an eye on him even during the alliance with Berisha in the years 2009-2013, standing like a kidney between the two fat masses in the government, PD and LSI, with not a few directorates and administrative positions taken, where that of Transport stood out Road, otherwise "Patents", which smelled of lek bags. Evil mouths even mocked the fact that the Cham cause could be resolved through patents! Times changed, governments changed, but according to them, Shpëtim Idrizi also took shape. Once from the left and once from the right, but already as a "born Cham" he would be in the middle of the pan of power, even the vice-president of the Assembly. But while in politics he already felt like an integral part of power, what was he doing for the Cham cause? Nothing. He came with a big promise that he would solve that issue, but even after more than a decade in the direction is in place count. Raised as much money as possible from powerful Cham businessmen, held some gatherings that were more foolish than resolute and sensitizing, made a couple of resolutions (resolutions like the ones Idrizi makes today in the democratic world are made tens of days a day and deposited in Brussels or in UN but remain only as bureaucratic evidence) even announced that with a well-known group of lawyers had filed in the Hague Tribunal a lawsuit against the Greek state, but nothing productive. All that remained was the television screens where he appears from time to time in the name of the cause, as if his heart burns for him. In order to fulfill an obligation to the community you represent, you must first love it with all your heart and take into account the dangers that may arise. Idrizi has had the opportunities to achieve that over the years, but it seems that his goal is power and not the Cham issue. With as many Cham voters as our country has, his party had to be represented in every legislature in Parliament. But the divisive spirit he represents has made him sometimes and sometimes not have worthy representatives in him. He was a real Cham and with a soul in that Parliament that from his tribune never lowered the voice of Cham demands, Dashamir Tahiri but Idrizi did not leave intrigue without doing it until he unjustly removed him from it. He is now free from any accusations leveled against him and competes with dignity in the new elections. She also won mandates in remote Peshkopi where it is thought that there are not enough Chams to fill the number for the winner but she immediately passes with the mother party, PS. Under the negative example of Albanian politics, Idrizi also divided the Chams who already have two associations, two parties and half of them keep their heads aside for the other half. He has already formed an alliance with the Albanian right and the main reason, according to him, is that the current prime minister has a friend, the Greek prime minister. Didn't Idrizi already become friends with the Greek Prime Minister Vangjel Dule (out of all the Vangjels I know in Albania, only this Dulja is out of format) with whom he will sit at a table, he will be part of the same delegation , will… While the real Chams have slapped in the face the truth of the activity that Dulja does to the detriment of the Cham issue in the middle of Parliament and seen and heard by all Albanians. I do not put my hand in the fire that Idrizi is a "born Cham" or a "Trojan horse" in the great cause, but I know to say that there has been so much space and freedom of action to make historical events a reality for that cause. I am not saying that he should create a UÇÇ (Army for the Liberation of Chameria, although I would like that), but I am sure that he should definitely create at least one company with 007 loyal and with the financing of Cham businessmen who have never had missing, would take them to the Cham lands to bring fresh evidence of their current situation on Greek soil and paste them into those thousands of photographs that the whole world already sees from the reprisals that Greek chauvinists have made throughout history over the defenseless Cham people. The Chams have not suffered less than the Kosovars, but the latter today enjoy full freedom, only thanks to the determination to carry the cause of freedom to the end. How he lacked political assistance from the governments that have led our country over the years to draft a winning strategy for the Cham issue. Especially in recent years when even important Greek historians and political leaders declare publicly that the Cham issue should be recognized. But it seems that Idriz needs the political "furrica" ??where he sits and vegetates. The time has come for the Cham community itself to shake off this drowsiness and take the fate of Chameria into its own hands.