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Opinion / Editorial

"Berisha" team beats "Basha" team in the ratio of 80 to 20 without starting the game yet!

"Berisha" team beats "Basha" team in the ratio of 80 to 20

After the lectures held in all cities of Albania, on this occasion the former prime minister had the unproven chance for almost two decades to go to Tropoja. Missed for a long time, this visit was really very stressful. Currently the duel between the two halves of the DP has changed strategy. Epic speeches, open and packaged messages, sayings and contradictions, epic gladiatorial matches descended into the ring in the battle for life or death, it was the turn of the battles of numbers. From the moment the speeches ended, numbers and figures began to compete with two or three or more numerical groupings.

It is known that in a democracy, even formally determining are the numbers that divide the whole into parts, minority and majority, position and opposition, within the same family. The battles for most of the delegates, are first and foremost in the whole square the battles to win in democracy. The Democratic Party and the two contenders to take over the leadership of the party after the two assemblies, the one on December 11 and the other on December 18, are not excluded from this law, which is seen as the legitimate assembly as it is organized based on the party statute which is calculated as the guarantee and power of the official part and the decision belongs to the elected part it owns, the seal, the headquarters, the party logo and the forums strongly elected and contested by all those who competed against, Lulzim Basha, if they were burned for inequality in vote.

In reality, the rivalry of assemblies number one and two, the two contenders try to look as important and legal, fair and that each has an absolute majority, are in the race who will gather the majority of delegates.

Both sides, orators and anti-orators have shifted the battle from the field of rhetoric and debates in the field of rhetoric, accompanied by various slanders, exposing unwashed clothes in the eyes of the world to intimate clothing that in general in the Albanian tradition even when honored on the wire to dry, placed by careful housewives in the second row of wires not to be exposed to the gaze of the curious, today all day, the talkative and morphological battle, has turned into numerical and numerical. All care between the parties, is which part owns the dividend if we were to refer to the terms of financial business that fatally the digital battle between the two half parties, business is transformed, even a business, where missing, accounts, financial statements, indicators,

Opposition teams appear every day at the gates of the local headquarters of the Democratic Party, reading the lists of delegates, supporting supporters of the speakers, in short, supporters of Dr. Berisha's revolution, who, in an attempt to challenge the official part, announces dizzying figures. supporting delegates.

The signatory delegates, declare to tell those of the part that are the official part that: In vain you have, we are the majority, you remain the minority, we are the winners and you the losers and the losers!

So the battle, now that the end is approaching between two half parties as between two armies, one with commander, Berisha with chief of staff Flamur Noka and the other with commander Basha and chief of staff, Gazmend Bardhi. Throughout the war, battles have abandoned podiums and opinion tables and been replaced by the battle of numbers, the battle of numbers.

It seems that in front of every pulpit, in front of every local headquarters of the Democratic Party, there are shelves of balls that move their invisible hands, confusing the numbers because the lineups are so irregular and without sense of orientation as left and right, as that even accountants of the first degree, masters of the most advanced information technology are not able to draw conclusions.

Every day from the PD headquarters, in the cities, from Tropoja to Saranda, the supporters of the leader, read one by one, names, surnames, addresses, professions, representatives of the group sections that have signed, lining up next to Sali Berisha, leaving Lulzim Bshën. It seems like an experiment between communication vessels. One side empties and the other globe is filled with delegates. This battle of numbers is not merely an ordinary arithmetic, but a struggle to capture every number which are often treated as increases in geometric progression, multiplied by the coefficient of certainty and eventually equivalent and transferred to party delegates.

Speakers in the queue and in the race, announce, numbers and reveal the figures. All care goes to the standard requirement that the speakers promise the majority and the rest of the official one is left only to the official delegates, considered illegal who are required to resign urgently and join the speakers. Delegates considered Basha's supporters mpaken: They are appointed and appointed, unelected, simply because the party leader feared he might lose his post if he did not bring to the national assembly hall delegates selected and appointed to `served hostage to the mayor or former mayor according to Berisha.

This is the philosophy of debate and discussion that has been ignited these days. In the end whoever has more delegates, numbers, figures, that part will have the right to declare the notarization of the first opposition party. He will be proclaimed president!

But what is the logic of numbers and how will the duel between the two halves of the Democrats continue? Both rivals demand the leadership of the party, ie the rule of the DP. As soon as he announces the victory of the game with the largest number of delegates, Berisha, to become more decisive, announces, after the assembly, the biggest protest for the overthrow of the government and the rewarding of the delegates with offices and wealth that according to the speakers gives power. A cunning promise and strategy to grab as many supporters as possible who should be seduced by the posts that the chairman of the majority, promises and declares to the militants and the curious.

This is the reason why it is read and communicated daily, in front of the Albanians, who has more delegates. And of course the speakers have the lion's share. So heck the official part, the government and the US!

As an ever greater number claim the orators who declare with voice and image that the ratio is eight by two or eighty percent by twenty percent. Not without pride and arrogant boasting and gestures, days ago the representative of the delegates of the speakers of Elbasan stated that almost eighty percent of the delegates of the city in the heart of Albania, support the assembly of December 11. So the assembly of the doctor while the assembly of the eighteenth remain there at twenty percent, so the ratio is almost geometric projection or square in square. The doctor beats the lawyer eight by two!

Accountants from both parts of the party do the math and draw conclusions and reports, minority-majority.

Of course, the goal is that Albanians should finally understand that the doctor, not only has awakened energy and brought hope and confidence to the ranks of militants and Democrats, but also the coronation of victory, fixed a day after the first assembly, where after the holiday there will be protests and what protests? All the rulers will tremble and will not find a hole to enter the robbers and rulers!

According to Berisha, most of the delegates are in the ratio of eighty to twenty and in big cities, as the city of Fier is defined according to Mr. Luan Baci, former dismissed mayor, this ratio in favor of Berisha is even deeper, almost the same , as in the electoral conclusions of the communist system that positive indicator and achievement was only the figure 99.99 percent.

After the battle of numbers, the strategy of the folktorists to blackmail the rest is camouflaged and to declare that they are at the end of the PD leadership, because according to them, the part of the democrats supporting the official PD, have fled and lost, lost their way due to distrust in the serial loser, those who have lost three general elections in a row, but surprisingly until recently was not seen instead the former prime minister came to the defense of the chairman, Basha and influenced his victory and recycling at the helm of the party.

Until Basha did not have the courage to remove the cabbage noodles and to take the personal decision to expel Sali Berisha from the PD group after the announcement "non grata" by DASH. This decision of the American Secretary of State irritated Berisha and aroused the reaction of the former, starting the battle of defending the figure as the founder of the self-proclaimed PD. The father of democracy and notary of political pluralism in Albania.

The truth of the battle of figures and numbers announced in front of the headquarters of the opposition party, is the scenario of imposing the rest of the same. Parties who are considered a minority.

And this whole digital battle has only one purpose:

To tell the Democrats and first of all the militants as well as the membership and supporters that time Basha closed the accounts with PD. From today on they become different. And the battle of numbers and lists and back lists will continue, not only today when the forces have not yet been measured face to face, but also when the two assemblies are over, just as after each election campaign the even stronger digital battle will continue. The terms of the parliamentary massacre will be borrowed, Berisha and Basha will be accused of having dirty games with figures and delegates, with the men and women who have given all their energies to the party, but they will zero in on the two halves of the parties. And half-party commanders, swords will hold in their hands. And battles with numbers and numbers, reports, minority - majority, will never end.