Romeo Kara shakes Meta and Berisha: US Congress seizes CEZ affair files, shocked by justice's silence in the face of corruption

Romeo Kara shakes Meta and Berisha: US Congress seizes CEZ affair files,

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Poll with the results as the party wants!

Poll with the results as the party wants!

The poll race has long since surpassed any fantasy. You get acquainted with the stated indicators and it seems to you that you are in March or hundreds of meters below the surface of the oceans as if you were a character of Jules Verne. Surveillance has gone viral in our country. Almost every day we are bombarded with the results of a survey. Many times even two or three polls a day reveal the victory of political parties. In the race to measure the sensitivities of voting citizens, televisions have been put. Family portals. Groups of opinion leaders and analysts. Political parties, large ones and parties with a chairman without members are each put in the race. Basha appears in the morning. Comment on the graphs one hundred percent of the votes for the party he leads. At noon, Tit Vasili and Monika who surprise the entire Albanian electorate with the percentage that their party will get in the race. It is like in the history of years ago that for a while the SMI came out as the first force, an unprecedented force, as everyone in this party says with great pride! In the evening Duke gives us the good news. His party will be decisive and victorious. Ndoka and Shehi read the indicators read in the cup. It does not lag behind Idrizi, who goes to the extreme for one hundred percent victory nationwide. As soon as the percentages are announced at the end, opinionists and analysts appear on the screens. The moralists sing the same melody and tell us what they themselves do not believe that Basha's party has won when the campaign for the April 25 elections has not yet begun. Everywhere the speakers rumble and the trumpets sound, they give the big news and the song is sung that Edi Rama is over and there is no mother to save him. These days of heavy rains flow like rivers and flood Albanians with numbers. Everyone and everything is in the hooves of euphoric figures. The party leaders are so confident that they have now started to celebrate, to build governments, to share the pan, to take the helm with the absolute guarantee that they will win. Citizens, voters on one side and polls on the other, and the parties wreaking havoc, as if they had read the will of the Albanian people and detected every Albanian with radar. The leaders of the political parties are so in love with the polls that the entire political menu from morning to lunch and midnight puts on the table of national opinion the figures that their party has received in the polls. There is talk of polls whose source is unknown, Individuals who have measured the Albanian opinion just list some meaningless figures that if you collect them go three hundred percent, as here in Albania we will not vote only we Albanians, but the whole of Europe why not the whole world. The megalomania of figures is truly a grotesque, rampant fantasy that makes our political leaders incredible. This is because: It is enough for an opinionist or analyst to receive a message and as soon as he closes one eye, the results come as you want them in the pan, as you ordered the party mother. And the arrogance, the mutterings, the riots start, the political leaders are harassed those who have something in the ballot box and others who are empty-handed who are afraid to go to battle in the party logo, are standing under the shadow of the PD, MPs with flour borrow from Democrats to appear to be in the majority. Party leaders read the polls and melt with complacency. Even though they know full well that it is not reality, yes the messages and the indicators have no truth. Dulja of PBDNJ knows that there is nothing in his pocket here in the minority. He is appointed in Korça to guarantee a mandate for deputy and the opposition coalition to have unity. It is the poll addiction that gives unlimited weight to Ndoka who does not know which one has membership. Polls are read upside down. Based on poll addiction, guarantees are not platforms, projects, the spirit of victory, mobilization, but threats, curses, tricks. Satisfaction erupts everywhere in the headquarters after the polls. The triumphants grit their teeth as if the change of power is a tragedy and not a celebration as in any democracy. As soon as the polls that have no quality are revealed, the mayors who can not become deputies themselves come out and put the ballot. And here in Albania they start to take into account according to the survey and not face to face, as if they lived here, not people with dignity and personality, but ordinal numbers from those he directs wherever you want, it is enough to throw the polls for consumption developed. To show you the percentages of victory that are never scientific conclusions. It is only the wishes of the party leaders who stand on the boulevards or headquarters and invent poll victories, display wishes on screens when they themselves know very well that this is not the truth. The reality speaks differently, Albanians do not want recycling and they really want change and not those who have done what they know for three decades to come to power. Wherever you look at the television screens at any hour of the day or until midnight, you hear the same melody that starts and ends with the poll, which in the end, is a custom account of the party mother. The next day another new poll rejects what was in force until yesterday, the first one is thrown in the bin and the numbers are reversed, enthusiasm fades, claims are flooded. The latest poll comes to light. This is labeled as the most realistic. The reckoning has been done and they are not what the poll that the party did looked at. Polls are a multi-year practice that takes place in all countries, especially in those with developed democracies and emancipated citizens. Voters who hold realistic views express the truth, say what they think, and do what they say and think. This is why in countries with developed democracies it has not happened that a serious poll has been overturned or not verified at the end of each race. But the citizens are not the only ones who give truthfulness and realism to the polls, measuring the general public opinion about the preferences for those who will govern and with whom he will sign the new four-year contract. The seriousness of the polls, those who take the samples, is determined by the bands of the citizens, the different strata, those who are asked directly or indirectly. Surveys conducted by prestigious companies with experience, scientifically, realistically and not with subjectivity so much worse who pays and who does not, who wants to be flattered with the results and percentage of victory on election day, are operating through serious statistical methods that measure punctual, far from subjectivism. These surveys are close to reality, they have been tested in our country as well. Post reaction of political parties in Albania after getting acquainted with the polls and indicators given to each political force, alarms the leaders of these parties who begin to anathema the polls, to insult the organizers, to reject the measurement of social opinion, the votes given to each political force, including the margin of human error. Our political parties take for granted those polls that bring out the winners and anathema and curse all other polls, which show the realistic concrete picture of the distribution of votes and mandates. The tendency to take for granted only that poll which gives to the political force that does the calculations according to its will and will has prompted the polls, pollsters go down in the field of calculations even though they lack experience and methodology and many of them have no experience in this difficult field especially in our country for the very circumstances in which it develops and the realism that the respondents reveal about their political preferences. We all know the pragmatism of the Albanian voter. We know that many times they tell everyone we will vote. The PD representative contacts a voter in the middle of the street and asks him if he will have his vote? Without thinking long the voter even though he is sure that he has a different preference, he definitely declares them. And this vote is registered by the candidate for deputy as his own. And so they do, not a small number of voters, but there are many who do not spoil it. Vote orally and vote against at the ballot box. If the poll takes for granted the verbal declaration of the voter, all parties will win and the Parliament should have two or three thousand deputies to come to the polls according to the polls of those who conduct them by order and tell the parties that you will win. Anyone who has had the opportunity to be on the election commissions once again reads very little about the will of the voters when they come in turn to express their will and preferences for the parties that want to run the country. The commissioners of different parties, it seems to them that all the votes are for their parties. This is one of the reasons that the conclusions of the counted and certified indicators are accompanied by revolts and non-acceptance of elections, which in many cases are accompanied by prolonged boycotts and violent protests. Feeding expectations with results according to the desire and belief that you have injected into your supporters that you are definitely a winner and how many commissioned and subjective polls have shaken the dream of guaranteed victory, is like going to the mill with empty bags and of course empty will you return home as everyone goes to grind the blessings they have. Yes, our politicians trust fantasy the most and do not want to know that the one who decides is the sovereign. In the speeches and statements of the leaders of the political parties, they refer to the sovereign at every moment, but when it comes to the election results, they ignore it and do not take it seriously. They treat it as if they are some numbers and beings leading them to the earring that the leaders of political parties want. Follow for a moment the statements of the leaders of our political parties, small, large with and without members. Everyone has one hundred percent victory at the tip of their tongue. We, here in Korça, declared Spaho, we will win seven with zero. We, Mediu declares in Fier, take it all. In Berat we win because we have Lefter Maliqi and at the head of the district, Alizot. Lezha is not left behind and the victory of the opposition is guaranteed there according to the polls of the day. Let Shkodra, where the polls give all the deputies of the opposition and zero deputies of the majority. It is not known where all this euphoria rests, because it is known even in the most difficult days, when when the communist regime was overthrown, again the left got deputies. Based on the anathema and hatred of the political leaders of the opposition coalition against the majority, it is believed for victory, the impatience to come to power accompanied by the slogan, I Lulzim Basha, I am the Prime Minister of April 25. With the self-confidence that the polls give, he tells the citizens that I am the prime minister of change and solutions. The slogans that are heard everywhere make the polls so frequent and believe them as if they are true even though they know very well that there is more subjectivity in their indicators than realism and truth. Satisfaction with the results of the polls, has encouraged poll mania and holding them as by each party. The company x survey is displayed everywhere on each podium. I media group y. Of opinion leaders and journalists. Of newsrooms and media. Everyone who has a screen, smartphone, Apple, any phone, Facebook, portal, each comes up with a survey. What surprises you most is not poll addiction, but the arrogance presented to us by the polling indicators as the desire and thirst of the parties that themselves know very well that the polls are bubbles that are thrown into the public opinion to stir the minds of the voters to give courage to the militants to tell the Albanians , you see, it is not only us as a party, but the poll itself proves this. And daily from a poll, turning this strategy into a poll that does not show the reality of power, but the unbridled desire of the party. With polls bombarding us daily, the opposition has won without fear. So if the polls were thrown in the box today, the opposition would have closed this account. With so many votes he would win not 140 but two hundred and fifty deputies. According to opposition leaders, April 25 is guaranteed. The poll prophecy has shown. This is our newest policy,