"He used my father's name to throw stones at Berisha", Erion Braçe gives a strong answer to Remzi Hoxha's son

"He used my father's name to throw stones at Berisha", Erion

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Today he turns 112 years old, but it seems like the age of the "young man" who replaced him!

Today he turns 112 years old, but it seems like the age of the "young

Yesterday he turned 76 years old, the man who did not simply replace Ramiz Alia who has a birthday in October, but the man who replaced Enver Hoxha - as a party secretary once in his party. The Democratic Party in 2021 will run the last communist president and prime minister in Europe. Sali Berisha and Gramoz Ruçi, will be (if Ruçi continues) the communists of the Albanian democracy even after 2021. The two daughters of the ALP or the illegitimate daughter, but who is more likely to be either the PD and the legitimate daughter who does as if it did not happen or the SP will have the last communists. But today, their political father turns 112 years old. The one who certainly came out of this people. Which of course exiled, imprisoned, persecuted, killed, but also built schools, hydropower plants and ridges, along with railways and bunkers, exploiting it and not paying it. The one who separated him from the whole world, who isolated him inside the wire clone, who armed him to shoot and kill those fleeing this country and who ideologized him, forcing him not only to be badly dressed and bloated, but also to fight in her class-brother war. But even though he turns 112 years old, he either looks or looks younger than the average age of Berisha, Rama, Meta and Basha. He is as young as Majko and Kryemadhi, as Mediu and everyone else around, in Albanian politics who took over Albanian "demeko democracy". Enver Hoxha seems dead even today, as "our young man the most excellent work of the party" as his lapidary expression. He designed and built this man so that democracy would never come to this country. Let not the rule of law come and let the vices of dictatorship be mixed (raped) with the vices of democracy based not on law, but on orders. Enver Hoxha is the age of Rama today and Berisha yesterday. There was Berisha's age for the degradation of the democratic party like Hoxha's ALP, under the orders of the individual and class and biographical war within the party and outside it. There was Berisha's age for the destruction that Berisha did to the former like Enver of the former before him. Of everything, including the good, the one that inherited Albanian values. It was precisely the "young man Berisha" who was fanatically pursuing the way and almost the form of Enver, in leading the party and criminal ideology to never allow freedom of speech and equality of people before the law in the use of a political justice. He was once the age of Berisha and why he had been physically dead for years, but who lived politically by taking revenge on his comrades, persecuting political opponents and putting the party and its people in political trenches. Enver Hoxha was the age of Berisha, when he made the "anti-communist" as once the "communist" Enver on whose basis, killed almost all idealistic communists in Albania. Yes and that age, when after his successor used corruption to keep his party in power. Today, Enver Hoxha is not 112 years old, but he is the age of Edi Rama or the young post-communist man who really hates Enver. He hates him so much that he resembles two drops of water in the political arrogance he uses, believing that "His Renaissance" is as Enver believed it to be the SNP, his ALP. "The New Man" or the "Renaissance" are entirely the arrogant, corrupt and heinous legacy of the last dictatorship of Enver. They are without scruples, without honor and without morals. Without national feeling and without mercy for the people. Just like the end of the dictatorship, with Enver taken and his subsequent charlatans in office and power. Today Enver Hoxha turns 112 years old, but he practically has the age of his clear and loyal followers. Not as communists (because Enver was not a communist either), but as clowns (and with masks) of their people. As levers of deception just like in Enver's time for great achievements and successes as a beacon of socialism in the world. They deceive as then with the realization of promises and five-year plans, while their people run away from sight. Enver then did not allow them to leave because Albania would no longer have even 1 million people. These today are even more deceptive than "Their Master", because he led Albanians to work on farms or mines or cooperatives, while those of today, leave without bread, without work, without help, without health, without education. Even worse than their Enver, today they have insulted and deceived Albanians for land and property. They have been deceived about integration and justice. Like their 112-year-old Enver, but as young as Rama and Meta, who have insulted and deceived Albanians for the rule of law. "Enver's new man" is the one who today has made Enver look young. It looks almost better than his offspring. Because they have certainly killed Albanians for thirty years in the escapes in the waters and mountains, for the property, for the blood, for the political justice that they built and continue to project. If you gather the victims of thirty years in their raped democracy, they are more than in the time of their political and ideological father. Yes, Berisha's political father, Tritan Shehu, Ruçi, Nano, as communists, but also Rama and Meta who pretend not to have anything to do with him.

Today Enver turns 112 years old, but he is as young as the age of the "young man" who replaced him. And the blame is entirely ours. Of no one else. Rightly and morally, the consequence of this historical and political guilt will be upon us.