Frrok upupi detonates the "bomb": Meta will be arrested on NATO orders for the "coup" in Rinas

Frrok upupi detonates the "bomb": Meta will be arrested on NATO orders

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"The cat in the tail" stood for everyone, everyone against everyone ...

"The cat in the tail" stood for everyone, everyone against everyone

... This, too, is a feature of Albanians, that everyone "has the right" to quarrel with everyone and for all without having an address. No one makes mistakes! But who are all these accusers? They accuse everyone, without exception. But why is Albania left at the bottom of the "column"? Because, everyone is to blame, everyone is responsible, from the head of state who "calls himself" president, from the Parliament as a legislative body, which has remained in the time of the "Thessaloniki Club" from the Head of Government and the government to the simplest citizen. If you listen to them when the "brawlers" in the picture seem to be right, when both the "brawlers" and the "brawlers" are "right"! Everyone stands in their "bunker", everyone stands "cat in the tail", they say in a village, which means those who at any moment are ready to "attack" and never to turn it once by themselves. I do not say in the "position of fire" because over the years, or rather, centuries, the "position of fire" would have changed, and the "bunker" remains immobile, as we stand, in our beliefs, as in the time of the Anatolians! We have had this feature before and we keep the "weapon" full of bullets and when we find a case, we empty the bullets with "bursts" even if they go to Havada. But, even if only one, "unless they really take a bullet", we do not turn it from ourselves, which would be many times more effective from many bursts of "bullets" to others ... Here to take the one who is the head of the state and listen to him: "He who will steal the vote, I will cut off his hand". "I will listen to the internationals, if they interfere in our internal affairs or help Edi Rama"! "I am the most responsible citizen"! What a great "patriot" means someone who understands and how "honest" he is. Well, he says, how could he not cut off his hand, but not even the tip of those "thieves" of many who have fled the party and those who have stolen with fists when they were in office, sometimes with each other? Before cutting off the ears and hands of the internationals and Rama, he should have "cut off" his own ears and hands! "I say, I am President Ilir Meta from Skrapar"! Some "wise man" who does not understand, thinks that since the scrapers are distinguished for bravery, he also introduces himself in the "brave", despite the fact that he has never been distinguished for bravery. Doesn't he understand that even the Skraparllins are brave like all other Albanians? Why does he despise musketeers, northerners, southerners, etc. Even Nishani never said "I am Bujar Nishani from Libohova", because it was up to him to be modest, or Topi from Tirana, etc. This kind of President does not even understand that neither the post nor the chair gives you information because tomorrow when he does not have the chair, he will be "stupid", far be it. If he asked for that "little" forgiveness, he would be very honored and forgiveness, above all, is an expression of the cultural level, it is culture, it is authority, but he does not understand this because he is from Skrapar. Here is what he says about the head of government: "Ramaforma has hindered justice reform"; "Edi Rama, is leading the country's economy into the abyss"; "Bilal's wife should think carefully about who she is dealing with." Even Edi Rama, does not find the way of forgiveness, but is in unison with this "wicked" who has taken the "way of cows"! Both of them do not say to each other in the "men's square", but say "kachakçe", in front of their supporters so that they can applaud and increase their "prestige"! Edi Rama, if he was different from him, would not find the way to the solution in the jokes, but in his responsibility, in the position he holds because I also know very well how to make jokes, but no one asks me because I am flat with him others and do not stand out above others. This way of Rama, to show "who is the best", he should know that the best is the one who is with the law, but not like Ilir Meta who keeps the Constitution as a "shield" to hide. his mischief ”! We descend from the "top of the Pyramid" and go to ordinary citizens. On some morning shows, they make phone calls; "Edi Rama, has made us as not worse", "What is this thief prime minister who thinks only of his pocket". We have received assistance from Edi Rama, what will we live with ". "We do not even have a road in the village, let Edi Rama forget that he will get a vote." Everyone continues in this line, for the "leftovers" that Rama has, as if he had no local government, as if he had no direct responsibility. A morning show host has found an original way that those who speak in favor of Rama, hangs up the phone and allows them to speak against him. Well, this is his solution according to the "stomach" of the afendiko because on the contrary ... I am now going with ordinary citizens to a remote village, where I had gone to some of my relatives. In the center of the village, the villagers, make the conclusions of the day and the first point is "How the prime minister and the ministers worked for their village". The mayor also participates there, but he is "okay" because they have him from the village and they do not spoil him with him, they "spoil" him with Rama who does not listen to them. Among others, I meet a friend of mine once a classmate. I hear him speak passionately against the Prime Minister about what he said on the phone in the morning. "I did not leave anything to the Prime Minister to say, I did it for a penny. "But we all have to talk, not just me." I listen to it to the end with all the cold in the afternoon. There I learned that he did this job from time to time not that he would solve anything, but to go out and brag in front of his fellow villagers. After making "for a lek" the prime minister, he invited me for a coffee. I accepted even though I was late. As soon as he enters the door, with hands in pockets and serious, reminded me of the prime minister. "Cows, crawling in the manger for food"! "Cows, did you not take them to eat?" "Not yet, I was not lazy, I had dinner"! "You didn't even make dinner," he addresses his wife. "No, there is no fire yet because the wood was muddy." "Hey, we don't even have fire, but I don't know what you have done so far"! "Hey, he's addressing me"! Although I did not know my wife, I told her: "This is the duty of the" prime minister "of the house, to hold accountable! "For me, do not worry, I tell him, without further continuing what I had in mind to say, because I have it and I have to keep it a friend. "I'm leaving because I'm late!" Ika, and I thought what I had to say to him: "It is the fault of the prime minister who should be" punished "severely for his irresponsibility, who has not come and taken measures to bring food for the cow he is waiting for. He did not even take measures to bring a plastic and cover the wood with plastic so that it stays dry and does not get wet from the rain. What would it cost him to take some pine needles with him so that the fire could be lit easily, or to fill the village tap with water, but he has neglected all this? "These should have been told to the Prime Minister, I wanted to say them, because these are of interest to you and then, come the problems of the village, the streets, the health center that resembles a hut built in the last century and many many more ”! No it seems, but neither more nor less, in this country, they are all of a "measure" all a "cut", all have developed only the "wave" in giving to others and no one returns once by myself. I absolutely do not mean that the government is not to blame, it has something to do with it and to rule the country. Citizens are asking for increased assistance, or worse yet, when they are unfairly waiting for families in need. It is ridiculous to live with a 7000 new lek assistance, because this is a ridiculous system. But isn’t it more than ridiculous that everyone just seeks assistance to live in a time that with this amount, you can only go three days with bread. Does anyone kill the mind or does anyone make an effort to find at least one job to make a living, to make those minimums because even 1000 old lekë, which are nothing but from scratch, they are much worse still, when young people spend all day in cafes or young women, girls who when their mother tells them to wipe the yard drowned by "balgat" she responds: "What did you eat? Have you ever asked me if I do not have a wireless phone? Do not dare, my mother, warn the girl who has seen Europe! Alas, alas, this world does not resemble sorrow. Guilt is elsewhere, he is somewhere far away, "outside" everyone, he stays "hidden" in the "devil's place" which everyone seeks, everyone attacks and never finds, at a time when he stays in the conscience of everyone and stands in a "dead zone" from the eye, from the mind of all and does not "appear". We will continue as we have continued on our path so far, seeking guilt, directing accusations and swearing at others. We have thirty years of just accusing and cursing. We curse the political opponent and all together, we curse that "cart" of communism that "left us so far behind" at a time when communism and the state party, he left us many times better than the "janissaries" of this system who take evil from communism, and by removing the "dirty water", he left the "baby" "healthy" according to the possibilities he had and handed it over to them. ”Of the“ greedy ”who have no satiety. It is the fault of everyone who tries to find it in others, it is the fault of the "Tireparties", of the "Alldervisha" Institutions and above all, of the "Allishverish" system! These have badly infected the citizens that even they, as they have been taught in these thirty years, find it difficult to lower their heads for work ... is of the "Tireparties", of the Institutions "Alldervisha" and above all, of the system "Allishverish"! These have badly infected the citizens that even they, as they have been taught in these thirty years, find it difficult to lower their heads for work ... is of the "Tireparties", of the Institutions "Alldervisha" and above all, of the system "Allishverish"! These have badly infected the citizens that even they, as they have been taught in these thirty years, find it difficult to lower their heads for work ...