Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult day for me

Sad! Valentina Leskaj loses dear man from coronavirus: Today is a very difficult

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Betrayal as a companion of Albanians

Betrayal as a companion of Albanians

A traitor in the literary language, but also in the everyday one, is one who goes against the homeland of his people, joining the enemy, cooperating with him or doing his job, carrying out espionage activities against his people or country, revealing important secrets, fleeing to another place, one who does not stay faithful to the principles, ideas or a great matter, one who breaks the oath, one who breaks the promise or the word given; one who expects someone in besa. If we were to take the first baby of betrayal, Hamza Kastriot, we must state with regret that this phenomenon has accompanied Albanian history for years, to the present day. It is known that Hamza was not only a faithful nephew of the great Skanderbeg, but also his right hand man and at the same time his successor. However, the birth of Skanderbeg's son stirred the waters between them while the outburst of Hamza's dissatisfaction by the enemies not only of Skanderbeg, but also of Albania led him to betrayal. Which not only remained in the context of his departure from the combat formation, but degenerated to his engagement at the head of the Turkish forces in order to occupy on their behalf the lands he had once defended with his own body and which ended in duel on own uncle and thankfully with physical elimination. But his scar remained in Albanian life. The most "prominent" in this street in history remained Esat Pasha Toptani who not only sold Shkodra to the Serbs, but never stopped through his treacherous activity to make not only propaganda, but also concrete actions that were to the detriment of the Albanian cause. As a reward for this betrayal, his remains remain in the Belgrade cemetery to this day, as a historic lawsuit against his life. The betrayal also accompanied the 50-year-old dictatorship, a betrayal mixed with many doubts and untruths. It is not only about the eliminations of senior state leaders who in many cases were tailored to the political situation and the current interests of the "head of state and party", but also about an extension of the phenomenon to a wider personal life. . In many cases, it is reported that in order not to betray the party and the ideal, the man spied on his wife and vice versa, and this led to the breakdown of dozens of Albanian families. When the sun of democracy rose in the 90s we all hoped that this phenomenon was over. But we were wrong. Betrayal, as a gangrene continued to be present in Albanian life, with other forms and dimensions. Mostly in the betrayal of ideals and political responsibilities, but also of the stratum from which the traitors themselves came. The daily betrayal became for some Albanians like bread with cheese. Lie to politicians, lie to representatives of the justice system, lie to central and local leaders, lie there and lie here, betray here and betray there. The biggest traitor of these years turned out to be the one we put in charge, with the hope for a new page in the history of Albania, Sali Berisha. Not only because he trampled on his 25-year life and activity as a communist and party secretary, that we all trampled on that life, but also because in the new Albanian life he proved to be a traitor and a traitor to the ideals of students, of the persecuted and why not of all Albanian political and social strata. He was not satisfied with letting evil flourish, mostly corruption and nepotism in all cells of Albanian life, but he also went to the agreements for the sale of the sea to the Greek state, which fortunately became an obstacle for the Constitutional Court. The bad seed that Sali Berisha planted and flourished in the era of his rule, as it happens with the weeds that grow everywhere, remained in Albanian life. The sale of votes, but also of the deputies are phenomena that even today, after 30 years of the so-called democracy, have creeped into the Albanian political life, but also into Albanian society, as they have become commonplace. If we have to mention names, dozens of newspaper pages are not enough, but as a matter of fact, we are mentioning already well-known political actors like Neritan Ceka, Arben Imami or Genc Pollo who, as real wrestlers, change their party memberships, which means betrayal of ideals whenever their personal interest demands it. You want the name of a disgusting traitor who is more shaky than a willow: Lefter Maliqi. He has not been with any party and has held positions in the administration and continues to give lectures that he will be the savior of democracy on April 25. Want an excellence traitor first, get the eminent professor Kastriot Islami. He went to the top of left-wing politics as speaker of the People's Assembly and threatened to break the skulls of the right-wingers, and today he has joined the latter and threatens to persecute after April 25 all Edi Rama's puppies, including the police. Do you want a traitorous "sheik" who holds the highest position in our country defined by the Constitution? Ilir Meta. Once with the left, once with the right, ostensibly in the name of the good of Albania that even after 30 years has left him worse than he found, he has been part of the government in almost all the named years of democracy. It started from the fist greetings to today’s two-finger greeting. And the fist of two fingers has not changed only once. Betrayals have begun to flourish like mushrooms after the rain even on this eve of the election campaign. It is the SMIs who, feeling the great loss that awaits them on April 25, are seeking refuge in the old house. Do you want two names for concretization? My friend and colleague from the distant year 1974 when we went to the "Skënderbej" school, the weightlifting president Elez Gjoza and even the deputy and minister Nasip Naço. We are talking about political betrayal and we wish that this disease has not caught statesmen and betrayed us in the high ideals of the homeland and in state secrets. Let the most state secrets remain here with us without coming out!