SMI crumbles, members pass with PS! Monika Kryemadhi receives the "strong" blow before the elections

SMI crumbles, members pass with PS! Monika Kryemadhi receives the

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 The heroic KLA of the heroic Albanian nation

 The heroic KLA of the heroic Albanian nation

The KLA is a national heroic act born of a great and heroic nation as it has been, is and will always be the Albanian nation. The KLA is the glory, the pride, the inspiration and the Albanianism itself. The whole history of the heroic people of Kosovo Albanian is endurance, sacrifice and heroism. The Albanian nation is proud of the heroic legend that has been written and written by the Albanian people of Kosovo, martyrs for centuries, as well as for the great work of the Glorious KLA War, whose work is: the freedom and statehood of Kosovo. The KLA is Kosovo itself, it is Albanianness itself because it belongs to all Albanians. The KLA war is the resistance, resistance and the war of the people of Kosovo, of its Liberation Army. It is the most epic and glorious event in the Albanian national history of the modern era against the barbaric and genocidal beast of Serbia, genocide unprecedented since the end of World War II. As such, the KLA War, and therefore the biggest enemies of the Albanians, the Serbs and the Russians try their best by lobbying and engaging all their state, political, diplomatic, academic, religious and media capacities in order to tarnished, to slander and criminalize the heroic, just and liberating war of the KLA. The goal of Serbia, Russia and their agents bought and paid in the West is the victimization of the Serbian aggressor, the delegitimization of the KLA war, the delegitimization of NATO intervention with the ultimate goal of the partition of Kosovo and for Serbia to receive from Kosovo the resources and territories it has as its objective. Unfortunately, this anti-Albanian offensive of Serbia found the politics of Tirana and Pristina in a lethargic "sleep", a policy which deals with quarrels and quarrels for personal interests of power, leaving in indifference and disinterest the great Albanian national issue and the high interests of nation. The two Albanian states, their policy should be organized for 20 years and work with dedication to document, argue, accuse and internationally prosecute the Serbian crime and genocide against Kosovo Albanians, as the whole world witnessed. free and democratic which intervened for the liberation of Kosovo. But it happens, as always in politics and with Albanian politicians, that they do not see beyond narrow political and personal interests in power. Let no one think or deceive himself that he can manipulate or corrupt the historical memory of the Glorious and Heroic War of the martyred people of Kosovo and the KLA. No external or internal enemy, no "special court", no malicious and slanderous, no power and no corrupt politics will be able to do neither censorship, nor intrigue, nor slander, nor political bargaining, nor with money they will not be able to speculate or corrupt and deceive the collective memory and glorious history of the KLA. No one will be able to tarnish the just, patriotic, manly and liberation war of the KLA. Nor the cowards, neither the losers, nor the hypocrites, nor the traitors, nor the lowly and shameless slanderers, nor the mercenaries and traitors will ever be able to tarnish the war, the heroism, the sacrifices of this great work of glory and pride in the eternity of the KLA as from it came the freedom and statehood of Kosovo. The heroic war of the KLA has been marked and sanctified by the blood of hundreds of thousands of its heroes and martyrs, it has already sanctified the living memory of the generation that gave birth and inspired this war and its fighters. The KLA war was marked and sanctified by the deeds and sacrifices of its martyrs, heroes and comrades-in-arms, invalids and true veterans. The war and the history of the newest army of Europe, the KLA, has been marked by the history of the most powerful military alliance in the world, NATO, which in the fight for the liberation of Kosovo was the ally of the KLA in the fight against the machinery and the Serbian criminal and genocidal state. The KLA war has already been written and sanctified by the Albanian people, by thinkers, historians and living writers who witnessed that extraordinary and unrepeatable work of the KLA.