"We will put the bomb wherever you are" / The General Director of Prisons is threatened with life, the Tirana Prosecutor's Office is immediately set in motion, the heavy SMS is revealed

"We will put the bomb wherever you are" / The General Director of

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Never take the wisdom and patience of Albanians for weakness!

Never take the wisdom and patience of Albanians for weakness!

It is known that one of the essential problems of every people, regardless of the status of the political and economic system that characterizes it, is the correct solution of the national question. When it comes to the fate of peoples for self-determination, Europe remains as reactionary as it has been since the Berlin Conference of 1878, the London Conference of 1913, the secret London of 1915, and why not the Paris Conference of 1946. they wanted and supported the side of monarcho-fascist Greece, not to mention the famous Rambouillet, which, although it had a clear desire of the Albanians, left us divided, setting the boundaries between us Albanians, brother to brother. It is proven fourfold, that it was even since the first shootings began was against the National Liberation War of the Albanian people of Kosovo, she did not want this war, he did not want it because it was a war of liberation and in these wars Europe is as frightened and terrified as the devil is afraid of incense. She did not want this war because its military greatness was and could at the same time serve as an example for the people who when they stand up for their fate, who can overthrow not only the invader, but also the local bourgeoisie. This was an internal factor of Europe itself, but on the other hand, despite pretending to "support us", it devilishly played the role of a possible ally, while on the other hand it violated the eye of love for post-Tito Yugoslavia. In geo-strategic terms, she (Europe) benefited from the secession of Kosovo from Yugoslavia, but a secession to the point that it did not anger the giant bear of the Russian steppes, which unfortunately the geography of the globe has placed on Europe on its back like the sword of Democles that hangs close to its head. Doesn't it basically seem like there is a contradiction ?! Not at all, because Europe in terms of its imperialist development, is in great competition, but also in competition with Russia. She benefited from the secession of Kosovo because in a great inter-imperialist brawl she brought her borders closer to Russia's spheres of influence, and therefore she left the task of bombing to the USA in order to tell Russia ... that I'm really pretending to be against you, but I're not going to drop any bombs on Belgrade, and in fact, despite the fact that the planes were NATO, the bombing was carried out by America. EU countries historically from an early age, as at that time, in Rambouillet, but even today they are currently divided despite the fact that in appearance the name "United Europe" gives the impact of a monolithic unity of this organism. The three-century-old colonial wars, the ones that caused the two great world wars England - Germany - France, have always been in conflict sometimes silent and sometimes open with each other. The First World War 1914-18 or as it is known in historical terminology as the "Great War", but also the Second World War broke out and became in the interests of imperialism, to expand the borders on the backs of European peoples and these wars for Europe, when are for the kidnapping of the host, when they are for the domination of open or disguised colonial forms, it gives itself the right to wage these wars, when it wants, how it wants and with whom it wants. England's exit from the EU, is an expression of these contradictions because the "Queen of the Seas" does not love and does not want the hegemony of Germany in this community, England can not allow itself the German dictatorship, just as France does not want it. If France and the whole community left the European Union, it would crumble like a sand castle, losing its role, a role that is currently not "neither meat nor fish", because the form of organization is more like a artificial union, rather than a stable unified political, economic and military organism, for the very fact of the absence of a single government, an economy, a Parliament and a single army. This is why Lenin himself, since 1915, when he spoke of the "United States of Europe", considered them either impossible due to their economic inequality and imperialist appetites for extending the territory and areas of influence at the expense of each other or and of peoples ... or reactionary. Reactionary ?! Why should Europe be like this when it is trumpeted up and down as champions of democracy? Reactionary, Europe has been and remains by the very nature of imperialism that it represents, but being united it does not at all lose its reactionary mission, it unites only for two major reasons: First to face not only imperialist competition with Russia, America, China or any superpower that could be born soon that could lead to armed conflict, but at the same time (secondly) to face and suppress with fire any movement of a liberating character within the community, or worse still to extinguish the flames of the proletarian revolution wherever they take place. It is known that revolutions in general lead to great social upheavals, whether they are of a democratic character or of a proletarian character, and from which the latter, Europe, is very much preserved. S. Berisha as a pseudo-communist, who militated as a smuggler in the ranks of the ALP, having knowledge of the character of revolutions and liberation wars, knowing well the fear of Europe on these issues, he scared them with "communist and Enverist gogol ”That the KLA allegedly indoctrinated us. He, in unison with I. Rugova, not that they were not for the liberation war (because both were UDB agents), but they were at the same time against our Great National Cause, even distorting the purpose of this war, they enabled the great Serbian chauvinism to recover, not only to recognize Kosovo as an independent state, but to leave the problem open. her, as she is currently doing the meadow. But the culprits for this are not only Berisha and Rugova in general, but the entire political class on both sides of the border, are equally responsible and those commanders fearless before the enemy, who bowed their heads, submitted and agreed to half the oath of them, leaving the other half to do and decide Europe as it pleases. The recent placement of KLA leaders in balance with Milosevic, Arkan, Mladic, etc.'s Serbian criminals coincides surprisingly with Dick Marty's allegations. that our liberators considered terrorists and this is no coincidence. With this, Europe asks the Albanians to lower their heads and not to unite. Should Albanians give up their national right? You Europe, you America and you UN who have approved the Atlantic Charter, the decisions of the Peace Conference, etc. that speak of the right of peoples to be free, equal and decide for themselves their own destinies, why do not you allow the unification of Albanians? You US Ambassador and you, EU Ambassador, why not propose to your communities to annul these rights of the peoples? You remember people being stupid? Your mind is lying. Never take the wisdom and patience of Albanians for weakness! If the Albanians do not unite, know very well that the Balkans will never have peace. We are not belligerent at all,