Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and shedding light on criminal acts with covid 19

Here's how Nobel laureate Montagnier is blowing up the Big Farm and

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The vaccine we want

The vaccine we want

One week ago, on January 10, 2021, 60 doctors were vaccinated for the first time in our country, together with the Prime Minister. The fact that we are being vaccinated, despite the fact that "with drops", is heartbreaking for everyone and does psychologically good decision-making in the economy. As time (just two weeks after the whole European Union started it at once), it is the best possible start and gives us hope. The first "shopping" of the Prime Minister in the US, where he ordered and signed a contract with Pfizer for 500 thousand doses of vaccines, there was no better place. What about now? We are now in the midst of a pandemic with frightening numbers of infections and deaths in the US and everywhere in Europe. Finding vaccines on the free market is virtually impossible. The most powerful countries in the world, such as the USA, Germany, France, Canada, etc. have blocked the market for the first six months of this year. Only Canada has ordered vaccines from the major companies that produce it (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraNovavax, etc.) in quantities six times more than its population. It now depends only on the availability of vaccines on the market by our government. As well as from our organization. Our vaccination infrastructure (specialized centers where people will be vaccinated, vaccination personnel, maintenance of vaccines in optimal temperature conditions, etc.) should function as a Swiss clock. Our Ministry of Health must make public the national vaccination plan as soon as possible. Must have it on its website. All citizens can see and read it. As well as responsible structures and people. Any delay in vaccination, in the supply of vaccination centers on time and with the planned quantity of vaccines, should be seen as desertion from a war! The Supreme State Audit should have its auditors in the relevant health structures, to prevent any abuse of this national wealth, which consists of the stock of vaccines and their real-time distribution and vaccination of the population as soon as possible. . Nothing should be left to the good will of the few health personnel we have. Vaccination infrastructure requires much more effort and people and structures to be properly implemented. And the main thing: providing the right amount of vaccines. One week ago we received the first 2 thousand doses of the vaccine from two friendly countries, one EU member (their name is kept secret, as vaccines are provided for their own citizens and not for other countries). Free! The help that was given to us, no matter how small in doses, is of an unusual generosity, in these times of pandemics. At a time when all the most developed and richest countries in Europe are crouching in their misery. Even the entire European Union shrank when it came to delivering the first doses of vaccines to candidate and aspirant countries. We need to provide at least another 1.5 million vaccines in the first 6 months of this year and have this goal clearly in front of us. This is why we need a national vaccination plan. Vaccines give life and talk about their monetary value (how much they will be bought) should really be left for a second time. Now as many vaccines as possible should be provided for the first half of the year and as many of us as possible should be vaccinated. Of course, following the order of those who should be vaccinated first. The half-million doses of Pfizer vaccine, contracted by the Prime Minister on December 30, 2020 in New York, should only be given as first doses. Re-emerging now in the international vaccine market, to buy other vaccines at any price. It's a race against time, as we need to vaccinate as many of us as possible. We need to be able to vaccinate by June 2021, at least over 1 million citizens! Or 36 percent of our 2.8 million people today. In order to be able to gradually achieve the immunity of the herd we are seeking (like the rest of the world) by the end of this year. For this, we need 2 million vaccines. Pra, we are missing another 1.5 million, which we need to secure, to buy as soon as possible. This process must become a national priority. Let’s say we are lucky and secured the 1.5 million doses we are missing. However, in order to be able to vaccinate 1 million citizens in 5 and a half months (January-June 2021), we must be able to vaccinate at least 150-200 thousand people per month. Or 5-7 thousand citizens vaccinated per day. With the current pace, capacities and sensitivities we have for the usefulness and necessity of the vaccine, we are still far behind. I do not think that in the first week of vaccination we managed to vaccinate more than a thousand people. So forty times less than the weekly minimum we need. It also depends on the stock of vaccines we have. But in the coming weeks, when perhaps the Pfizer company will start giving us the contracted quantities little by little, the approach should change radically. If we want to use all the vaccines we manage to provide within a short time. This problem is today of all states everywhere in the world. But we must show preparation, responsibility and seriousness. Our opposition would help not by demonizing the process, but by trying to influence with the contacts it has in the popular parties of Europe, that their representatives influence the respective European governments to help us as soon as possible quantities of vaccines. If from 10 powerful countries of the United Europe we manage to get 50 thousand doses of vaccines, here we made the first stock of 1 million vaccines that we need. This should be our goal, in addition to the hectic search for vaccines to buy in the market.