Purge in the Socialist Party, Rama puts on the list non-deputy ministers, deputy ministers, directors and former members of the SMI, the names of the veterans are revealed

Purge in the Socialist Party, Rama puts on the list non-deputy ministers, deputy

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Suicides - psychologists needed for medical staff and not for patients and medications

Suicides - psychologists needed for medical staff and not for patients and

The sad events at Shefqet Ndroqi University Hospital have disturbed the Albanian society in this time of pandemic and have created a stressful situation regarding hospitalizations. Suicides are isolated phenomena and certainly related to the previous condition of an individual hospitalized or not. There is currently no scientific evidence that suicides in hospitals are more directly related to COVID-19 infection than to previous illnesses, serious condition, medications, treatment regimen. However, 4 suicides in one university hospital and 1 suicide in another university hospital in Tirana can cast doubt on why this happens when we notice that all suicides are thrown from the balcony of hospitals, which shows that these events can not be coincidental. . It should be further explored as to why these almost identical suicides occurred at a time when the literature tells us that suicides are not uniform but different and for different reasons. Even if we take for granted the fact that the cause is infection with covid-19 in all 5 cases, the mode of suicide may not be the same. Why? Because suicides also have triggers that can be mental health diseases whose individuals may be patients of psychiatrists and psychologists, other factors may be momentary panic caused by a state of horror or anxiety out of the ordinary, may be a factor post traumatic stress due to severe family conflicts or between partners for financial and moral problems, but it can also be from incurable diseases due to deep depression and hopelessness, but it can also be from the combination of brain hypoxia accompanied by certain medications or drugs that the patient may have taken before going to bed and that continued in addition to medical therapy in the hospital, or it could be a combination of medications or drugs that cause disorientation, confusion, anxiety, panic in a hypoxic setting or a decrease in PO2 in the blood (also seen through oximetry), but also PCO2. Of course in a momentary assumption, suicide could also be the result of careless or intentional medication which is impossible to happen in university hospitals. Suicides at these ages can also be a consequence of the use outside of therapy of: alcohol, opiates (methadone, heroin, morphine), cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, - always in the field of hypoxia <90 mm Hg, and depending on the dose. But even steroids like prednisone dexamethasone in combination with some other medications, can give patients suicidal tendencies. The most likely combinations that cause suicidal tendencies in the field Hypoxia of the brain may be cortisone in large doses, some beta-blockers (metoprolol), some anticonvulsants (gabapentin), omeprazole, alprazolam (xanax), some birth control drugs, etc. There are about 203 medications that can cause side effects. (Https: //ëëë ??Fbclid = IëAR0T13Kb0BpJ0Fe6h32zvr_RZYcbsPQV1EK7Jzh7P5nMPëxvviCËT8_dchë). The first in this prism is the duty of the Order of Doctor and Nurse, who in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to set up a special commission to clarify the issue because it is a deeply medical issue ie patient-doctor-medication. Somewhere, something does not work. In the occasional debates that are observed in the media, the idea of ??having Psychologists in the Hospital has been thrown. Of course there may be psychologists in the hospital but to observe and keep under control the condition and actions of the medical staff as there are in every hospital in western countries. But to use psychologists in the medical treatment that the hospital doctor does for patients, this is not normal. No hospital in the world intervenes in the therapy prescribed by the specialist doctor and by the consultation of the hospital doctors including the psychologist.

The problem is that not every type of psychologist can work in a hospital. Only clinical psychologists are needed. Why? Because the specialist doctor and medical consultation excludes the intervention of a psychologist in the therapy to the patient. If the specialist doctor or counselor deems it necessary to treat mental health disorders, then a psychiatrist who solves the problem can be consulted. The psychologist for the patient, needs to be out of the hospital. In our hospitals the need for clinical psychologists is necessary to observe and control the medical staff continuously (and not only in the case of the pandemic) and not the patients, because there may be doctors or nurses who need a Psychologist, due to too much work with stress. This is the problem.