SPAK seizes the assets of Adriatik Llalla, comes the strong warning from Yuri Kim

SPAK seizes the assets of Adriatik Llalla, comes the strong warning from Yuri

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Autumn, the season of prosperity gave four new parties to Albania!

Autumn, the season of prosperity gave four new parties to Albania!

The number of political parties in Albania is endless. From a one-party state, it went to the extreme. Maybe we pass all the countries on a European scale as here every season brings our country a new party. But this fall came quite differently. Season of production, harvest time, harvest of vineyards, oranges, tangerines, corn harvest, livestock breeding, provision of products so coveted by farmers and all employees of agriculture and livestock. Autumn was really golden and prosperous for politicians as well. In the election year, when we are separated by another seven months from the day when Albanians will go to the polls, almost every day a new name is added to the long list of political forces. The multicolored mosaic is complemented by other even brighter colors, making the political scene more dynamic. It is a great fortune that in these times the pandemic when not a few citizens are still suffering the terrible consequences of the earthquake of a year ago. Wounds bleed, pain has not exhausted. At least we are being filled with new parties coming on the scene with big claims. In addition to the claims and objectives for the April 25 elections, joy on the one hand for the supporters of the newly formed parties when they are not yet familiar with the headquarters and cars, target, names of supporters, has erupted fierce controversy between the parent party PD, Lulzim Basha , its chairman and the leaders of the newly formed parties, which declare that they are not in the Democratic Party. Dozens of parties have been born from the DP in three decades. Hundreds of protagonists have broken away. Founding politicians of this political force, the first opposition party in our country after half a century. The exiles were anathematized for many years, rehabilitated as if by magic, and the enemies became the most important friends of the historical leader Berisha. They were hard times and the head cost nothing. The sensational departures of the first years from the DP made the Albanians hold their breath. Assassinations could occur at any moment and warnings were not lacking. But then the prodigal sons who, after leaving the PD, became important ministers and leaders in the "Nano" government after the year of the 2005 riots, returned to the old house as a maneuver for compaction. The bad guys became the helmsmen of progress. They were placed at the head of the departments of the "Berisha" government. It was a fruitful maneuver that increased the support of the DP. The pragmatists joined the party from running away and succeeded. All were rewarded with important posts. The history of the separation and birth of daughter parties is endless in our country. The Socialist Party did not escape the divisions and escapes either. From her womb was born the SMI. The escapes of the first years, the protagonists, were labeled traitors. Yes only the first days apart. Very soon the bitterness would subside and from the enemies they would turn into superheroes. The cart would then give way to the cake. Laurel leaves and rose petals were scattered over the heads of the fugitives but the envious labeled them newcomers-cowards. There have been departures throughout the post-overthrow period of the socialist system. All escapes have been accompanied by noise, anathema, curses, warnings of assassinations and unmasking, denigration and lynching. Punishment of fugitives, those who dared to form new parties since N. Ceka, G. Gollo. D. Shehi, were put in the guillotine of endless criticism, which continue to this day. But time brought that what was spat in the evening licked as soon as fate came to the door and the big party needed the small parties to look like a train with many wagons. How many party names! Lots of offices. Seal without end. The most extravagant symbols. Latest brand cars. Phosphorescent coat of arms. Flags to surround an entire mountain. Banner without end. Hats, umbrellas, pencils, pens, balloons, celebrations, events. Parties everywhere. Casting firm of mayors as of November eight, 1941. Thousands of names deposited. Identity cards submitted to court secretariats and the Ministry of Justice. It seems like we are the biggest country in the world. Every individual demands a party, many headquarters, boundless symbols. All Albanians seem to aspire to become party leaders. And wait for a day when we will have more parties than the population. Everyone aims for independence, borderless independence. A resentment, compromised interest, fap politicians seek forced divorce. Leave the old headquarters, love the new. To date, more than ten parties have been created by the DP alone. If it goes away, the diarrhea is not over. The Democratic Party has assessed the new parties as a great danger. In reality this does not have to be seen as a tragedy. Yesterday's experience has shown that when they hear the call of the former, there will be many who will rush to take their place at the table of the mother party. Blood does not become water. The treatment that Lulzim Basha treats the leaders of the new parties is unfortunate. Not because he argues, but because he insults them. An experienced politician does not have to throw stones at his supporters. Must account, tomorrow it will cost those it denigrates today a billion. A number, a name, one of those that is put in the muzzle of the rifle to break the cane and secure the majority. Then? Tremble like, kiss the fugitives! What is the opinion of the chairman of the Democratic Party who does not leave insults unused for Jozefina Topalli. With what mind do you label him as Rama's lolo? Topalli for years in the DP as Vice President, as well as Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, has held tough attitudes towards the opposition. Consistent in her attitudes. It has squeezed the left opposition. He insulted him, cut him off in the Assembly. Topalli therefore does not turn left as if the sky meets the earth. Ordinary Democrats know Topalli, they know his thoughts, ideas. Recognize the battles she has waged to defeat the opposition and keep the DP in power. There has not been a single case that has supported any idea or initiative of the Socialists. In this sense she has been the iron lady with a hard heart towards the Socialists. Be calm Basha. DP militants as well. Her friends and enemies, that Jozefina Topalli returned to politics, not to refresh Rama and the government led by him, but to give a hand to Basha. New parties seem to be a curse for Democrats. Yes it is not so. Each of them will absorb votes and tomorrow I will join the party where they grew up and became politicians. Kot i shan Basha. They do not take supporters of him, they will maximize the supporters of the right. The flow of votes towards other parties will be minimal. The parties in the coalition today should be more afraid that a vote may slip away from them. Yes, the chances of the DP will increase. Topalli's new party, the "Movement for Change" as well as the "Democratic Obedience" created last fall by Astrit Patozi, the "Albanian Democratic Movement" founded by Myslim Murrizi will never be in support of the Socialist Party. If there are individuals who do not like the ruling SP, they are the ones who have entered the political market today with new symbols, with the newly created parties. Therefore, it is useless for Lulzim Basha to quarrel with them. The leaders of the new parties that brought us this autumn of this year, are tomorrow in a front with Basha. More their arrival this fall adds to the product of the right, puts up the endless fence to prevent votes from flowing in the direction of the respondent. Basha's fear is not that these parties will line up on the left tomorrow. This does not vaki. It is an absolute impossibility. The plight of the Democratic leader and the whole policy pursued, lined up on the right, is that strengthening the newly formed parties will dilute the results of Basha's party. That Jozefina could seize the majority of votes in Shkodra with the "Movement for Change". Basha may not even get the 2013 votes in the northern capital. He sees the same danger in Lushnje with Murrizi, who with the charisma he shows and the portrait he creates as a real rightist can weaken the mother party. The same dissolution can be created by Mrs. Hajdari in Tropoja and elsewhere. Patozi, a critical voice of the PD leadership, can remove the cornerstone of SHQUP and all those who oppose Basha with their independent attitudes. To cause an earthquake. Yes they are in the same block. Albanian politics is in turmoil in reality this fall, the right camp resembles the large Bovilla pipeline drilled in thousands of places where pipes are placed by farmers to irrigate their field. So it is with the new parties. Remove here and remove there all from the right bag will come out. That for the supporters of the left, votes can hardly flow, so much so that the Albanians do the math and do not remember the parties. We live the most prosperous autumn in politics. It is autumn that brought us more parties in Albania. Let's expect the number of parties in the coming days to increase indefinitely! It is autumn that brought us more parties in Albania. Let's expect the number of parties in the coming days to increase indefinitely! It is autumn that brought us more parties in Albania. Let's expect the number of parties in the coming days to increase indefinitely!