COVID balance sheet published, Ministry of Health reveals how many new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours

COVID balance sheet published, Ministry of Health reveals how many new cases

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"Vulcorruption" success of democracy, but rejection of free society!

"Vulcorruption" success of democracy, but rejection of free society!

Every day is increasing in a "pandemic" way and that kind of election campaign started a long time ago, but now with its grotesque and stupidity, is damaging the senses and polluting the cultural environment of a part of society that does not identify with such representatives of Albanian democracy . They are the same people from three decades and the one who calls himself the young man or Lulzim Basha, also has the part of "drafts for the party" at the time when he was in high school and of course he was also "Enver's Pioneer" as he says he will to be the only PM, not educated in communism. Imagine others part of the "vulgar corruption" which the democracy of three decades in Albania has succeeded. Why do I say "democracy" and why do I say "vulgarcorruption"? Yes democratically I say, that we have medemek democracy laws and implementation of their dictatorship. We have forms of democracy and the brand of dictatorship and moreover we have the union of the last ten years of dictatorship with the beginning of democracy which are simply anti-legal nonsense and robberies in a vulgar, folkloric way and without any morals and ethics inside. I say "vulgcorruption" because we do not need to come to "Ndrangheta" to make us "thin" in apalts and corruption, because in our country corruption has vulgar form and content, of people without any moral principles, without any normal cultural education , without any good family qualities and those who are educated abroad are representatives of the worst vulgar, because their ways are the most cynical, the most shameful and the most visible in their leading arrogance in the municipalities, ministries and up to representation, politics and justice. Ndrangheta is filthy, but never as vulgar as these. So there is nothing that she steals and does more than the "vulgar-corrupt" in Albania. They are not only immoral, but also immoral. Yes yes, they are against morality everywhere on television and politics where they sell perversion for moral quality, who sell political immorality, for political aptitude, who sell robbery for creative enrichment skills. At the top of this pyramid is the "Renaissance" and then the others behind, but remain "vulgar" in everything they do as a moment of gigantic and tragic corruption in Albanian society and state. They are incurable folklore and vulgar-corruptive and justice will not cure them either, because they built it themselves and inside it there are many "vulgar-corruptive" who have not extended their legs long enough for the internationals to see them. Therefore in the status I wrote: The only right we have gained from the dictatorship is not to vote. Albanian democracy (democracy) "the dish of pluralism of the corrupt vulgar" served to be eaten with compulsion in it of our votes ... If "democracy" for Albanians, but also the world means: moral, political views , philosophical of the vulgar, folklorists and corrupt then I reject this regime, I refuse to vote the representatives of this regime, I am not part of this stinking economic, cultural-financial masquerade of unscrupulous idiots and ideals of freedom. Yes this is the status and it is absolutely not that I have lost hope how much I have formed full conviction, that with vulgarcorruption at the top of politics and its wings, we do not have the first pluralism and the second "democracy" is exactly that forced dish of Albanian pluralism that we must eat with difficulty, by order and vote the same dish even after three unfortunate decades in our progress towards "demek" democracy and in compromised freedom. We do not have real pluralism, because all parties do not have democracy within them and secondly, they came from the same former party that is the ALP. But they also have the support of the social "vulgar" that when it comes to power, it becomes "vulgar-corruptive" and does not stop before any kind of enrichment and breaking the law, for exactly unjust enrichment. And in these conditions, what have we gained since the 1990s? Absolutely just not to go to jail, why not go to the polls. Yes, Our only victory is not participating in the elections and not participating in the catapult of vulgar politics, vulgar corruption or the last mentality of the dictatorship, which taught the Albanian society to steal everything because everything was missing and to lie about everything, because that is what the party said. So they absolutely do and to this day. But they have pandemically increased fraud, lying and robbery, justifying themselves with democracy and using democracy or rule in the same way as in a dictatorship with democratic laws. And that part of the society where I belong, we must vote for this bitter, ugly and stale "dish", which are served to us again by Edi Rama, Lulzim Basha, Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta, but also Monika and allied parties, and I am adding the "new" parties of Jozefina, Patoz that were there, lived there even though they are not so much to blame as the corrupt vulgar politicians their friends once were. Also for Azem's daughter, who suffices to have as a mother a person much talked about for vulgar justice in Albania and it is enough to never trust her again. So are the young semi-Sorosians and the rest of the young semi-Marxists, who are certainly the most uncorrupted and innocent part, but do not raise any certainty that they are playing a clear role in the political reality of the vulgarly corrupt people of Tirana politics from three decades. Vulcorruption is a success of the Albanian democracy, but it must be a rejection of the free and democratic Albanian society. That share that is probably 30 or 40 percent, but who is there and knows well who are such ignorant folklorists and robbers and rapists of the freedom and democracy of Albanians, but also robbers of their lives, the reason why Albanians do not have security, the reason they flee abroad and the reason they are not happy without property and without work. These guys still ask for votes and a part of the "vulgar electorate" will give them, but at least that part of the society that is not counted with them should not come out or take the trouble to vote for any group or party in Albania. They are the same vulgar-corrupt group that has ruled Albanian society for three decades. They do not build the rule of law, they do not make democracy, but they imitate democracies, albeit in an ugly way. They imitate Putin, but grotesquely, vulgarly, not loving their people and not loving their country as Russian democracies want its country. These are "vulgdemokratura" and it comes one day and destroys itself because its children and lawyers eat its money after stealing all Albanians and all of Albania at an even greater rate. Yes, it takes two more terms for this country to have nothing of its own like wealth and heritage.