Who will be Rama's next ministers? Kreshnik Spahiu issues NAMES for the first time: There will be new feeds!

Who will be Rama's next ministers? Kreshnik Spahiu issues NAMES for the


Berisha and Meta in unison against PS-PD co-government, messages and warnings to Basha to reject Rama's offer

Berisha and Meta in unison against PS-PD co-government, messages and warnings to

President Ilir Meta and former Prime Minister Sali Berisha seem to be both against PD-SP cooperation. In a TV interview, Berisha, while commenting on the invitation for cooperation that Prime Minister Edi Rama made to the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, considered it a loser prayer. Berisha said that this government has no program and for this he begs the opponent for co-government. "This is the prayer of the loser, Edi Rama. He is feeling the loss with his whole being. He is in panic, in great physical fatigue. In every appearance he comes out with shirts and t-shirts up to the knee, evidence of his physical problems. A man who has no program, but who is watching his end, prays to the opponent, whom he called a doll until the day before yesterday. Basha has clearly returned the answer. "Rama is just working to stay at the helm of the SP," he said. Among other things, Berisha said that there can be no agreement for co-government with Prime Minister Rama, thus sending a clear message to the Democratic leader to refuse cooperation. According to Berisha, to co-govern with Prime Minister Rama means to lead the country backwards and not towards Europe. "I fully guarantee the Albanians that the old agreement did not mean co-government with Edi Rama. Second, co-government is categorically ruled out, as no Albanian, determined or undecided, wants it. To ally with Rama is to "marry" corruption, to ally with Rama is to look to Asia, not Europe, to ally with Rama means to exclude foreign investors. Every Albanian understands that this would be the sweet death of democracy.

Reagon Meta

Regarding the co-government, President Ilir Meta also reacted yesterday. From Vlora in a TV interview, he called Rama's statement a diversion. While openly warning Basha. "It simply came to our notice then. He wanted to do diversion and nothing else. This is a pointless campaign. There is no confrontation between the candidates for prime minister. To one the burning of mandates was a harmful act. I have criticized the opposition. "There will be no justification for the April 25 elections and the opposition must take action," he said.

Berisha talks about the elections

Speaking about the April 25 elections, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that these elections are of historical importance, while he went on to praise the leader of the Democrats Lulzim Basha and his campaign. He stressed that he has seen great interest from citizens regarding the DP program and to participate in these elections. "If the elections of '92 divided the eras for Albania and the Albanians, the elections of April 25, 2021 divide the generations that these elections bring to power a new generation that has grown up and formed in a democratic system, a prime minister since the 1930s will be the first educated in the best western universities are of historical importance and I am experiencing with special joy both the excellent campaign of Basha and the reaction of the Albanian citizens in embracing this program in the consciousness of the social and national civic interest of these generations of elections ", said Berisha. Regarding the statements of President Meta and his participation in the campaign, former Prime Minister Berisha said that the president is defending the Constitution. He stressed that the latter is not campaigning. "The president is obliged to protect the Constitution, he can not avoid its flagrant daily violations. He is not campaigning, but is denouncing the violation of the principles and norms of free elections. It is militant in defense of the Constitution,

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