Doctor Edvin Prifti is released

Doctor Edvin Prifti is released


Felaj reveals the reasons why justice has not yet been done for January 21: Here are the people who ordered it

Felaj reveals the reasons why justice has not yet been done for January 21: Here

The chairwoman of the Parliamentary Security Committee, Ermonela Felaj, said that Sali Berisha was the one who ordered it on January 21 and still continues and provides protection for those responsible for the killing of 4 protesters on the Boulevard.

"Those responsible for this event are criminally responsible. They are known and remain to this day. Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha are the ones who ordered and provided protection to this day for the other responsible," said Felaj. 

According to her, this is one of the most important events of the post-dictatorship, an event to reflect. Asked why even after 7 years in power, the Socialist Party has not managed to establish justice for January 21, Felaj answered that: "We have not claimed at any time to replace the prosecution and the court with coming to power. But we have reflected by behaving differently.Giving the citizen the right to protest without fear.We removed the wall surrounding the Prime Minister, a small but very meaningful gesture.We reacted strongly even when we made justice reform.The event of January 21 has been thoroughly investigated The orders given by the Attorney General were not carried out at that time, on the contrary, it was denigrated.Most of those prosecutors and judges could not pass the vetting.These are the reasons why justice has not been done. For this event to be absolutely clarified that we have followed as an issue. State Police has requested restitution. "We also hope that with the impact that justice reform has had, justice reform will take place as soon as possible."

Felaj said that the proclamation "Martyrs of the Fatherland" for the killed was the right symbolism in this 10th anniversary.

The Socialist Party MP also spoke about the campaign. She says the successes achieved have given the SP a strong basis to seek a third term. We are in the territory, we are with the people.