With whom will the SP form the government after April 25? Rama gives the decisive answer to the journalist

With whom will the SP form the government after April 25? Rama gives the


'It will be in a few days', Prime Minister Rama gives the long-awaited news after the chaos at Rinas airport

'It will be in a few days', Prime Minister Rama gives the long-awaited

Prime Minister Edi Rama in a meeting with the youth of Gjirokastra showed that the SP in the second term of government has faced many challenges, such as pandemics and earthquakes, but according to him, Albania is coming out triumphant in them.

Rama said that investments in tourism, agritourism, hydropower plants and airports will greatly increase the level of employment in the country and the standard of living.
He also added that Kukes Airport will be opened in a few days.

"We have a vision that has begun to be realized and for which we must continue to work, because its full implementation requires a lot of time and effort. We have a character to be tempted by such a dramatic moment, with the challenge in which in front of everyone a pandemic that comes once. But also the challenge we faced, the catastrophic earthquake. Our character is being challenged every day, which we are apparently gaining every day. We are determined, very patient to move forward. But we need the necessary time and support so that the yeast does not tire us before we reach it. It is very difficult and the more you climb the more you get tired, tempted by the desire to sit down, to stop, the desire to turn back, but we can not stop and turn back because the goal we have set is very noble. Albania does not go to another country with miraculous recipes. If you do a tour in the heart of Gjirokastra, you see how many times things change, other doors open, other stairs are restored, other rooms are transformed, new and young, families create jobs for themselves, but also employ others. It is a work of ants, persistent work. What changes today compared to yesterday. Until yesterday, every time you come to Gjirokastra you see the same thing you saw last time, more dust, less energy and less traces of a life that is full. Today is not how we want it to be, because there is a lot to open, there is a lot of stairs to restore, there is still space to exploit. So are all our sectors. The choice is clear, to continue the insistence forward and tie the links of a chain that will become a beautiful necklace around the neck of Albania, that will become a beautiful necklace in all that organism of our body and society, or we will stop. We can not stop and we can not make the mistake that Albanians have made in their history, where they were attracted by the tempting mermaids and paid dearly the cost of this attraction. There is no transformation without work, no achievement without resistance and indecision and fatigue. I strongly believe that we will make Albania the future of this country. Because Albania has started to put to work its extraordinary natural resources and its heritage. Tepelena was abandoned at the turn, no one stopped there, except to drink some water and fill the car with continued fuel as soon as possible, but today Tepelena is an institution. Laberia is a destination. With the new roads, in very few hours they will descend to the Ionian Sea. In this space there will be a lot of space to give work and in all this space, initiative is needed. We should not wait for what the state should give, but we should see how much potential it has, it has opportunities. It is enough to have open eyes and have courage to achieve the goals. We have done endless things, but there are infinite things that will do, that all must take their meaning. Education reform is important, we want to take our university to another level. You have Ioannina nearby, many of you have been to Ioannina. Ioannina not so long ago was a provincial city, a city that had the fantastic life it had today. What is less Gjirokastra, to have, can the same boom, thanks to student life that creates economic life. Nothing less here, or more there, just need vision. Our university should be a door for young men and women to feel like they are leaving the country. This is one of our 2021-2025 action plans. We have created a vision of 2030 and we believe in becoming Balkan champions in tourism, agritourism, in the field of technology. With all the money we spend on importing energy, not to be spent on this work, but we expertise energy. In a few days we will open Kukes Airport. We finally sign the contract to start the works at Vlora Airport, as soon as we sign it, we will open the competition for Saranda Airport. These investments will create more jobs. It is important not to be tempted by beautiful promises and words,

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