'Elections are not for parties, but for…', Basha makes strong appeal to Democrats and Socialists from Prrenjas

'Elections are not for parties, but for…', Basha makes strong

After Librazhd, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha stopped in Përrenjas. Basha was greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters. Before them, the leader of the Democrats said that the enthusiasm for change is everywhere in the country.

Basha promised the miners the status of miner before the democrats of Përrenjas. According to him, April 25 is the day of citizens in the hands of politicians. Basha called on the right and left to go en masse to the ballot box and vote for change.

"The energy of change has invaded Përrenjas. As the song of the campaign says, the energy for change throughout Albania is unstoppable. Change you know is coming for you. The battle of April 25 is being fought for the common people of this country.

It left us instead of counting where we were eight years ago. promised the opening of negotiations. For eight years he opened the champagne for himself and opened the doors for immigration. Eight years of failure and he manages to knock on the door and wants another four years. Neither four days nor four more hours, on April 25 comes the day and hour for change. It is not the day of the parties, but the day of the people, when you have all the politicians in your hands. We will continue for another four years like these eight years or we will vote for change. Albanian miners will have full dignity, miner status. As together with Europe and America will open the closed doors of foreign investment, for farmers, students. We will make it possible for our country to move forward.

On April 25 to go out en masse at the ballot box. Right and left, all together for change. You will vote not for the parties, but for yourself. "Vote for Albania towards Europe," said Basha.

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