Spartak Braho slightly measures Meta: What the president is doing has not happened in any country in the world

Spartak Braho slightly measures Meta: What the president is doing has not


The EU makes it clear to Albin Kurti: The path to integration passes only through dialogue with Serbia

The EU makes it clear to Albin Kurti: The path to integration passes only

The Head of the European Union Office in Kosovo, Tomas Szunyog has stated about the electoral process in Kosovo, the expectations on the new government that is expected to be formed and other important issues. Mr. Szunyog considered the time in which the elections were held to be challenging and unfavorable, referring to the pandemic, winter and cold temperatures and the fact that they were early elections and the preparation for them was done in a very short time. "I was quite impressed by the professionalism of the CEC and I was also impressed by the high number of people who turned out to vote. "If we evaluate the technical part of the elections as well organized and the turnout was really impressive given the difficulties," said Szunyog. However, he did not leave without mentioning the non-observance of anti-Covid preventive measures during the election campaign, which he considers very disappointing. Regarding the expectations for the new government which will be headed by Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Mr. Szunyog said that the EU goal is to create institutions as soon as possible, the formation of the government and the election of a new president, a task that is currently being exercised by Ms. Vjosa Osmani. Another point is the desire to have a government that will stay in office for a full term, unlike the last government headed by Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti. All the more so if the state-building party will have a clear majority in parliament and can pass legislation. This would make the government not dependent on mandates that could cause the government to fall at any time.

Szunyog on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo also spoke about the dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia and the fact that the future Prime Minister Albin Kurti has named only the fourth in the list of priorities of his government, after justice, employment and management. of the pandemic. "I think that Kosovo is definitely not an island and I think it can only be developed in a certain region with all its neighbors. I think the path that leads to the EU is through dialogue. I understand that there is a certain positive development in those statements from not being a priority at all, being a priority number six, now it is the fourth priority, so I think we are seeing signs that there is a better understanding that dialogue is important not only for Kosovo but also for the whole region, "and a developed region is what we want to promote," Szunyog explained. As for visa liberalization, Szunyog says that the European Union as an institution has fulfilled its obligations to Kosovo and now it is the duty of local institutions to hold meetings with countries that are against this process, in order to convince these countries to visa liberalization for Kosovars. He further said that the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem is not in line with EU policy, adding that Kosovo should follow the priorities of the European Union's foreign policy if it aspires to join this institution. "As far as I know, there are some dialogues that are taking place with some member states, but I would like to emphasize that there are 27 of them. I think that the Government of Kosovo should work more with the 27 countries, must prove that it is continuing to qualify because those criteria and conditions are not something you can just tick the box and then say it is done and forget it. Most of these criteria require constant attention, and of course, some of those criteria relate to immigration issues, some of them relate to legal issues including the fight against organized crime and corruption, and then more needs to be done. for the content, but also to communicate those results to the 27 member states, ”he concluded.

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