The long-awaited news! UK approves 'Pfizer-BioNTech' vaccine for use (This is where mass distribution begins)

The long-awaited news! UK approves 'Pfizer-BioNTech' vaccine for use


What happened? Health system on alert, nurses come out with strong warning

What happened? Health system on alert, nurses come out with strong warning

Nurses at the Infectious Diseases Clinic warn of mass resignations. The Medical Nurses Association said that the pandemic crisis is just the "tip of the iceberg", as they put it, of the injustices done to them. Nurses complain that they are overworked in hospital wards and with overtime without any additional benefits. They ask the Association of Nurses to approve the law to regulate their activity.

In such conditions, many things are done by nurses and the reputation of this profession is completely destroyed, says Gordana Beshliovska, president of this Association. She alarms that most of the nurses are completing paperwork and packing their bags for departure to Western European countries.

"This is not something that is happening just now in a time of pandemics, this is a decades old problem. Nurses have no definition of their job and do not know their duties. The pandemic will end, we will face an even greater departure. "Our information at the moment shows that many of them are already taking final exams in neighboring countries and are just waiting for the end of the pandemic and their departure," said Gordana Beshliovska, President of the Nurses Association.

Minister Filipce believes that the increased stress and fatigue are the reason for the dispute in this hospital. He initially said that these three nurses have been given annual leave, in order to reformulate working hours. But, according to him, long-term solutions will be made through legal frameworks.

"No, I absolutely do not agree that they are degraded in any way! Respectively, our investments deny this. We are aware of how important they are in our system, we helped in the formation of the Chamber of Nurses, for the first time in our country. There they started to make a register and after that the licensing of all nurses, who work in our country - said Venko Filipce, Minister of Health.

All these reactions came after the head nurse and two other nurses resigned from the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. Filipce held two separate meetings with the nurses in order to find a solution on the eve of the new autumn wave with the corona virus./alsat-m