Faced for the first time with critical voices against him, 2 important movements of Lulzim Basha are revealed today

Faced for the first time with critical voices against him, 2 important movements


Greece releases harsh details after journalist's murder: It was custom!

Greece releases harsh details after journalist's murder: It was custom!

"Everything happened very quickly, in 15 seconds," said a witness who witnessed the murder of Greek journalist George Karaivaz on Friday (April 9th). The municipal employee happened to be near the scene on Friday afternoon and described the murder to Greek television ATN1. He was working with two colleagues in a park in front of the house where the journalist lived, the witness said. They heard a crack and turned to look, and at that moment they saw how the killer made the deadly blow and left on a motorcycle. The faces of the killers were masked.

According to police records, George Karaivaz was killed with a 9 mm pistol. 10 bullets hit him in the chest and chest. Security authorities say the killing was ordered by professional assassins, according to a police spokesman. Greece has launched an "all-out" investigation into the perpetrators and mastermind of the murder.

Mitsotakis requires fast whitening

Such killings are very rare in Greece. Public opinion and the media are shocked. "Welcome to Mexico" was the headline of a news published by Dimokratia on Saturday. "We are back in Balkan Colombia", writes the front page of Kontra News.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis summoned Civil Defense Minister Krysokoidis to his office. "The cold-blooded murder of journalist George Karaivaz has shocked the whole society," Mitsotakis wrote on twitter, calling for a quick clarification of the case.

Murders of very rare journalists

"The assassination of George Karaivaz is an ugly crime," said Minister Chrysokoidis after meeting with the Greek prime minister and promised to catch the culprits quickly. "The Greek state pays special attention to the free press," he added.

Në të njëjtën kohë Krysokoidis theksoi, se Greqia ka një ndër përqindjet më të ulta të vrasjeve në përgjithësi në Europë dhe Athina është një qytet i sigurtë. Natyrisht ka edhe në këtë shtet të BE kriminalitet dhe vrasje, por vrasja e një gazetari është një gjë shumë e rrallë. Në 30 vjetët e fundit vërtet një vrasje e tillë e krahasueshme ka ndodhur në vitin 2010, kur repoteri Sokratis Giolias u vra në vitin 2010 para shtëpisë së tij. Vrasësit nuk u kapën asnjëherë.

Karaivaz nuk ndjehej i kërcënuar

52-vjeçari Jorgos Karaivaz njihej si një reporter me përvojë për kronikat e zeza. Ai punonte prej vitesh për gazeta të njohura dhe media të tjera dhe prej disa vitesh kishte krijuar edhe një blog të tijin Ai njihej si një gazetar investigativ miqësor, i qetë dhe me reputacion.

His colleagues on the private channel STAR have expressed that he did not feel threatened. According to authorities, he had never applied for a gun permit or police protection. But in recent months, Karaivaz had frequently reported on the dirty businesses of corrupt officials with the underworld, hence public pressure for the swift revelation of the murder is immense.

"Whoever thinks that he will make journalists silent is wrong," said Maria Antoniadu, president of the Association of Journalists, ESIEA in Athens, in a statement to the media. In this association alone, there are 6,099 journalists who have organized and will " continue to do research. "No one will stop the work of journalists in Greece," said Maria Antoniadu