The CEC writes the important agreement: Here is what will be categorically prohibited during the election campaign

The CEC writes the important agreement: Here is what will be categorically


Diplomatic "war" between Serbia and Montenegro, both countries expel ambassadors

Diplomatic "war" between Serbia and Montenegro, both countries expel

Montenegro and Serbia were involved yesterday in a diplomatic conflict that has led to important decisions. The state of Montenegro has announced that it has announced the press release of the ambassador of Serbia, asking him to leave the Montenegrin territory. This statement was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, clarifying that the legal basis on which such a decision is based are Articles 9 and 41 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities. In the explanation given by this ministry, it is said that the decision against the Serbian ambassador came as a result of a long and continuous interference in the internal affairs of Montenegro, behavior and statements incompatible with the usual and acceptable standards of the diplomatic office. , as well as after some verbal and written warnings about the inadmissibility of such behaviors. A statement from the Foreign Ministry said that Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Bozovic had "shown direct disrespect" for Montenegro, describing the 1918 decision to join the then-Serbian-dominated Kingdom as an act of "liberation". and "free will" by Montenegrins. The Montenegrin parliament has declared the decision invalid in 2018, saying it has stripped Montenegro of its sovereignty. The statement said Bozovic 's comments on November 27 were "inconsistent with the standards of the diplomatic office." verbal note,

Serbia's reaction

Following the decision to declare the Serbian ambassador to Montenegro nongrata on November 28, the reaction of the Serbian side was immediate. Serbia responded a few hours later by declaring the Montenegrin ambassador an undesirable person and expelling him from Serbian territory. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia has acted reciprocally", it was said in the statement of this ministry. State media reported that Montenegrin Ambassador Tarzan Milosevic was asked to leave Serbia within 72 hours.

According to REL, Montenegro is deeply divided between the two camps, those who think the best solution is a link with traditional allies, Serbia and Russia, and those who see Montenegro as an independent, Western-linked state. . Montenegro and Serbia were part of a joint state until before the 2006 independence referendum, which resulted in the secession of Montenegro from Serbia. The country will now be led by a pro-Serb coalition, expected to be voted on during next week's parliamentary session. The most powerful coalition party is the Democratic Front. However, its partners insist that Montenegro continue on the pro-Western path. This change has left the Democratic Party of Socialists led by President Milo Djukanovic out of power for the first time in almost 30 years.

His party, which was defeated in August, led the country towards independence from Serbia and towards NATO in 2017.