'We will not leave a stone unturned', Prime Minister Rama leaves for the USA and gives the big news to the citizens

'We will not leave a stone unturned', Prime Minister Rama leaves for


Greek Foreign Minister visits Kosovo, Pristina demands recognition of independence from Athens

Greek Foreign Minister visits Kosovo, Pristina demands recognition of

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visited Kosovo yesterday. During the visit he held a meeting with his counterpart in Kosovo, Minister of Foreign Affairs Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla. Minister Stublla assessed the meeting with Dendias as a meeting that carries a special importance regarding the construction of the aspiration for recognition of the state of Kosovo. "Today's visit of the Greek minister to Kosovo is of special importance, as you know Greece, in addition to being a member of the European Union, is also a country in the region. Therefore, despite the fact that it has been a state of non-recognition among the five non-recognizing states of the EU, Greece has set a high standard of cooperation and constructiveness towards Kosovo, our republic and our citizens. And as you know it is also a good signal that our relationship is deepening, "Reports are intensifying," she said. During the meeting at the ministerial level, important topics for the relations between the two countries were discussed, the necessity for their strengthening and advancement, especially in the areas of common interest, but also political issues with influence in the region. Minister Haradinaj said that she understands the position of Greece towards the independence of Kosovo, and this is an additional reason why they are interested in developing and advancing the existing relations. "Obviously, we would welcome Greece's decision to recognize Kosovo, but we are committed to strengthening existing relations, as well as deepening them in the right direction," said Ms. Stublla. The Minister, in addition to the influence in the region from Greece, also asked for her support in the EU to increase the number of states that recognize Kosovo's independence. Meanwhile, Dendias has confirmed Greece's full support for visa liberalization and European integration in general. "Washington's Economic Normalization Agreement with Serbia facilitated by the US and President Trump is a big step towards a final solution. "This agreement is above all an important step for the development of the region, therefore as Kosovo we are committed to fulfill all its points and we expect that Serbia will implement its commitments to the United States and the Republic of Kosovo", said it. During the visit, Minister Dendias also met with Parliament Speaker Vjosa Osmani, with whom he discussed the dialogue with Serbia, the integration process and bilateral cooperation between the two countries, with a special focus on the economy, health and education. Further,

Takimi Dendias – Hoti

Kryeministri i Kosovës, Avdullah Hoti, priti ditën e djeshme ministrin e Punëve të Jashtme të Greqisë, Nikos Dendias, me të cilin ka diskutuar për zhvillimet politike në vend, thellimin e bashkëpunimit ndërmjet dy vendeve, kryesisht në fushën ekonomike, si dhe procesin e dialogut final ndërmjet Republikës së Kosovës dhe asaj të Serbisë, i cili duhet të përfundojë me njohje reciproke. “Roli mbështetës i Greqisë për Kosovën është tepër i rëndësishëm, ngaqë është vend anëtar i BE-së dhe NATO-s, organizata këto që Kosova aspiron të jetë pjesë e tyre”, tha kryeministri Hoti. Po ashtu, kryeministri Hoti dhe ministri Dendias u zotuan në thellimin e bashkëpunimit ekonomik ndërmjet Kosovës dhe Greqisë, me theks të veçantë në fushën e energjisë. Ministri Dendias, duke e falënderuar kryeministrin Hoti për pritjen, theksoi se Greqia mbetet e përkushtuar që ta ndihmojë Kosovën në rrugëtimin e saj euro-atlantik, si dhe në begatimin e mëtejmë të bashkëpunimit ekonomik ndërmjet dy vendeve.