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"He met the 'Balkan butcher'" / When Biden blurted out the truth in Milosevic: You are a cursed war criminal

"He met the 'Balkan butcher'" / When Biden blurted out the

Joe Biden during the US presidential campaign, has often spoken of his heated confrontations with dictators, gang members and various world leaders, confronting powerful figures and telling them the truths in the eye.

He is said to have had one with former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.

In his memoir "Promises to keep", it is written, among other things, that he met "Balkan Butcher", former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in 1993, where among other things he said: " I think you are a cursed war criminal and should be tried as such ”.

In 2008, Biden's aide John Ritch said he did not remember such an open statement as he tried to "soften it" somewhat.

"The legend is growing. But Biden certainly introduced the concept that Milosevic was a war criminal. "Milosevic reacted calmly ," he said.

The former vice president and future president of the United States has been one of Kosovo's early supporters in the US Senate.

Biden was one of the main supporters of NATO military intervention in Kosovo, he was in favor of the bombing of Serbia and spoke in favor of Kosovo's independence, before they became a reality.

In 1998, during a debate in the US Senate, Joe Biden delivered a speech on the conflict in Kosovo, and in the following video, Biden is clearly heard saying that he suggested that the bombing of Serbia

In 2009, a year after the declaration of Independence, Biden would visit Kosovo where, among other things, he would say: “ Thank you for your hospitality. It is a privilege to be in your country even though I came a little late let me wish you a birthday, the 1st anniversary of Independence. "Let me also thank you for the Medal of Freedom, also on behalf of the American people, because I consider this award an honor for my decision. "

"The United States and President Obama are grateful for the work done. "With Kosovo's independence, the dream of bringing the Western Balkans into the EU continues ."

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