Basha makes the sudden move, returns the former minister to the Democratic Party and gives him the important post

Basha makes the sudden move, returns the former minister to the Democratic Party


Elections in Kosovo, CEC starts verifying candidates, 6 institutions are engaged to scan 1,079 names

Elections in Kosovo, CEC starts verifying candidates, 6 institutions are engaged

The Central Election Commission has already begun to take all necessary steps to complete on time the necessary procedures on the early parliamentary elections of 14 February. The CEC addressed yesterday to six institutions for verification of candidates for deputies. Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, the CEC closed the process of registering the lists of candidates for the February 14 elections, a process that ended with the registration of 1,079 candidates. Meanwhile, the CEC spokesman, Valmir Elezi in a press conference said that the CEC has sent special letters to confirm the suitability of candidates with Article 29 for general elections, in six institutions. According to Elez, the institutions addressed by the Central Election Commission are the Kosovo Judicial Council. Election Complaints and Appeals Panel, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kosovo Intelligence Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense. Elezi also stressed that the institutions have been asked to respond to requests regarding the term of the CEC in the shortest possible time, but not later than January 20, 2021, at 12:00.

What does Article 29 to which the CEC refers contain?

Article 29 of the Law on General Elections in Kosovo states that a candidate may not be a person who is: c) a member of the Kosovo Police; e) member of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency; b) member of the Kosovo Security Force; and k) a member of the armed forces of any state. Article 29 further clarifies that a person who is: g) a diplomatic representative may not be a candidate; a) judges or prosecutors in Kosovo or elsewhere; p) by a court decision he has been deprived of the right to be a candidate; and q) found guilty of a criminal offense by a final court decision in the last three years.

KLI publishes the names of "unclean" candidates

The team of monitors and researchers from the Kosovo Law Institute (KLI) has conducted research on the integrity of candidates of political parties included in the voter lists for the February 14 elections. The results of the research by KLI, show that in the electoral list of the Social Democratic Initiative, out of 110 candidates for MPs, it turns out that two of them have been convicted in the last three years, one for the criminal offense "Use of weapons" of sentenced to a fine of 2400 euros and another to six months probation and a fine of 600 euros for "Failure to report or false reporting of property, income, gifts, other material benefits or financial obligations." As a result of the study by KLI, It was concluded that a convicted candidate in the list of the Social Democratic Initiative has an active indictment for the criminal offense "Minor bodily injury", which case with the consent of the parties has gone to mediation. As KLI is the only organization that systematically monitors the handling of cases in the justice system, it continues to reflect in detail all the information about these candidates of the Social Democratic Initiative. KLI states that the data were collected from the systematic monitoring of public court hearings. So, it is possible, as has happened in case law, that there are indictments filed against certain politicians, who may be on these lists, but which have not yet been made public. The registered candidates, who are exactly 1079 candidates, will run for 120 seats. In total there are 21 parties,