Doctor Edvin Prifti is released

Doctor Edvin Prifti is released


Easily applied, learn about Japanese technique that helps you lose weight no matter what you eat

Easily applied, learn about Japanese technique that helps you lose weight no

How often do you find yourself wishing you hadn’t taken that last bite of food?

This can lead to restricted eating or enrollment in low-cost meal plans. If they work for you, great! However, if you find that something is not right, you may want to try a completely different approach. This is where a Japanese technique known as "hara hachi bun me" can make a difference.

According to the author of Medium, Kaki Okumura, the phrase translates: "8/10 of your stomach". As you can guess, this means stopping yourself when you feel like you are almost 80 percent full. Not counting calories, carbohydrates or time spent fasting between meals. It may sound a little too simple, but there is a little more.

Although hara hachi bun me does not limit you by the type of food you eat, Okumura suggests focusing on nutrient-rich meals rather than empty calories. Less nutritious food has a tendency to make you feel full quickly, but keep you full for a short time.

If you focus on fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains, however, you will be able to feel full longer and better understand the signals your stomach is sending you.

But how can you actually stop yourself when you are 80 percent full? Similar to intuitive eating, Okumura recommends that you sit down slowly and take breaks to give your body time to process food and interpret how you really feel.

It’s a game with your mind, but like most things, the more you practice it, the more you will be able to master the tactics.