Holy Diet for the Month of Ramadan / Tips from Doctors Not to Be Missed: Here's What to Eat More

Holy Diet for the Month of Ramadan / Tips from Doctors Not to Be Missed:

There are 30 days of scheduled food, so all Muslims are ready to make another sacrifice in this month of fasting. Doctors advise that you should be careful with your diet during Ramadan.

Director of Public Health in Samsun, Turkey, Dr. Mustafa KasapoÄŸlu, warned that careless consumption of food during Ramadan can lead to many health problems related to the stomach and intestines.

"During Ramadan, people reduce the amount of food they give the body and thus slow down the metabolism. "The first thing you need to do is help your metabolism slowly return to normal." KasapoÄŸlu.

But what are the best foods during the month of how much sacrifice? According to nutritionists, if you really want to lose weight during this time of year, the best advice is to be especially careful with high-fat and fried foods.

The best foods are: Fruits and vegetables, Bread, cereals and potatoes, Chicken and fish, Dairy products, milk and cheese, Lean and sugar-free foods, Foods to avoid

Highly baked foods - chips, roast meats, as well as dough products. Fatty and high sugar foods - sweets with sorbet. High-fat cooked foods - high-fat sauces and fatty pastries

Other Healthy Alternatives: Mostly baked foods are a good alternative. Semi-cooked foods, like vegetables that are fried for a few minutes. Baked chicken, fish is also a successful alternative because it also preserves the aroma and taste of the food.