Here are how many new cases with COVID were registered in the last 24 hours in Albania, the 'hottest' areas are revealed

Here are how many new cases with COVID were registered in the last 24 hours in


We all have it at home, but we did not know its value / This is the liquid with incredible curative power

We all have it at home, but we did not know its value / This is the liquid with

Rasoy juice is different from ordinary cabbage pickle juice.

In the more remote areas of the country access to modern medicine has long been limited by infrastructure and wild weather.

In such circumstances, people have used the good of the land to obtain the best values ??and to protect health.

One of them is cabbage, which in remote areas was used not only for daily cooking but also for pickles.

Cabbage was prepared as a pickle but also for the extraction of rasoji juice, a concentrated and fermented cabbage juice that has curative powers for many diseases.

The rasoi juice that brings below is different from the usual cabbage pickle juice.

It has an extremely concentrated amount of vitamin C.

It is recommended to drink not only for immunity but also for the kidneys and cleansing the body.

In recent northern areas, rasoi juice is considered a healthy and very energetic drink.

Raso juice with dried meat has been for many years the best companions of shepherds, women who worked the land and did hard work in the village and at home.

This juice is obtained in maximum quality only in very cold temperatures and after drinking it the organism is immediately revived.

How To Prepare Rasoji Juice

In addition to the cold temperature, another criterion for the production of rasoji juice is the wooden barrel that must be made of beech or oak.

A 200-kilogram barrel requires 70-80 medium-sized or small white cabbages.

Cabbages are washed and cleaned.

Their first leaves are removed and the cabbages split in two.

The middle stalk is removed and the area left empty is filled with a teaspoon of salt. advises that this is the maximum amount of salt that is allowed to be used because unlike normal pickle juice, rasoji juice has less salt.

The cabbages are then placed upside down in barrels on top of each other.

They are allowed to stand like that for 24 hours and then the barrel is filled with drinking water.

Many years ago, inhabitants of remote areas added to the barrel one kilogram of barley wrapped in cheesecloth.

Barley was supposed to give color to the juice and release more value.

Nowadays, northern housewives add from a corn cob or two to three lemons.

Fuçia mbyllet në mënyrë hermetike dhe hapet vetëm pas 21 ditësh.

Ajo duhet ruajtur në vend shumë të ftohtë siç është bodrumi ose ballkoni.

Kur të hapet fuçia, lëngu i marrë mund të ruhet në shishe qelqi dhe të pihet rregullisht çdo ditë  nga një gotë.

Çdo sasi e lëngut e marrë nga fuçia duhet zëvendësuar me ujë që lëngu i rasojit të mos mungojë në shtëpi.

Kjo recetë përgatitet edhe në enë më të vogla, mjafton që të mbushet me lakra dhe ujë njëlloj si mënyra më sipër.

Ndërkohë lakrën mund ta konsumoni si lakër turshi, ta grini dhe ta marinoni me vaj ulliri e lëng limoni duke shoqëruar gatime të ndryshme.

Lëngu i Rasojit I Pasur Në Vitamina

Ky lëng është tejet i pasur me antioksidantë, kalcium, magnez, hekur, fosfor, sulfur, kalium, jod si dhe vitaminat A, B1, B2, B6, C, K por edhe acid folik.

Cabbage antioxidants are completely released in rasoj juice and reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases./