Put your feet in warm soda water before bed and you will be surprised by what will happen to you

Put your feet in warm soda water before bed and you will be surprised by what

After a tiring day, body and muscle relaxation are essential for a good, restful and comfortable sleep.

But there are some natural methods that we can turn into good habits that help us feel good and relaxed at the end of the day. brings you below a very simple way to use warm soda water to relax your body and muscles before bed.

Putting Feet in Hot Water with Soda

Just add 3 teaspoons of baking soda to a tub of very warm water, mix well and keep your feet there for at least half an hour.

You will see how slowly you will feel the relaxation of all the muscles and the warmth of the whole body.

At the end of the day, most of the body fatigue is concentrated in the legs.

Putting your feet in warm soda water will completely relax your feet and at the same time remove muscle contraction as well as their fatigue during the movements you have during the day.

Soda water also helps cleanse the feet, removing infections or mold that usually affects the feet while helping the skin to be soft and smooth.

Soda water for the body as well

In fact, warm soda water is also recommended for the whole body.

Just add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to your bathtub, mix it and then put it in to take a bath.

This way will not only help you relax completely but will open the skin pores while further promoting the removal of toxins through sweating.

Soda water will soften the skin of the body by removing impurities found in its pores.

Soda water is also very effective in preventing and removing skin problems such as eczema or skin irritations. /