Highly demanded by foreigners, with this flower you can prepare the cure with incredible health effects

Highly demanded by foreigners, with this flower you can prepare the cure with

The practice of mixing basan flower in olive oil is known in many cultures.

The resulting mass has been used since ancient times to heal various wounds, such as cuts or burns of the skin.

This flower is known by the botanical name Hypericum perforatum.

In twentieth-century pharmacies, this mixture was known as red oil, or 'Hypericum liniment'.

Folk medicine uses olive oil with basani flowers as a cure for gastritis and ulcers.

Basan flowers can be found in the drops of medicinal plants. brings you two methods of preparing this oil:

The first way

According to data from, in our country this preparation is prepared using the whole plant.

Basan flowers are thrown into a glass bottle of olive oil and this mass is left in a dark environment for forty days.

After this time, when the black flower seeds have released their pigment and the oil has taken on the characteristic red color.

This mixture is drained and stored in another glass container which is suggested to be stored in a cool environment.

For this cure you need:

3-4 small bunches of basani flowers

1 liter of olive oil

A glass bottle

The second way

The data of show that one of the ways of preparing this oil, which comes from western countries, consists in collecting the plant at the moment it has blossomed.

In a container filled with fresh flowers pour enough olive oil that will be enough to cover the flowers.

The flowers, ground and covered with oil, should be placed in the sun for two to three weeks, so that the flower retains its properties in olive oil.

This mass should be shaken almost daily to facilitate the mixing process.

After two weeks have passed, the plant should be drained of oil and set aside.

The basan flower oil mixture should be stored in a dark and cool environment.

For this cure you need:

Fresh flowers of 5-6 bunches of basan flowers

500-700 ml olive oil

A glass bottle


This oil can be consumed by drinking a tablespoon a day for 30 days, to cure various diseases of the digestive system, gastritis, ulcers but also for a beneficial effect for the whole organism./