Be careful / These foods increase the risk of memory loss

Be careful / These foods increase the risk of memory loss

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that slowly destroys memory, the ability to think, and eventually that of performing simpler actions.

In most cases, the first symptoms of the disease begin in the mid-sixties.

The first problem noticed in these cases is forgetfulness. Patients forget to perform the simplest tasks not only at home but also at work.

The disease causes confusion, confusion and difficulty in word formulation.

What Happens To A Brain Affected By Alzheimer's?

There are 100 billion neurons in the human brain. Each of them is closely connected with the other, thus creating genuine communication networks. Each group of neurons has a specific mission.

Some are responsible for thinking, learning, memory, sight, hearing, smell, and movement.

Neurons are like small, hard-working factories that need a lot of oxygen.

Alzheimer's disease all of a sudden causes' suspension of work 'in these neurons'' factories'

Scientists have not yet discovered the origin of the problem, but when neurons are damaged they can not do the job and die.

The destruction of these cells causes a domino effect that affects memory, personality and others.

Foods That Increase Alzheimer's Risk

A study referenced by found that a diet rich in sugar, starchy products (such as bread, flour, white rice) and processed meats can significantly increase the risk of disease.

Processed foods increase fat deposits in the body. These then contribute to the appearance of chronic inflammation that can also spread to the brain and cause further damage.

What Is Good For The Heart Is Good For The Brain Too

Studies show that a person should take care to eat healthy from an early age so that he does not have problems in old age.

A good heart-healthy diet is also considered to be good for brain health.

It should include olive oil, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and as little red meat as possible./