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Anticovid measures change! The latest decision of the Committee of Experts is


Beware, the mistakes we make every day, but we must not repeat them again! 10 hygienic habits that secretly destroy our health

Beware, the mistakes we make every day, but we must not repeat them again! 10

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But the truth is that we make mistakes that cost us our health. Below we have brought you some of our daily habits, which secretly harm your health.

1. Leaving dishes in the sink

The sink is a perfect environment for bacteria, so always wash dishes immediately as soon as you finish eating.

2. Washing hands with hot water

Some researchers say that the heat of water does not kill germs. Hand washing time is important. 5 seconds does not kill any germs, while 30 seconds does. By washing your hands often in hot water, you reduce the protective functions of the skin and you may have irritation or dermatitis.

3. Exercise with make-up

Sometimes we rush from the office to the gym, forgetting to remove makeup while exercising. It may not seem like a problem, but the skin needs to breathe and cleanse itself. Makeup blocks the pores and as a result you may have skin problems.

4. Using the hand dryer

The fact that we do not touch the dryer with our hands is simply an illusion of cleanliness. In fact, hand dryers catch many bacteria and spread them through the airways, which can enter a person's lungs, skin, or body. Dry papers are more hygienic and efficient in cleaning hands.

5. Use food bags more than once

A bag used more than once has 99.9% more germs, especially if the food has been liquid. Try to use shopping bags only once.

6. Cut meat and vegetables on the same board

According to biologists, the cutting board contains 200 times more bacteria than a toilet. It is therefore not safe to cut different things there. The solution is to use one for meat products and another for vegetables.

7. Use of espresso in the office

Coffee espresso is a suitable environment for different types of bacteria. Coffee espresso has more bacteria in the office than home bath gloves. To protect your health, wash it as often as possible with warm water.

8. Holding the phone in your purse

The bag is a very microbial environment because of the things we keep in it. It is best to keep the phone in your pocket and wipe it frequently with paper towels.

9. Washing winter clothes in the spring

Winter clothes should be washed very often, even if you do not wear them because they accumulate germs. Specialists recommend washing hats, scarves and gloves once every 1-2 weeks. These items of clothing contact our mouths and noses quite often. They accumulate germs and our immune system can be weakened if there is constant contact.

10. Defrost food at room temperature

We rarely think about how ambient temperature and melting speed affect food quality. Leaving meat and fish in a bowl directly on a table is harmful. In order not to multiply germs, it is better to leave meat and fish to thaw in the refrigerator.