COVID balance sheet published, Ministry of Health reveals how many new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours

COVID balance sheet published, Ministry of Health reveals how many new cases


Unique cure for good health, learn how to prepare it yourself at home

Unique cure for good health, learn how to prepare it yourself at home

Green coffee beans, raw and unripe, contain chlorogenic acid that helps to regulate the proper hormonal and metabolic functioning of the body.

Green coffee beans and their health benefits have become famous mainly because they help in weight loss.

Healthier than green tea, they stimulate the body to consume more calories, this leads to weight reduction.

Green coffee converts excess body fat into energy.

Thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid, it helps reduce the absorption of lipids taken with food and helps eliminate those found in the body.

But there are even more beneficial effects. Studies based on show that green coffee is able to stimulate adiponectin, the hormone responsible for burning fat.

When fat accumulates, especially after heavy meals and unhealthy foods, our hormonal balance is compromised, including fat burning hormone.

Green coffee beans restore hormones to the right parameters.

What kind of coffee do you need and where can you find it?

You should buy 100% Arabic coffee beans, unripe and green in color. You can find it widely in the market.

Continue reading some other health tips as you find out how to prepare at the end of the story.

Green coffee beans, thanks to the content of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, are also a powerful antioxidant, which regulates cholesterol and counteracts the action of harmful cells.

But these values ??are widely lost with the roasting of coffee beans. reports that the benefits mentioned can not be taken with a cup of classic espresso, or Turkish coffee, as roasting coffee loses chlorogenic acid and consequently weight loss aid.

To absorb maximum values, combine the green coffee cure with 30 minutes of walking a day.

Combining with physical activity makes the body capable of breaking down fatty acids from cells and reduces the volume and weight of adipose tissue.

So it is not a magic cure for fast weight loss, but it helps more than any other to lose a few pounds.

Kafeja e gjelbër vlerësohet se sjell edhe më tepër përfitime shëndetësore. Studiuesit gjermanë të Komisionit E tregojnë se ajo ka ndikim pozitiv në mirëqënien tonë, në rritjen e vitalitetit dhe energjisë.

Kafeja e gjelbër zvogëlon inflamacionet dhe ul presionin e gjakut. Ajo gjithashtu përmirëson shëndetin e mëlçisë dhe madje po analizohet se rrit efektivitetin e barnave.

Kafeja e gjelbër gjithashtu ndikon në mirëmbajtjen e pamjes së jashtme. Ajo vonon procesin e plakjes dhe për këtë arsye është përshkruar gjithashtu si një produkt i mirë dhe efektiv.

Acidi klorogjenik gjendet në është një nga antioksidantët më të fuqishëm, që shkatërrojnë radikalet e lira përgjegjëse për plakjen e lëkurës.

 Si t’i përfitoni nga kokrrat e kafesë së gjelbër në kushtet e shtëpisë

You know that unripe coffee beans are very strong. First you have to crush them. Fold in a dry cloth and beat with a hammer-like tool to crush.

Then you have to grind them as finely as possible. Pour two teaspoons of the resulting powder into a porcelain cup and pour boiling water over it. Leave for about 10 minutes, then filter and drink as is with either sugar or honey.

It is advisable to drink 2 cups (150ml) of green coffee a day, preferably before noon. It is good to be consumed in 1-month cycles, one month yes and one month no.

As for caffeine, the content is not the same as roasted coffee, so it does not affect nervousness, tension and tachycardia./