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It radically cleanses the blood and has incredible health effects, this is the most sought after Albanian herb

It radically cleanses the blood and has incredible health effects, this is the

The wild lab has previously been known as a bad herb, but can be considered an underrated herb, precisely because it actually contains many health values.

The Albanian consumer can be said to have known the values ??of the wild lab by including it in various dishes.

In our country, the wild labot grows on its own, next to other plants, while in the world the labot is cultivated for its seeds.

Laboti is one of the most sought after herbs in the Albanian market and is ranked in the same category as sorrel, sorrel, nettles and wild cabbage.

Wild Laboratory offers many benefits to the human body, listed below by

Purifies the blood

The leaves of the wild lab have cleansing properties for the organism. The fluid obtained from them is important for cleansing the blood.

Four to five wild lab leaves are enough to utilize the fluid and purify the blood.

It is rich in important minerals

Wild labyrinth contains many important minerals such as: calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

Improves appetite

 The desire for food and the need to eat are based on a natural and necessary process such as maintaining energy balance.

If you suffer from appetite problems then add wild lab to your daily diet.

Wild labyrinth leaves can be used in salads with tomatoes, salt and lemon juice.

Improves hemoglobin levels

Blood hemoglobin levels improve by increasing the dose of iron-rich foods.

Including iron in your diet is a very easy way to increase hemoglobin production.

The red lab contains good amounts of iron which make it ideal for increasing hemoglobin.

Rich in amino acids

Amino acids and proteins are considered the pillars of life.

Our body needs these two elements to realize the breakdown of food, growth and development, tissue regeneration and other body functions.

Laboratory leaves have a significant amount of amino acids, namely: tryptophan, phenylalanine, methonine, theonine, threonine, leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Uses in folk medicine

Laboratory leaf juice is used in folk medicine against intestinal parasites.

Nëse fëmijët tuaj vuajnë nga ky problem, atëherë duhet të konsumojnë labot të egër rregullisht për disa ditë.

Si ta konsumoni: Merrni 10-15 ml lëng të gjetheve të labotit.  Shtoni kripë deti dhe pijeni tre herë në ditë pas çdo vakti.

Ruan shëndetin e sistemit tretës. Gjethet e labotit të egër janë ideale për mëlçinë, tëmthin dhe shpretkën.

Nëse dëshironi të ruani shëndetin e sistemit tretës, atëherë duhet të konsumoni 10 ml të lëngut të gjetheve të labotit të egër.

Kundër gurëve në veshka. Laboti i egër ndihmon dhe funksionon kundër gurëve në veshka.

Merrni gjethet, shtypini dhe grijini deri sa të nxjerrin lëng dhe merrni 10-15 mg në ditë me ose pa ujë

Efektet anësore të labotit të egër

Këto gjethe janë të pasura me acid oksalik dhe kanë tendencën të lidhen me kalciumin dhe ulin praninë e tij në organizëm.

For this reason, the wild lab is not suggested to be consumed during pregnancy.

The seeds of the wild labyrinth can be crushed and pulverized as it functions as a 'plant yeast', consequently to be involved in the preparation of breads and pancakes.

The wild lobster resembles spinach and can be cooked or consumed as such.

Look for wild labia with edible leaves and soft tops./