Here are how many new cases with COVID were registered in the last 24 hours in Albania, the 'hottest' areas are revealed

Here are how many new cases with COVID were registered in the last 24 hours in


Heals hearts and minds, this is the flower with magical abilities for our health

Heals hearts and minds, this is the flower with magical abilities for our health

The heart-shaped flower is the best example of plants or flowers that reflect their values ??and characteristics. tells you that this flower has the shape of a heart at the bottom of which hangs a teardrop. This heartbroken flower is actually more complicated.

If you look closely you will see that all these flowers form a necklace of tearing hearts.

The essence of the heart-shaped flower is characteristic. If you have been abandoned and it seems to you that your heart will come out of your chest, then you should know that this essence makes the absence easier for you.

Research by shows that the essence of this flower helps to heal the sadness of the heart when you are separated from someone physically or spiritually.

Healing is immediate as if this essence of this flower helps to get rid of the clutches of sadness immediately.

Studies show that eating fresh flower stalks has a euphoric effect on the brain and relieves nervous tension.

It numbs the whole mouth and if consumed in excess also goes to harmful levels. reports however that its consumption is rare as its main functions in recent times have a decorative character.

The heart-shaped flower helps bring peace, harmony and balance to a person's heart by making him more open in worldview to himself, others, the city, the environment and beyond.

According to sources consulted by it turns out that if other flowers have somewhat disoriented symbolism, the heart-shaped flower is a bold and dramatic flower.

It has many names, but all the names explain the same thing. If you find it in a bouquet of flowers, in a garden or in someone's hand you immediately understand its symbolism and meaning.

What does the heart-shaped flower mean? informs you that this beautiful flower has some meanings which you will love

-Expressing emotions more openly

-Passionate love between two people

-It means sensitivity and emotional load to the world around you

-Feeling of unconditional kindness and love for everything you have in life

-Strong connection that goes beyond life and death

Lulja zemërpikon është rritur e lirë për mijëra vjet me rradhë në mbarë Azinë. Sipas burimeve të, kjo lule nisi të kultivohej në Evropë vetëm në vitet 1800. P

Prej asaj kohe mesazhet dhe domethëniet e kësaj luleje ishin më të përqenduara tek dashuria dhe lidhjet shpirtërore. Shumë vite më parë, disa qytetërime të lashta kanë përdorur lulen zemërpikon për të shëruar dhimbjet e dhëmbit.

Domethënia e formës dhe ngjyrave të lules zemërpikon

Lulja zemërpikon mban emrin botanik Dicentra spectabilis që përkthehet ndryshe Zemrat Spektakolare, një emër i denjë për një lule të cilës nuk ia ndan dot sytë.

Shumica e këtyre luleve janë në ngjyrë rozë ose të kuqe, që i bën ato lule romantike. raporton se ajo kryesisht dhurohet si simbol të dashurisë së vërtetë.

Moreover, this flower represents people who are able to share their emotions freely and who forgive the heart to the people they love.

In the world, there is also a white variant of the heart-shaped flower that is considered a symbol of purity and eternal innocence./