Albania in the last 24 hours: 835 new cases, discover the hottest areas from Covid-19

Albania in the last 24 hours: 835 new cases, discover the hottest areas from


Duka and Rama agree, football activities will start soon

Duka and Rama agree, football activities will start soon

"White smoke." At least this was the signal given yesterday after the meeting between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the head of the Albanian Football Federation, Armand Duka. Just like in the election of the new Pope, it seems that "white smoke" came out even after the meeting between them, which paves the way for the return of football to the playing field. For more than a month, the Superior Category has been postponing the matches, as the Professional Football League, supported by the AFF and specifically its president Duka, had set four conditions for the government, conditions that revolved around the Sponsorship law and where the fact that there should have been a reduction in VAT, forgiveness of interest on arrears of unpaid fines and at the same time a ten-year deferral of the player tax under the law. There has been a lot of debate on this last point, where government representatives proposed its abolition for two years, but the League insisted on 10 years. However, after frequent insistences of the parties, especially the government negotiator, the socialist MP Fidel Ylli, finally had a face-to-face meeting of the head of the federation Duka with the head of the government Rama and the first sources close to both ensure that it was reached in advance an agreement that paves the way for the return of the game to the field and the rotation of the football sphere.

Duke gives the good news

The President of FSHF, Armand Duka, used his presence in an activity organized in "Football Republic" to give the good news that he has received a guarantee from Prime Minister Edi Rama for meeting the requirements of the Professional League, which means that soon will start football activities in the country. "We have to combine money with passion. This is what is being fought for, through the change of legislation to unite the passion with money. So, passion should not become a pit for family and society. Will football start? Look, football has to be played and it is harmful to interrupt it. So it is very harmful for footballers as well. An hour before football must be played. It should not be interrupted, reaching agreement during the game. At a recent table the League has had with the government, we have been promised that one of the two proposals will be approved. "I had a meeting with the prime minister today, and he told me that he will consider it," said Duka. Duke then answers whether this will be enough to bring football back on the field, ie whether or not he will accept the League. "It depends on whether the League will be convinced of that or there will be another development to win football. It is not a matter of numbers. A fund for sport is little, it needs much more support. I do not know if I did well or badly to show this, but I think that Prime Minister Rama will make a statement himself. Who is not happy when football starts, we are all happy. I would absolutely not agree with the proposal of the Ministry of Finance for the Law on Sponsorship in sports. It does not produce money. Has produced zero money for 25 years and will now produce zero times three. We can not take it into account. Theoretically it produces the same figure, but the current one is not functional. "Normally, the prime minister will talk to the Ministry of Finance and he can come up with a position himself", added, among others, the head of the ALF, Armand Duka.

The AFF rejects the clubs' request to increase the number of foreigners

In Superiore, every year, our teams flock to foreign players, mainly Africans, but also Brazilians or Slavs. This season, foreign inflows have been more, even in Tirana, Apolonia, Skënderbeu and other elite teams. Faced with such a situation, elite clubs are looking at the possibility of activating five foreigners in the lineup, out of four players that the AFF allows so far. This request for the new season has not been taken into account by the AFF, which seeks to give more space to young people from Albania. Such a request comes at a time when many elite clubs in Albania have based the team on foreign elements, while Kosovar or Macedonian players are not called as such.