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March 7 / Prime Minister Rama starts the day with a special wish for teachers: I


Shkëmbi calls his Balkans "Ferrari", former coach Munishi: Be careful, there are problems in turns!

Shkëmbi calls his Balkans "Ferrari", former coach Munishi: Be

One of the sensational moves in this winter market in Albanian football in the region has nothing to do with the players but with one of the new technicians. Exactly Bledi Shkëmbin, who was contacted by the Balkan club in Kosovo and Korçari accepted, signing a contract and being officially introduced in the management of the Balkan team. This team has strong ambitions and hopes to win trophies in Kosovar football, while one of the objectives is to participate in Europe. Rock accepted the job after Ismet Munish left, while the atmosphere is not the best possible. However, Shkëmbi has enthusiastically started this new adventure in his career, but not the first in Kosovo, as he previously ran the Prizren Freedom Club two years ago. In his presentations, Shkëmbi has hinted that he has taken the lead of a good team, of a fast machine like "Ferrari", but such attitudes have been ironically reflected by the former coach Munishi, who advises Shkëmbi to be careful with Ferrari ”Especially in curves, as it is known that the Italian“ redhead ”is fast on straight tracks but has problems in curves. With the turns, Munishi means that the club has problems and in the moments when the team has brakes in the race, then comes the departure from the road, which means that the coach becomes a "sacrifice".

What did Munishi say?

In an interview with the media, the former coach Munishi says that he feels relieved after the "divorce" with the Balkan club, but on the other hand advises his successor, Bledi Shkëmbi, to be careful in this initiative of his in Kosovar football. "I certainly did not experience the separation well. It has not been easy. I have to maintain the process in which the club is located. I did not want this work to become a long topic. I have not resigned, but I have been fired. I am glad that the public has supported me immensely by not attacking anyone. I felt very good when I was praised by the citizens of Suhareka and beyond as well as the fans of "Jebraliat" for the work I did there. The President (Arsim Kabashi) knows this job better, I do not deal with speculation. We have resolved the issue of the contract with the president. I can freely say that we chose him in a gentlemanly way. I will continue to be a fan of the Balkans. "I very much hope that he will at least win trophies or reach Europe, as such a thing is real in relation to the opponents", stressed Munishi, followed by the comment on the approach to the top of the bench of Bledi Shkëmbi, who was a rival with Orges Shehin. "She and I will have lunch, I respect him a lot. I wish the rock success and good work. I do not know if he has driven a Ferrari before, let him enjoy driving, but let him be careful of the turns. As for me, I need to rest a bit until June. I can not play against the team (Balkans) that I have built with a lot of sacrifice and sweat. A very good project awaits us on one of our televisions, a fantastic show that we really need. I consider that as an analyst I will give my valuable contribution to the development of football and combating negative phenomena in Kosovar football. Coaches from Albania? Drenica has a very good coach like Bledar Devolli whom I have a friend. "Devolli is a fantastic coach and I like him very professionally", Munishi further underlined.

The rock is helped by an Italian

In his second adventure in Kosovo, Bledi Shkëmbin will be assisted in this trip by an Italian coach at the head of the club from Suhareka. This issue is better clarified by the announcement of the Balkan club. "FC Balkan today marks two important events for the continuation of the championship, the official presentation of the head coach Mr. Bledi Shkëmbi and his collaborators, Francesco Vitobello in the capacity of assistant coach and Mr. Alban Shala as a condition trainer. In today's meeting, a formal announcement was made between the new staff and the players, as well as the future dynamics regarding the preparatory phase. "We are good priests", announces the club from Suhareka.