Here are how many new cases with COVID were registered in the last 24 hours in Albania, the 'hottest' areas are revealed

Here are how many new cases with COVID were registered in the last 24 hours in


Superior does not produce quality players, clubs "rush" to Macedonia for footballers

Superior does not produce quality players, clubs "rush" to Macedonia

The Superior Category is claimed year after year to have increased its quality, but it is a fact that quality players are constantly leaving it, who prefer to play abroad in higher quality leagues. A part of the footballers have been able to adapt well where they have gone and have succeeded, but there are also many of those who did not do well and have returned again to the Albanian championship. With the emergence of the Kosovar championship, many players have preferred to wear the shirts of Kosovar clubs, as there the quality is increasing and Superiore players find themselves quickly, but also that they are paid better. Some rivalry between our championship and the Kosovar one has been evidenced during the last two years, especially when it comes to the market, where clubs across the border rush to make the desired purchases. And yet, Albania's superiority produces little quality, this is an undeniable fact. And especially produces few quality elements for the market and this is another strong fact. That clubs go and look for players abroad, mainly in Africa and Latin America further confirms this fact.

Macedonia, the land of the winter market

In the conditions when the coronavirus pandemic has blocked many countries and made the transfers of players difficult, it seems that our Super League clubs have rushed to the Macedonian championship, shopping with the clubs of this country. The quality players who have arrived earlier are proof that in this league there are players who can buy from our clubs. And the focus was not only on the players of Albanian origin, but also those of Slavic-Macedonian origin.

Tirana dependent on players coming from Northern Macedonia

Tirana has in its composition some players who come from the Macedonian championship. But it does not stop there. In conditions when the market outside Europe seems difficult both for the financial conditions and the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic, the Macedonian market has been a good target for the white and blue club, which has found quality players there and who have expressed themselves well with the 25- times champions of Albania. The Whites want to repeat last season's success, but to do so they need to hit the market hard. For this reason, they have focused on the clubs of Northern Macedonia, to find the desired elements and a striker has been targeted, but the name remains enigmatic so far.

Kukësi also measures the Macedonian runway in the markets

Skënderbeu, Teuta and Laçi have carefully observed the Macedonian runway, while Tirana, as we said, has taken concrete steps in this direction and expects to finalize any move soon. But another team that is trying to make a market in Northern Macedonia is Kukes, and the Northeasterners as a club have used this track before, as many of their players have come from this country. Four losses and a draw in the last five games, but above all many goals conceded, exactly 11. This is a serious problem for the team of Kukes, whose background "brings water" from all sides. However, the good fortune is that the Northeasterners can improve the situation in the markets, while the reinforcements can come from Northern Macedonia. It is "", which reports that Kukes has just started talks with two footballers. The first is Sileks captain Angelce Timovski, 26, who is active as a right-back. Meanwhile, the second is a football player from Vardar and it is about Viktor Velkoski, 25 years old and who plays in the center of defense. The latter would also be Horic's replacement with whom the Northeasterners parted ways in this market. It remains to be seen whether the leaders of the Kukes club will be able to positively close the negotiations with the Macedonian footballers.