How is the situation of COVID-19 in our country? Technical Committee of Experts convenes, new coercive measures are communicated (VIDEO-LIVE)

How is the situation of COVID-19 in our country? Technical Committee of Experts


The moment comes Rei Manajt, two well-known Italian clubs are interested in the red and black striker

The moment comes Rei Manajt, two well-known Italian clubs are interested in the

The players of the red and black representative are making a good appearance with their European teams, where the main focus is on the players who play in the two elite Italian championships (Serie A and Serie B). In the Italian championship in focus the last days were Hysaj, Strakosha, Berisha, but also Memushaj, Veseli, Dermaku and of course Gjimshiti with his Atalanta. Of course, Ismajli and Kumbulla, one from Specia and the other from Rome, who faced in the Italian Cup, with the Kosovar who passed to the next round, were not left out of attention either. But the players who play in other leagues are not left behind either, and in Spain, for example, there are players that are worth mentioning for their weight in the National Team and the attention goes especially to the Barcelona B striker, Rei Manaj. The player of the red and black national team has found the net twice in the last four matches with Barcelona B, however again with appearances he has not convinced the Blaugrana to give him the confidence to make him part of the first team. Therefore, the opportunity to move in this market is real for the national team striker, whose name has recently appeared in Italy. The portal of "" states that there are two tracks for Lushnja. It is about Crotone in Serie A, as this club has done polls for Manaj as it is currently in the last place of the classification and seeks to survive in the elite. However, it is not just Crotone for Manaj. There is also interest from Pescara, where Ledjan Memushaj is also active. If everything closes successfully for a transfer to Pescara, then this would be a comeback for Manaj, who has been active with this club in the 2016-2017 season, where he scored two goals in 12 games. Already,

Ismajli is growing with Specian, eliminated Plum from the Italian Cup

The red and black midfielder, Ardian Ismajli, with Specian have recorded a historic result for this club in the elite of Italian football. The small team has won 4-2 in the field of Rome, eliminating the latter from the Italian Cup and going to the quarterfinals, where Napoli hosts. A duel of Albanians today, as Marash Kumbulla played in the ranks of Rome from the first minute. While on the other side of the field was Ismajli between the backbone of Specia who started the game furiously and quickly scored two goals with Galabinov's penalty and then with Saponara's goal, in an action which actually started from a wrong departure. of Plum. Ismajli also made a mistake, which could have cost him and the team dearly, as it caused the penalty from which came the 2-1 goal scored by Pellegrini. This could be the second yellow card for the player, but the referee decided not to take it out while holding the Albanian footballer on the field. But Roma took heart from the goal and told him to equalize the numbers through Mikhtarjan, then misused several other opportunities to send the ball into the net. But the 90th minute closed without further goals and the teams went into extra time. Everything happened there, because within 30 seconds Roma saw itself left with 9 players. Initially defender Mancini was penalized with the second yellow card and at the resumption of the game, goalkeeper Pau Lopez committed a serious foul outside the area, causing both players to leave prematurely and leave the team in numerical disadvantage on the field. Thus, Specia found it easier to control the maneuver and managed to score via Verde at the start of the second addition. Before last, came Saponara's second goal, which sealed a 4-2 victory that gives a lot of morale before the weekend challenge in the championship, also against Roma. As for the two Albanian players, the Italian sports media praised them with a good grade, but neither of them was decisive for the fate of the match or what the teams presented. In fact, Ismajli got the credit for passing to the next round.