Do kandidojë në Durrës përballë Bashës? Vjen reagimi i papritur i kryeministrit Rama: Mos hapni llafe kot. Ja cilin qytet kam zgjedhur

Do kandidojë në Durrës përballë Bashës? Vjen


E dhimbshme/ Modelit shqiptar i largohet buzëqeshja brenda natës, i ndodh ajo që nuk e kishte imagjinuar kurrë

E dhimbshme/ Modelit shqiptar i largohet buzëqeshja brenda natës, i

Një student shqiptar që punon si model në New York ka kërkuar ndihmë publikisht për fonde, në mënyrë që të mund të bëjë një ndërhyrje në fytyrën që i është paralizuar.

Ai tregon përmes një postimi në Instagram, se buzëqeshja iu largua brenda natës për shkak të një gjendjeje që quhet paraliza e Bell-it, që ndodh për shkak të dëmtimit ose inflamacionit të nervit, i cili kontrollon funksionet e muskujve  të fytyrës.

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Hi Everyone, My name is Mirlind and I am a student originally from Kosovo whose smile was taken away from me literally overnight from Bell’s Palsy. It’s really hard for me to tell my story so publicly, but finding out that there is still hope for me to smile again has given me the courage to ask for help. I moved to New York in 2015 to follow my dreams as a model and aspiring actor. I was working in restaurants and also signed a contract with a modeling agency, where I was told at the time that my smile was one of my strongest assets. Oftentimes people don’t recognize that there is something “wrong” with my face, but It is extremely frustrating that I can’t fully smile, and my facial expressions don’t always match my emotions. I am a happy, sensitive guy and this sudden paralysis has been absolutely devastating to me personally and also to my career. Over the course of two years seeing many different doctors for treatment and physical therapy I did regain some movement. Facing the depressing reality of no recovery in sight for my face and my career, I decided to explore surgical options. I contacted Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, an expert in complex facial nerve reconstruction procedures to find out if there were treatment options for my condition. The good news is there is a surgery, but the bad news is that the cost of the surgery is $65,000 and I absolutely cannot afford it. Unfortunately, insurance will not pay for the surgery. I have paid for everything out of pocket up to this point and I would love to be able to cover the cost of the surgery on my own, however, I simply cannot. I get very excited thinking about all the benefits of having the surgery and getting my smile and my life back. With your generosity and kindness, I can have the surgery that will give me the renewed confidence to be able to continue to work hard and follow my dreams in America.  Thank you to everyone who will support me on this journey and to everyone who has encouraged me to continue to follow my dreams.  If you find it in you to donate, I will be forever grateful. Words cannot express how much your kindness and generosity means to me.

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